safety tips for long-distance moving

Safety tips for long-distance moving this spring

If you’ve taken our advice, you’ve probably planned out your relocation a few months in advance. The moving checklist is there, the movers are ready and everything is set for your spring relocation. Unfortunately, this year, spring has come but the circumstances are different. The entire world is going through a pandemic, for the first time in ages. The novel coronavirus, COVID-19 has hit the Earth, rather unexpectedly. Therefore, we all have to adjust our plans for the upcoming months. This includes our relocation plans as well. Don’t worry – you can still continue with the move. It will just require a lot more planning and care in order for everyone to stay safe. We’ve prepared a few safety tips for long-distance moving you can follow and ensure the move goes smoothly.

woman washing her hands in the sink
We want to keep our moving team safe, as well as the families that need to relocate during this difficult period.

Safety tips and tricks to bear in mind when long-distance moving

When talking about safety during relocation, there are a few things to mention. Usually, people would talk about carrying boxes and furniture, assisting your movers, taking care of your back, etc. Of course, all of those tips are still applicable! However, this spring, the safety measures are a bit more extensive. It’s a bit easier when it is a local move since sometimes a moving team doesn’t need to be involved. On the other hand, long-distance moving still needs a lot of attention, both from you and your moving crew. The more people are included in your moving process, the more careful you all have to be. Here is our advice on how to stay safe when moving this spring.

Double-check if you are still allowed to move

Throughout the world, almost all non-essential activities have been stopped. This was done in order to reduce the contact among people and ultimately, slower the spread of the COVID-19 virus. You should always check first whether your local government has declared that relocation is essential. Since we are talking about long-distance relocation here, there are more states at stake. If any of the states you have to visit has a relocation ban, then it is not safe to move. Only a few have done this, so, you will probably be fine. In any case, get in touch with your moving company to consider what should your next step be. If you are moving by yourself, you should still take these measures into consideration and take care of your own health.

Take all the necessary health precautions when moving this spring

When your moving company gives you the green light to prepare for relocation, you should follow all the guidelines set by the WHO. During this moving process, you want to keep yourself and your family safe, as well as the moving crew that’s working for you. Everyone involved should be protected at all times, and that includes the following safety tips:

  • Wearing a protective mask all the time and not taking it off when you are around other people.
  • Wearing gloves and properly disposing of them when you no longer need them.
  • Keeping a safe 6-feet distance between yourself and other people if you can.
  • Making sure that everyone involved has access to water, soap and hand sanitizer.
  • Checking with your moving company that none of their workers are showing any symptoms of the illness.

These are just a few of many precautionary measures that most moving companies are following, including Dynamic Movers NYC. The companies want to make sure that your move still happens, even though some things along the way have to be adjusted. You are always welcome to check if the company has made announcements on their website, or give them a call.

people holding hand sanitizer bottles
You should have hand sanitizer readily available for yourself and your moving crew. If you are unable to get some, let the moving company know and maybe they can provide you with a few bottles.

Avoid using recycled moving boxes and bins at this time

Normally, we would advise you to use recycled cardboard boxes when packing for your move. However, this virus spreads easily and stays on surfaces a bit longer than most. Some claim that it can live on the cardboard for 24 hours. Therefore, it is not really smart to reuse any boxes right now. Your Pleasantville movers will gladly provide you with new ones for you to pack your belongings in. If you really need to rent plastic bins, make sure you wipe them down before usage. In order to comply with the social distancing rules, it would also be smarter if you could pre-pack most of the boxes before the movers arrive. If you were considering getting packing services, then you’d have to ensure the movers have proper protective gear at all times.

Keep in mind all of these safety tips when moving long-distance in the next few months

This spring, moving house will go according to a few additional rules and safety measures. It’s not to say it’s impossible – it just requires a lot more care. This also includes making sure that your new house is clean and ready to move in once you arrive. In any case, if you practice social distancing, you will have more time on your hands to unpack and settle in your new place! Unfortunately, the housewarming party will have to be postponed a bit. Also, most of the home decor and furniture stores aren’t open, so you’ll have to resort to online shopping if you really need to. Make sure that you wipe every box and item you receive with antibacterial wipes before you bring them inside. Long-distance moving this spring can happen – you just have to adjust it a little bit!

man and a boy cleaning a wood floor
Make sure your new home has been cleaned and disinfected before you begin settling in.