Reasons to avoid winter moving. Captured Central park covered in snow.

Reasons to avoid winter moving

If you have found a new home and made a plan for your move, it is perfectly understandable you are impatient and simply cannot wait. Very possibly the prices of moving services are lower too, due to low season. Also, it is much easier to carry your things when you are sweat free. But, there is a big but. Here are some reasons to avoid winter moving, you should consider them.

Winter is coming

Imagine your moving day. You are full of excitement and eagerness, walking toward your new beginning. In boots. And winter jacket. Gloves, hat, and scarf. Among all those boxes, walking like a grizzly bear on a chilly day. Outside is pouring rain or even a snow. Sounds like a wild ride? Well, it probably would be.

Reasons to avoid winter moving. Snowflake captured.
Enjoy winter magic, but leave moving for warmer days.
  • Big Apple has crazy traffic during the whole year, and imagine Manhattan traffic in the winter. Better pack spare nerves along with your boxes to survive that roller coaster.
  • Daylight lasts shorter. Seems like the early bird gets the move. It is always preferable to take advantage of daylight hours as much as possible. During the winter, this is not that easy to achieve. Daylight hours last much shorter and especially if you are moving long distance, there is a big chance you will end up during the darkness.
  • You would probably need your various winter supplies, such as windshield scraper or mittens.
  • Weeks and days before your move, you would need to keep an eye on the weather reports. Avoid winter moving and you will avoid possible upcoming winter storms.
  • You would probably be removing snow and ice in and out of your old and new home while moving. So to

Caution- slippery slope

Moving boxes could get wet and you could too. You might end up balancing on a slippery street like a circus artist on the trapeze. The last thing you want is slipping and falling while carrying a box full of your precious China. Even if you tend to slack off on it the rest of the time, you would need to keep your walkways free of snow and ice. Slippery walkways are dangerous enough as they are, and it becomes even more dangerous when you’re carrying heavy boxes.

Reasons to avoid winter moving. Captured New York street, crowded and covered in snow.
Winter brings traffic jams and slippery roads.

Avoid winter moving and keep your things safe

Unfortunately, some of your fragile and valuable belongings could get damaged from the moist or even broken. Roads are much more difficult for driving, hence, your things will experience much more turbulence than you planned. Fragile and breakable items, like glass and dishware, are particularly sensitive to temperature changes and can crack or break if the temperature shifts too quickly.

Floors alert!

You probably don’ want to mess up the floors at your new place before you have even moved in, right? Winter moving requires putting down protective covering to avoid dirtying your floors. This would be a must to keep ice, salt, and dirt from being tracked into your home. Harlem moving companies actually offer those coverings too, but this would be one more thing to worry about and pay for.

New York street on a snowing day.
Balancing on the ice carrying moving boxes can be a pickle.

Moving boxes somebody? Anybody?

Finding free moving boxes is ussualy a piece of cake. But not in the winter. At this time of the year is much harder to come by free moving boxes. During the rest of the year, you can see boxes in the back of every grocery store, liquor store or a restaurant. But when the streets are wet, even if you find them, they will be unusable. If you avoid winter moving, you have better chances of getting free cardboard boxes.

Jingle bells, jingle bells

People often forget about the holiday season and all the shiny things it brings. Besides decoration, sales and presents it brings crowded streets and traffic jams. This is a period when lots of tourists are visiting New York City, and lots of New Yorkers are going out of town. Besides that, the city is full of events. Grand Central Christmas Market is taking over half of the historic Vanderbilt Hall. This is also something you should consider as a disadvantage of winter moving. Hence, to your grizzly outfit and slippery streets, add thousands of people on the streets in holiday euphoria. This is not exactly how you imagined your moving day? Then better skip the holiday season.

Stressy messy

Seems like this is the biggest reason to a avoid winter moving. Eventually, you would survive all the technical difficulties but the stress is what leaves marks. Moving by itself is an overwhelming and difficult process, for which you should mentally prepare yourself. Add cold weather and all the things that could go wrong to it, and you will realize that cons are greater than perks. You should remind yourself why are you doing this. For yourself. And at the end of the day, your peace is what matters the most.

New York street covered in snow.
Snow and ice can make a hell out of your moving day.

Catch the autumn or wait for the spring

These mild periods are much more convenient for your big moving day. Most importantly, you will avoid most of the difficulties that extreme climates can bring. Additionally, you can enjoy the outdoor weather during much of the process. Think of it as a little perk to offset the intense and bustling vibe that moving brings. Also, you will still skip the peak season of moving, which is during the summer, roughly between the months of June and August. In this period prices are higher and you need to book your movers much ahead.

As for everything in life, timing is crucial for moving too. Picking the right moment will bring you a lot of benefits and spare you from many bumps in the road. Try to avoid winter moving and make sure that everything goes smoothly during your moving day. Enjoy your new home and a new beginning. Hopefully, it will bring you everything you hoped for.