room-by-room packing

Room-by-room packing guidelines

If you need to relocate your home, making a good packing plan can help. Whether you’re moving last minute or you have plenty of time to prepare, room-by-room packing is always a good idea. The following guide can help you organize your process one step at a time. Keep reading, and find out how you can make your moving preparations feel like a breeze!

How to organize room-by-room packing like a pro?

Planning the move takes time. However, the most of that time goes to the packing process. This is why you should prepare for the packing process in advance so you can pack as fast and efficient as possible. If you are moving with your family, the best way to organize room-by-room packing is to engage all family members. If you have children who are old enough to help, you can make a packing process feel like a game!

Step one – making a packing plan

The first step to a successful room-by-room packing is making a packing plan. What you should do is start planning your move in advance, as well as the packing process. The best idea can be writing down all the inventory, so you can have a rough picture of the size of your belongings. Making an inventory will also help you calculate the exact number of moving boxes you’ll need.

make a plan
Making a good packing plan will help you prepare for a move like a pro!

Step two – decluttering and sorting out

After you know exactly how many items you need to move, it is time to get rid of all the old and unnecessary items in your home. Check your cabinets and storage space and make sure to downsize your inventory. After you decide which items you want to move, you can always sell or donate to someone the rest of your stuff.

Sorting out your belongings will primarily help you secure your belongings during transportation. For example, if you pack glasses and your shoes into the same moving box, the damage will be almost inevitable.

Step 3 – find the right kind of packing materials

In order for your room-by-room packing to go efficiently, you should find the best packing materials to use. You can even find some free moving boxes NYC, if you just spend some time browsing the internet.

However, using some of the materials you have at home will help you with cleaning after the move. Wondering how? Well, if you use cloths, blankets, and towels to secure fragile items, you will not have too many packing materials to throw away!

Packing the living room

Packing your living room seems easier than it actually is. This is the one place with so many miscellaneous things in your home. Packing furniture requires measuring and physical strength while packing artwork and frames on the wall takes special packing materials. If you haven’t hired your movers to pack everything for you, you will have to take some time for your room-by-room packing.

Since the living room is the one room you spend most of your time in, don’t rush to pack it first. Especially if you are not moving last minute. If you have a spacious living room, you can use it as a temporary storage for ready-to-go moving boxes.

Packing kitchen and bathroom

Packing kitchen and bathroom are tricky and for good reason. These are the rooms with the biggest number of fragile and breakable items. When packing mirrors, glass items and plates, you will have to use bubble wrapping paper or some newspaper. If you want to secure your belongings for the road, make sure to spend more time when packing your bathroom and your kitchen.

Kitchen items acquire special care. Make sure to find some good packing materials to secure items made out of glass.

Packing bedrooms

Luckily, packing the bedroom of you and your kids should be the easiest part of room-by-room packing! Since most things in these rooms are made out of soft materials, you could pack them way easier than glassware. However, in order to save your bedsheets, carpets, and drapes from the dirt, you could consider using vacuum seal bags.

When it comes to the furniture in your bedrooms, you will have to save this part of packing for last. Room-by-room packing acquires careful planning, so make sure to pack your moving boxes in the right order.

Packing the storage cabinets and garage

In case you live in a house, room-by-room packing will be almost necessary. If you happen to have a garage in your home, there’s a good chance you’ll need to declutter it before the move. You can go through all the tools, old memorabilia and things you don’t have the use for anymore. Decluttering your garage or other storage space in your home will help you downsize the number of moving boxes. Make sure to write a list of things you might not need to move. In the end, it’s always easier just to but some items after the relocation is over.

garage tools
If you have a garage space, you will need to declutter it before the move.

Hire movers to help you with the moving boxes

If you need professional moving assistance, long distance movers NYC can help you with the following services:

  • Packing your entire home
  • Supplying with all the necessary packing materials
  • Using the right equipment for moving furniture and other bulky items
  • Safe transportation of your belongings to another location
  • Successfully planning your moving day timeline and do all the hard lifting for you!

Room-by-room packing is a process that can ease your moving preparations. If you are don’t have much organizing skills, making a packing plan will help you a lot. After all, the important thing is to secure your belongings for the moving day and not damage any of them.