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Prevent injuries when moving

Unfortunately, moving injuries usually happen in a split second and ordinarily, they come with no warning sing! You won’t know that something is about to go terribly wrong until it’s too late. Indeed, a mishap like a paper cut from packing up your books is not something to really worry about. But strain a muscle or hurt your backpacking without a reliable moving service NYC and you’ll see just how important good moving insurance is. How can you prevent injuries when moving? Read our crucial safety tips and learn how to stay safe during relocation. Also, learn what your best bet to keep injuries at bay is. Stay informed and you’ll be able to completely prevent injuries when moving.

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The first thing you should remember is that moving day safety goes hand in hand with good organization. Don’t lift something until you know where you will put it and how exactly you will move it there.

Plan at least 3 steps ahead if you want to prevent injuries when moving

When you think you’ve come to a dead-end, take a break to rethink the way you’ve approached the situation. Start looking at the bigger picture and search for alternative ways to resolve the problem in hand. For example, if a large piece of furniture cannot fit through a doorway, trying to force its exit or entrance is not going to work. This needs more than just a little additional space and you won’t acquire it with sheer muscle strength. It will most likely just be destructive, and you’ll only end up with property damage or personal injuries. Instead, try to detach your furniture of any protruding parts. If that doesn’t work, you will have to temporarily remove the door. And if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to dismantle the whole thing.

Understand right from the start that the only way to guarantee yourself a perfectly safe and smooth move is to hire professionals to handle packing and carrying furniture and appliances with expertise and proper moving equipment. Reputable movers can provide a safe full-service relocation from packing the very first item, all the way to unpacking your last box in your new house.

Keep a path clear on moving day of even the smallest of obstacles

This safety tip goes hand in hand with the first one. Prevent injuries when moving by creating more space for your furniture to pass in an unconstrained way. Clear a path both inside and outside your home by removing all possible obstacles along the way. Any disorganized clutter could seriously be an accident waiting to happen. Label and organize boxes in neat piles away from hallways and doorways.

  • In addition to large obstacles, the outdoor pathways that lead to your moving truck should be clear of dust, mud, water, snow or ice. Trim any overgrown shrubs or large tree branches that could get in the movers’ way.
  • Never underestimate the power of proper time management. It is a big part of planning for success. Try to win as much precious time as possible by making a detailed and interactive house moving checklist. This means you will feel much less pressure to hurry through moving. But, just in case, here are our tips to help you simplify a last-minute move. When you plan ahead carefully you can prevent injuries when moving.
Moving strap helps prevent injuries when moving
Prevent injuries when moving by taking advantage of any piece of moving equipment there is!

Fundamental safety rules of moving house

One of the most important safety rules when moving house, yet to be set in stone, is that no moving box should exceed the standard limit of 50 pounds. If you feel like a box is too uncomfortable or heavy for you to lift and carry to the truck, then it has exceeded the limit. That is unsafe, for your belongings and for your back. Of course, you can always cheat the strict laws of physics (that are set in stone) by buying the proper moving equipment. Or hiring pro movers who are already equipped with all the packing supplies any sort of move would need.

Prevent injuries when moving by taking advantage of any piece of moving equipment there is!

The ease of use, efficiency, and safety this gear provides will prove to be invaluable on moving day. The holy trinity consists of the dolly, the moving straps, and the moving blankets! The efficiency of the dolly is without competition when it comes to transporting bulky and heavy objects. Beware that unassisted heavy lifting could potentially present great health risks to people involved in the process. However, a dolly will make your relocation much easier and prevent injuries when moving.

Use proper lifting techniques

The golden rule of the heavy lifting is that you should lift with the muscles of your legs, not with ones on your back. Crouch, don’t bend, making sure your back remains straight as an arrow and use your legs as a hoisting device. Just the sheer strength of your lower limbs will lift boxes. Your back will remain injury-free. Thanks, us later.

  • Always push heavy objects forward instead of pulling them backward.
  • Another way we will help you prevent injuries when moving is to never form with your hips when you are carrying a heavy load.
  • Instead, turn with your feet, again, the key here is to save your back!
  • Take only small steps at a time. Try to steady your movements and keep them smooth. Don’t make sudden and jerky moves. Make sure to keep your footing secure.
  • Keep your eyes looking forward and slightly upward.
  • Avoid lifting heavy things over your head unless you are in dire need to do so. Even then, ask for someone’s assistance.

Dress appropriately to prevent injuries when moving

  1. Moving could prove to be dirty (or at least dusty) work, so choose the clothes you don’t care about getting ruined during the process.
    Avoid baggy clothes because they run a high risk of getting hooked onto something.
  2. As far as choosing shoes, you can rely on the most comfortable closed pair. They should provide you with the best protection, flexibility, and traction. Opt for a pair of high-top sports shoes that offer ankle support and anti-slip soles.
  3. High-quality working gloves are crucial if you want to prevent injuries when moving. They will provide the proper grip and hand/finger protection that is essential to your safety.
Lightbulb idea
“Plans are nothing, planning is everything”. Which means – use your head before using your muscles.

The most effective way to prevent injuries when moving is to hire adequate moving assistance

The daunting task of moving is surely not a one-man affair. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a long time until the moving day to take care of the organization, still, packing up your entire life will surely test your mental balance and physical strength. Moving heavy items is a team effort, and you should definitely make safety your top priority in order to prevent injuries when moving. The first step in doing so is asking for the right kind of moving assistance. While friends can provide good emotional support during this transition in your life, the ultimate smooth relocation is only possible with professional assistance. Your move will automatically become as safe as it can be when your reliable movers arrive on-site to give you a moving quote NYC. Reputable and experienced moving teams know all the safety rules to prevent injuries when moving any kind of residential or commercial belongings.