Anxious woman that has so many questions to ask movers before moving

Questions to Ask Movers Before your NYC Relocation

We are sure that you have a lot of questions to ask movers when moving. Primarily if you use the services of moving company East Village for the first time. However, do not bother with items that do not mean anything to you. In some cases, you should prepare witty and insightful questions. Smartly chosen subjects could give answers to significant doubts.

  • You should know if a moving company is professional, and with the right questions, you can find out how they do their job;
  • Excellent communication is essential, and you should start with the company from the very beginning;
  • Sometimes the only way to know if a company is skilled for a particular job is to identify the right questions to ask movers;
  • Through the interview you will know if the company has a friendly relationship with its customers;
  • The best way to find out if the company is open to cooperation is to ask them, especially for things like pet moving services.

What questions you will ask your movers depends on your needs and personal standards. Ask yourself if you need special services, care, or more workers. An excellent moving company should know how to meet your requests.

Question mark on the book
You will surely have a lot of things to ask your movers

One of the questions to ask movers is if they have proper documentation

The moving company should have appropriate documentation as every other company. However, documentation should show us if they are professional or have trouble at work. Small details, like the longevity of the job, or difficulties with the taxes, could show if you are dealing with the wrong company.

There is a list of documents that your movers must have

Luckily, there is a list of documents that workers in the company must show you. Only by examining them, you can understand what their business looks like. So, from the first contact with one of the Soho movers, you should ask for those documents. They include a bill of lading and moving contracts that they must offer you. Also, it is essential that the company makes a proper and detailed inventory list. In addition to that, a good company has insurance, too.


The company that you are planning to cooperate with should have a proper admission and permission for the job they perform. The Bronx movers follow this obligation and, in most cases, have a copy of the license on the wall. However, you should check if they have all necessary licenses and permits.

Check for recommendations and references

Although you can check all of these on the internet, you should ask the moving company, too. A good worker will be happy to show you their business and a list of satisfied customers. If they are not so glad to answer you, it should show how they behave in those circumstances. Also, ask for the previous jobs they have done that are similar to your situation.

Question mark pile
Do not hesitate to ask your movers everything you want to know

You can establish trust with the company if you know the right questions to ask movers

As in every other job, you will cooperate with the company you can rely on. In that case, you should prepare yourself for their business. Also, they must show you that they understand their customers and are willing to provide the best services they can. For those reasons, your questions should reveal essential topics and information about the business practices of the company.

Ask for boxes

Although you can find the boxes on your own, renting the boxes is one of the services that a moving company has. However, it’s always good to know what kind of packing materials they offer. It is imperative that they have new boxes for every customer or rented ones. You should know if they care about them, how long they have used them and similar things.

What kind of liability you can expect

The regulations demand which type of liability moving company has to organize. Usually, there are two of them. The first one is basic, where the moving company covers $0.60 per pound and per item. However, they can offer you full protection, which means that every damage or lost items should be replaced.

What protection they have for your properties

Although we presume that a professional company has everything under control, sometimes it is good to check those things before troubles occur. Ask for the protection they use, as for your property, as for the boxes during moving. It is not bad if the company has a storage unit, just in case you need them.

 Questions to ask movers could reveal a lot

Aside from what the movers tell you, pay attention to other important signs. Do they seem reliable? Trust your instinct when choosing a moving company. Watch their behavior when visiting the company. How they act with employers if they are nervous when answering your questions. Sometimes the lack of humanity and understanding shows how weak the company is.

Ask for extra services

A good moving company knows its value. In cases when they offer additional services, they should charge them.  You must expect that pet moving services NYC cost more than basic service. However, they can include a ministration in the underlying price. It shows their respect for the customers.

Workers in moving company
Ask your movers if they have a proper tool for special occasions

A good company should have proper equipment

It is not a bad idea to ask your movers for the equipment and tools for the moving. Especially if you have needs or situations that they have not included in the underlying contract. A professional company should predict those situations and have a needed tool in the trunk.

Check their employees

It is highly essential that the company has a fair relationship with their employees. You can check in IAM if they have some troubles with the workers, or had in the past. One of the questions to ask movers is how long their workers work for them; it will tell you much. Also, do not forget that the best companies have full-time workers and not contract ones.