Renting a moving truck in Clinton – tips and tricks

When you are moving to your new home, you have a lot of work. You need to prepare everything, gather all the important documents, prepare your stuff, and relocate them to your new place. To avoid going from one place to another and several times a day in order to relocate everything yourself you should consider hiring some of the affordable movers NYC. Find the movers that are skilled and well equipped. If you still want to do it yourself then make a plan. After preparing your belongings for relocation, the next step is renting a moving truck. 

Tips for renting a moving truck

If you want to cut your expenses and you do not want to hire movers for packing and moving, you should at least rent a moving truck to relocate your belongings safely. Check everything before renting a truck:

  • size
  • insurance
  • costs when renting a moving truck

The first step in choosing a moving truck is the size. Measure your belongings in order to choose and find a moving truck that suits your needs. You can contact some of the Clinton movers or truck rental companies to check the prices. Take into account the size of your home, the number of bedrooms, and how much large furniture you have to pack into the truck. When choosing a moving truck, make sure it has at least 10 percent more room than you think you’ll need.

moving truck
Choose the right size of the moving truck.


If you’re planning to drive the moving truck, it may be a good idea to pay for additional moving truck insurance in case of possible damage. There are different types of insurance so read the specifications and contracts and choose the one that you find the most appropriate for you. 

Driving a moving truck can be challenging, especially if you’ve never driven that type of vehicle before. Adjust the mirrors, check if everything works properly. Drive carefully, respect the speed limit, and obey traffic laws. When driving the truck, make sure that you’re prepared to make much larger turns than you might normally make in your car.

hands paper pen
Read the contract and check if there are some additional costs.

Costs of renting a truck

When giving you a quote, moving truck companies will take into account the size of the truck you rent, as well as the distance and duration of the move. But make sure to check if there are some additional costs like insurance costs, additional fuel, moving supplies, toll costs, etc. Do not forget about that when computing the cost of your move. If you’re planning to rent a very large moving truck, you may need to stop in at several weight stations along the way. Make sure to check with the rental truck company about where to find these stations on major highways.

Renting a moving truck can cut some costs but if you have no experience in driving a large moving truck maybe you should consider hiring a moving company. Why making your move more stressful than it already is.