organize your office space

Proper way to organize your office space

Moving into a new office space can take a lot of your energy. Not only will your work be on a break, but you will also need some time to organize your office space perfectly. If you are moving your business to another location, a reliable moving company Washington Heights can help you pack all the inventory and transport them safely into a new office space.

Before we start, keep in mind that organizing your office will depend on the budget you have and the size of the room you are dealing with. Every business is different, just like every office space should reflect the work you do. So, keep reading this article to find out how you can organize your office space in no time. In just a few simple steps, you can become a professional interior designer and an organizer of your working space.

What do you need in your office space?

Before you organize your office space, you will need to figure out what kind of office would you like to have. If you just moved into a new space, measuring every wall and all the corners will help. There are many ways to organize your office space. Depending on how much room you have and the nature of your business, you can make a decision about setting your new office. 

When you organize your office space, making sure that space is functional should be a priority.

The first step in organizing an office space is finding out what part of the space you’ll use the most. If you are working with computers and not having too many clients coming over, your desktop should be the center of the entire office space. On the other hand, working with clients will acquire a place to sit comfortably where you can have a pleasant conversation with the people you work with. Whatever you decide, make sure to make enough room to move between the furniture pieces.

Use every corner and organize your office space

Moving into a new office can be challenging. If you managed to rent an office space in NYC, you must already know what kind of space you are dealing with. Not every office in NYC is affordable to rent. Hence, you might be working in a smaller space than you would prefer. Whichever the case is, there are ways to use every corner possible in order to organize your office space the best way possible.

When you organize your office space, you must measure every corner of the available space. If you already have the furniture you have to fit, find the best place for it. You wouldn’t want your storage cabinets to get in the way of moving through the office. So, make sure to fit all the furniture pieces the way they won’t interrupt your work. For example, you can fit the biggest pieces next to the wall and decide if you want the desk in the center of the room or against the opposite wall.

Personize your office

Speaking of a functional office, there are ways you can organize your office space in order to reflect the nature of your work. Every little detail, starting with the colors on the walls and all the paperwork will tell about the way you do your job. It’s essential to organize all the paperwork, documents and files into folders and have a place for storing them. 

office design
A few simple decoration details can personalize your working space.

After you find the place for the essential items in your office space, it is time to personalize it! There are many online tutorials and ideas on how to how to design your office space. Details like flowers, artwork, and banners can improve the productivity of you and your employees.

Make your office functional

One of the common mistakes when organizing an office space is too many or too few items in it. In order to organize your office space in the best way possible, you should avoid overcrowding the room. The first thing you should pay attention to is getting all the wiring fixed, and if possible, hide it. Almost every office has computers, printers, and other electronic devices that have lots of cables with them. If you organized professional NYC movers and packers to deal with moving your office inventory, you can always ask them to connect all the devices and hide the unappealing wiring. Not only will this visually improve your office space, but you will avoid stepping on one of them and getting some injuries.

computer wiring
Hide the visually unappealing details like computer cables. You will get much more space and your office will look nicer.

After you deal with electronic devices, pay attention to other details like desk chairs and trash bins. Those things can get in your way if they overcrowd the room. Just like you plan every step of your working day, you should make sure to improve the functionality of your office space.

Don’t forget to fit in the storage space

After you organize the space in your office, the most essential thing you must do is find a good storage solution. Depending on the size of your office, you can think of a few solutions for storing your office supplies:

  • Shelves – open or closed
  • Hidden drawers
  • Custom-made cabinets

The storage solutions you’ll choose will depend on the nature of your work. You might have to organize your office space for working with clients. If this is the case, hidden or closed pieces of furniture will be the best idea. In the end, don’t forget that every office is different. In order to organize your office space and make the most out of it, follow your instincts and make it personal!