NoHo movers

Are you thinking of moving to NoHo? It is a great place to live in, being charming and quiet while being situated in Manhattan. We only hope that you can afford it. Here are some facts you should know about NoHo before moving there. If you decide that NoHo is your future neighborhood, you will need NoHo movers to help you out. And, if reliability and efficiency are what you are looking for, you should come to us.

Living in a quiet neighborhood while being in the middle of Manhattan is everyone’s dream.

History of NoHo

NoHo is short for North of Houston Street. It was first founded in 1748 by Jacob Sperry, a physician from Switzerland. He created the first botanical garden at the current intersection of Astor Place and Lafayette Street. NoHo soon became a neighborhood predominantly populated with upper-class families. In 1804 John Jacob Astor bought the site from Sperry. Because of the rapid growth of neighboring streets, it was not affordable to build houses there. Wealthy New York residents build their mansions in the neighborhood, including Astor who even built the Astor Library. The area soon became very fashionable.

19th and 20th century

In 1838 the garden’s owners opened a stage to host vaudeville comic operas. After that, the stages were open to a wider range of patrons. During 1850’s the rowdier crowds of Bowery have scared the upper classes away from NoHo, and fewer of them moved in. But, plenty of rich New Yorkers still remained in NoHo. Inventor Isaac Singer and poet William Cullen Bryant lived in NoHo during the 1880s. In the start of 20th-century manufacturing firms and warehouses moved to the neighborhood driving the elites to Murray Hill. The area of NoHo fell into despair. A large number of mansions were demolished and “loft” buildings were constructed.

After WWII

When the Second World War had ended manufacturing industries and warehouses moved to the suburbs. In the 1950s NoHo became populated with artists and theatre companies. Since there was a big demand, artists had to go through extensive processes in order to live in NoHo. During the 60s and 70s, the neighborhood was revitalized. The area got its name during the 1980s in order to distinguish it from the South of Houston Street (SoHo).

Even today, many famous artists live in NoHo


Todays NoHo

Today, NoHo is a residential upper-class neighborhood in Manhattan. It is border by Bowery from the east and Mercer Street from the west.  In 1999 The Landmarks Preservation Commision made the NoHo’s 125 historic buildings a landmark. Quiet streets lined with trees and retail boutiques attract successful artists, businessmen, and families. Famous institutions like New York University and the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art are both situated in NoHo. Cobble-stoned blocks and classic cast-iron architecture, historic buildings and NoHo’s artistic residents help give NoHo it’s distinct look and vibe.

Cost of living in NoHo

Maybe the only downside to living in NoHo is the cost of living. A studio rental will cost you $3000 a month, while for a one-bedroom apartment you are looking at between $4000 – $5000. NoHo is great, and we understand that you want to live here, but so do a lot of other people. High demand increases the price, and the demand is very high for apartments in NoHo. You will need to be well of if you want to join the other residents of NoHo in their daily experience.

How can NoHo movers help you out?

Just because the cost of living in NoHo is high, doesn’t mean that your relocation has to be. By hiring us you are making sure that your move will be as cost-effective as possible. There are many tips and tricks that are only known to locals, so when you start looking for movers you should hire local movers NYC. Outsiders simply don’t know all the little details and shortcuts that help NoHo movers make your move as efficient as possible.

Services that we can provide you with

Depending on how much help you need, there are different services we can provide. We can completely sort, pack, load, transport, unload and unpack all the things that you want us to, or we can just help you with the transport. And everything in between. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Giving an estimate – In order to know how much your move will cost a representative of NoHo movers must come to your home and give you an estimate. Our professionals are experienced and will give you the most cost effective estimate. We recommend that you get multiple estimates, so you will know that you are treated fairly.
Calculator to calculate the costs for hiring Noho movers
By getting multiple estimates you will know what to expect from NoHo movers
  • Packing – While packing can be done properly with some online guidelines, rookie mistakes can happen and they may end up costing you a lot. By providing you with packing services, we are making sure that properly sorted, packed and labeled. And if you want to make sure that your items are properly handled, there is no one better to do it then the people who packed them.
  • Transporting – When it comes to Manhattan moving services, we like to pride ourselves on our reliability. NoHo movers will safely transport all your possessions in the shortest possible time. Time is money and we value yours. Reliability and efficiency are our primary concerns and you can be sure that your items will be transported with the best possible care.

Our advice

Moving to NoHo can cost effective, but don’t try to make it too cheap. Same goes for living in NoHo. If you want things done properly, you will have to spend some money. Making plans and informing yourself can save you a bunch, but efficient spending is what you should be looking for, not cheap prices. We hope that you will enjoy the NoHo lifestyle and join its ranks of happy and successful people. Good luck!