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Save your floors on moving day  

When you begin preparing for a move, especially if you used to rent your home, there will be special things to consider. For example, you will not want scratches or dents on your floors. Also, any kind of property damage to any other parts of your home will not do you any good. Namely, this may result in you NOT getting your security deposit back! Along with this, you will probably have to pay for all repair works the house may need. Therefore, you best do all you can to save your floors on moving day. Moreover, if you damage your own home when moving out will decrease its sale price. Again, you will most likely need to cover the repair costs out of your own pocket. 

Similarly to this, you do not want to damage the floors of your new home during the process of moving in. So, no matter how you look at it, one thing is definitely certain. You will need to know the best ways to save your floors on moving day! Since moving home is an expensive affair in any case, you will want to avoid damaging floors due to wrong moving techniques. This will especially be important with heavy furniture. If you want to avoid putting additional strain on your budget avoid costly property damage during your relocation. Keep reading to find some useful tips! 

Here are some protection tips to help you save your floors on moving day 

Focus on carrying lighter items 

You should never drag heavy furniture items across the floor, regardless of your floor protection choices. This is because the delicate surfaces of most floors can easily sustain damage. Specifically, you will easily find scratches or dents in wood floors. Along with this, broken tiles on tiled floors won’t do much to help you stay calm during relocation. Therefore, make sure you never drag heavy pieces of furniture across your floors. 

wooden floor
Protect your wooden floors!

The initial thing you can do to keep your floors safe is to carry any items that are light enough. Specifically, look for ones that you can carry comfortably in your arms. This can include anything from lightweight cardboard boxes to smaller furniture pieces. In doing this, you’ll keep your floors safe from damage by not exposing them to any damage in the first place.  

Keep your safety in mind when you pack 

How can the home packing process actually help you avoid costly damage to your floors? The answer is pretty easy. You should wrap the edges and feet of tables and chairs with furniture blankets when you start packing. In this way, this protective measure will keep your wooden floors safe if you drop a furniture piece on them. Then, you should use high-quality cardboard boxes that won’t break if the weight is a little higher. You can look for some top quality boxes at movers Upper West Side. Namely, one of the most common reasons for damaged floors are items being dropped onto them when relocating.  

Along with this, if you’ve decided to get some free moving boxes to save some money, make sure you select only strong containers. Although you definitely should do this, inspect that they have no previous damage of any kind. Moreover, make sure you double tape the bottoms of all the packing boxes you will use for additional protection. Also, pay attention not to pack boxes beyond the reasonable weight limit. This is usually around 20 pounds per moving box. 

Make sure you measure up your furniture in advance 

Another good way to save your floors on moving day is to measure your larger furniture pieces in advance. In doing this, you will know whether or not you can take all the bigger and heavier furniture items with you. Namely, if you try to force a large furniture piece through a tighter doorway, it won’t be fun for anyone. Not only can you drop that couch, desk, or table, but you can cause considerable damage to the floor as well. 

Find and use a dolly with rubber wheels 

Using wheels will help you save your floors on moving day. To be precise, the right kind of moving dollies will make a big difference when it comes to protecting your floors. Specifically, use an appliance dolly with 2 wheels or a furniture dolly with 4 wheels. Doing this and using sliders, will keep your floors completely safe from damage during the moving process. With using these two simple moving tools you will be able to relocate stress-free. However, make sure your moving dolly has rubber wheels and not a metal one. Namely, metal ones will probably end up scratching your floor. 

Rubber wheels will save your floors

Use furniture sliders for ultimate protection 

This is one of the best ways to protect hardwood floors when moving furniture. Namely, furniture sliders are flat pieces of strong plastic with fitted hard rubber. What they do is minimize the friction between the heavy object and the delicate floor. Sometimes, they can even eliminate the possibility of damage altogether.  

sofa - save your floors on moving day
Cover the legs of your sofa!

When you decide to move a couch or a bed over hardwood, tiled or carpeted floors, you’ll need a furniture slider. Simply, put a furniture slider under each leg of the heavier item. After you do this, you should be able to simply slide the furniture safely across the floor. If you aren’t completely sure how to apply this to your piano, ask piano movers NYC for professional assistance. Another great tip is to try to remember to push heavy objects, not pull them, whenever it is possible. 

In case you can’t afford proper furniture sliders, you can easily get creative! Luckily, there are various things you can use instead of those sliders. For example, you can use 4 pieces of protective furniture blankets or even basic cardboard pieces.