Murray Hill

Murray Hill is a great place to live in. There is so much to explore. From the remnants of it’s rich history to today vibrant lifestyle. But, before you move, you need to get yourself informed. Moving is tricky, and in order to avoid mistakes, you should get yourself educated on Murray Hill movers and Murray Hill itself. Here is what you need to know.

What you should know about Murray Hill

Before you move, you should get more familiar with Murray Hill. Sure, there will be a lot to experience, but doing your homework before you get there will have great benefits.


Murray Hill got its name from the family that lived there. Murray family, lead by Robert Murray, came to New York in 1753. On September 15, 1776, Mary Lindley Murray helped stall William Howe’s army while General Washington retreated from New York during the landing at Kip’s Bay. Her kindly invitation for tea helped Washington’s troops escape. Her actions helped save 3,500 lives. Another prominent member of the Murray family was Lindley Murray(1745-1826). A lawyer whos books about the English language were read in great numbers and admired.

American History
Who knows how American history would’ve turned out if it wasn’t for Mrs. Murray’s tea

Later on, Murray Hill was known as a formal and quiet place. The residents were mostly old people who preferred a slower lifestyle. Since the 1990’s many young people have moved into Murray Hill. The place soon became a hotspot for partying. During the day it was very industrious while at night you could see numerous parties going on. Although the housing was cheap in the beginning, the prices soon rose. Between the 1990s and 2000s, real estate prices increased by almost 500%.


While on the one side you have the older residents who prefer the peace and quiet, on the other you have younger people hungry for life. During the day everything is formal, but during the part, parties can and do occur. If you are a young professional, this will be the ideal place for you. The proximity to excellent metro stations makes commuting very easy. If during the day you want to get a cup of coffee there are numerous cute coffee shops to enjoy. And if you are missing your college parties, Murray Hill is the place for you.

Old and young person living together
Murray Hill can seem pretty divided between old and young people

Cost of living

Murray Hill is expensive. The cost of living in Murray Hill is 63% higher than New York average and 94% higher than the national average. Apartment prices easily go over $3000, so you would be smart to find a roommate. Median home price is $650,646 (127% higher than NYC average) and median home income is $117,763.

How to work with Murray Hill Movers

Just because living in Murray Hill is expensive, doesn’t mean that your move has to be. With proper preparations and experienced Manhattan movers, you can make your move both time and cost efficient. You just need some guidelines on how to approach moving to Murray Hill, and we are here to give them to you.

Start on time

Once you know you want to move to Murray Hill, start your preparations. Get yourself some packing supplies. Visit your local supermarkets and ask them to save some boxes for you. They will be more than happy to do it, but you need to give them enough time. About two weeks before the move, start packing. Sort, pack and label everything carefully. Your Murray Hill movers will be very grateful that you did that. Also, start looking for your movers on time. If you want to find affordable Manhattan moving services, you need to give them enough time to plan your move.

Pick the right movers

When it comes to choosing your movers, they will either be your best friends of your worst enemies. Moving companies have different qualities of service and we suggest that you look for the biggest bang for your buck. No need to get someone overly expensive. When you hire us, we will make sure that the moving plan you are given is the most financially effective. We believe that a satisfied customer is the best commercial, so be sure to ask around when you are looking for Murray Hill movers. If your movers are local you can more easily find someone who has worked with them and get their review. We believe that choosing your moving company is similar to choosing the sports team you are going to root for. Always go local.

Experience, Skills, Competence, Reliability
Everything you need to keep in mind when looking for reliable Murray Hill Movers


Once the project starts you need to work with us. That is the only condition. You are a part of a team now. We like to be efficient and professional, but we need your help if we are going to productively use every minute of the move. Once you hire us we will give you an estimate of your move. Then we will go through every part of the move. If we agree on the price and the plan is understood, your worries are over. All you need to do is to listen to our instructions and honor the time frames. Everything else is in our hands, and we assure you that they are reliable and professional. As you will find out if you ask around for the best Murray Hill movers, we know what we are doing.

Take care of yourself

By working so long in the moving industry we have witnessed how big of a tool a move can be. Stress is always present. Our clients always seem to be worried, no matter how much we assure them that they are in good hands. We invite you to take care of yourself. Eat properly, get enough sleep, and try to calm yourself as much as possible. Change is difficult and you need to be gentle with yourself if you want to see it through without getting sick. Know that during your move you are in good hands and that you have reliable people helping you. Remember, health is wealth. Don’t waste it.