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Reasons to hire professional packers for moving your art collection

If you are an artist or just an art collector, you know how to appreciate the beauty of art. However, you must be aware of how difficult is to preserve art pieces. You have to keep them clean and safe so they would not get damaged. When you add the moving process to this situation, it becomes even more complicated. For this reason, here are all the reasons to hire professional packers for moving your art collection. 

Moving company  

Even if the valuable art collection is not involved, you should hire a moving company if you are planning a relocation. It is challenging to move the whole household on your own, especially if you lack adequate skills. For this reason, you should find one for your move. However, you should be careful when choosing a moving company for yourself since they are many fraudulent movers. In order to avoid falling a victim to one fraud, read carefully reviews and comments about the moving company. For example, check the website of Nomad moving company, and see their ratings. In addition to this, check credentials before hiring any company. This is extremely important, especially you are planning to relocate your valuable art collection.  

The reasons to hire professional packers for moving your art collection 

The first reason is quite logical, this is the best way to avoid damaging your collection. When you hire professional packers for moving your art collection, then you will be sure they are in good hands. This is especially important during transport. If your art pieces are not properly packed, they will be in a higher risk of damage. In addition to this, most art pieces are fragile. Therefore, they need special care and attention. Even the smallest damage can reduce the value of your art pieces. Having a professional to pack your collection, you are minimizing the chance of damaging. If you are still looking for a reliable company, then you should check out NYC movers and packers. 

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Make sure not to damage your art collection

Packing materials 

You cannot get a simple moving box to put your art piece inside and call it a day. For this reason, you should hire professional packers for moving your art collection. They will come well prepared and equipped for this job. As they are professionals, they have the best materials in every size, quantity, and type. Professionals know which materials to use for specific art pieces in order to ensure their safety. Each item is different in its own way. Therefore, it demands special care when it comes to packing as well. While professionals are occupied with packing your valuables, you can pack the rest of your personal belongings. In addition to this, you can ask the movers how to pack specific household items if you are not sure. The packing materials you need are the following. 

  • Moving boxes 
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Tape 
  • Peanuts 
  • Markers and labels 

Hire professional packers for moving your art collection for transport 

As it was already mentioned, transporting your art collection is tricky. This is the time when your collection is at the biggest risk of damage. However, you have to think about transport from your home to a moving truck. If you live on the 10th floor for example, then your art collection has to travel a long way until it is put inside the truck. Anything can happen during the elevator ride. Sometimes, an art piece can be so large so it cannot fit inside the elevator. If this is the case, then you will have to carry them downstairs. This is an accident waiting to happen unless you hire professional packers for moving your art collection.  

a wooden box with fragile written on it
Since they are fragile, art pieces are damaged easily

Heavy lifting 

If you own an old watch, a mahogany table or a large picture, it is very hard to lift them. Not to mention carrying those pieces to the moving truck, since it makes it sound even more difficult. In reality, it is extremely demanding to lift heavy pieces on your own. On the other hand, professionals come prepared. They will bring all the necessary equipment for this job so you will not hurt your back. In addition to this, since those are heavy art pieces, you can easily drop and damaged them in the process. For this reason, seek professional help. 

Safety of your valuable art pieces 

When you move your valuable art pieces, their safety should be your top priority. You can be sure of their safety by having professionals to pack and move them to your new address. Professionals are professionals for reason, and they will know how to pack properly each piece of art in order to prevent any damage. For this reason, you should let them do all the packing and you can think about creative ideas for decorating your new home.


If you pack your valuable art collection on your own and accidentally end up damaging one piece, you will have to pay for the damage. On the other hand, if you hire movers, and they do damage something, they are going to take responsibility for their action. For this reason, you should take the insurance they offer in case if something unpleasant happens. Then, all you need to do is to file an insurance claim and get the money for the damage. A good enough reason to hire professional packers for moving your art collection. Otherwise, you will be the one to take full responsibility. This means you will spend more money on one single damage than on a moving fee which you probably did not include when you prepared your moving budget.

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Get insurance so you will not lose money

Reasons to hire professional packers for moving your art collection 

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should hire professional packers for moving your art collection. You should only find a good reliable moving company and they will take care of the rest. Your art collection will arrive in one piece to your new address.