Short distance moving tips

A lot of people would assume that short distance moving is easier and cheaper than its counterpart. This simply isn’t true, so don’t kick back and relax just yet! Waiting until the last minute to organize your relocation is never a good idea! As with long distance moves good organization is key, especially in New York City. Planning ahead will make it easy and cheap so it pays out down the road.

Short distance moving tips
Planning ahead is a game changer!

Hiring professionals for your short distance moving

Like with anything else in life the easiest way to go about this is to hire your local movers in NYC. These guys are professionals who deal whit this type of stuff on daily bases. And even if you don’t want to cash out for the entire thing, at least consider letting go of certain logistical parts of your relocation. Handing it over to these trustworthy professionals will make all the difference in your mental health. For example, packing up your entire home will just eat up your free time and sanity! This is the part of your move that you can do without, so just imagine highly trained professionals doing all the work for you in a matter of hours!

If you live in New York city center, try to imagine the difficulties your surroundings will cause. Endless traffic and tourists crowding the streets while you are trying to load a truck? Is that even possible?! On the other hand, if you live in Manhattan, let us assume you won’t have an issue spending some money to hire Manhattan movers.

No matter what side you’re on if you are looking for movers in Upper East Side or you are trying to hire moving professionals in Upper West Side, the only thing that can stop you in your track is that cost estimate. If this exceeds your allocated budget, maybe it’s the time to consider executing a self-move or as we like to call it DIY-move. Good luck!

Doing it yourself is perfectly doable

You saw that cost estimate and it made you cry a little, no worries, let’s start looking into alternatives that will probably make you cry some more. Joking aside, you can do this, as long as you keep it together and plan everything ahead! Let’s assume that you live in NYC in a tiny apartment, which means you don’t have many household items to move in the first place.

Short distance moving tips
Doing it yourself is perfectly doable, just keep it together

Plan ahead!

As we mentioned earlier, don’t underestimate the difficulty of short distance moving. You still have to do a lot of organizing, planning and thinking ahead to make this relocation short and sweet. Thinking and planning ahead is everything. Eight weeks is an ideal time frame to start making lists and plans.

Borrow packing supplies

The benefit of moving locally is the close proximity of your new place. This gives you an unprecedented access to your new home so you can study the rooms and make measurements. Once you are done with visualizing your new space it’s time for packing. To save money try collecting used boxes, if you start early you will have enough by the due date. Text your friends, ask on social networks, look behind liquor stores…I am certain everyone has a box or two taking up space in the basement.

Decrease the number of household items

This trick also works better if you start early on. Relocation is always a great excuse to get rid of the unnecessary household items that have been getting in your way for months or even years. The fewer things you own the cheaper the move is going to be, in either case, if you are hiring someone or doing it yourself. Not only that you will be cleaning up your space, your mind and mental health will benefit too. Plus “minimalism” is a thing now.

Short distance moving
You really don’t need that much stuff!

Be a pro at packing

Or not…then you can hire professionals who can at least pack your fragile things or heavy kitchen appliances, not to mention bulky furniture! After you went through your ultimate moving checklist and you have all your used packing supplies piled up in the corner ready to go, it’s time to start packing! Packing in stages is crucial because you won’t be able to pack your entire home in one day. Start from the less used rooms and move towards the ones that you use every day such as bedroom and kitchen. Be systematic and use color coding for different rooms. Don’t forget to label meticulously so you know which box goes where at your destination.

Bribe your friends to help you

There’s nothing bad about bribing your friends, they won’t mind some free pizza and a good time. Short distance moving is always better with friends, who will without a doubt be of huge help to you. They can help you with every stage of the move, from decluttering to packing. If you are doing it on the cheap side and you don’t want to rent a moving truck, ask your friends to step in with their vehicles. However you choose to use your friends in this matter, we are certain it will be a great time to create some new loving memories and a great beginning for your new home.

short distance moving
Ask your good friends to help you out

Short distance moving can turn out to be a great adventure and a wonderful new start in your life. This is why it is so important to do it right, organize, plan ahead, get that moving quote on time, do your research and get rid of all the unwanted unnecessary stuff. Let your new life start with a good experience!