Post-move paperwork to handle

Moving is a complicated affair. It quite literally disassembles your life to its foundational pieces and moves it to a new place to be reassembled. Now, your life has adherence to a principal ofter wrongly quoted as being said by Aristotle “Whole is more than the sum of its parts“. It is, therefore, true that the quality of your life depends on more than simply how much items you own, how many square feet of your apartment, what you eat, etc. It depends on how you feel, and what you do with the things you have. So… you might now be thinking “ what does this has to do with my post-move paperwork“?

After the move

Well, after your move by Murray Hill movers, when your life is to be reassembled, you also have to put back those not-so-visible parts of your life that matter greatly for your life. For example, you have to meet new friends, neighbors, find new hobbies or new places for old ones, etc… but you also have to do things like making sure you can vote, that you have electricity, water and the rest of utilities, that you have accesses to post and that you can use medical facilities in the vicinity. These are quality of life matters and therefore have to be dealt with. So, even if post-move paperwork doesn’t sound like the most appealing of subjects, do have it in your consideration.

Utilities – most important post-move paperwork

So first of, let us consider what utilities you need. You certainly need water and sewage, those are a given. There is probably a need for a telephone connection for when the relatives call. You need a broadband internet connection for your business or pleasure and you also need transportation. All of these are now completely tied to your new location, supervised by your new community.

post-move paperwork
Probably the most important post-move paperwork there is…

So, your literary can’t live without them. The good thing is some of them you can check off the list before you move, but for some others, you need to sit down and go through all the necessary paperwork. So, remember, the checklist should include:

  • Sewage, water, and other absolute essentials
  • Transportation, heating, and others in that rang
  • Internet and telephone which ought to be done in post-move paperwork.


Will the utilities sorted off, you should look to your insurance. If you just finished unpacking of your stuff that was relocated by free moving boxes NYC that probably means you had to have moving insurance. There is also insurance for your new home, life insurance, etc.

To have insurance in order is to have a calm sleep. It is a guarantee that you will not have to worry if something bad will happen. Because let’s face it, Murphy has a point. Something bad probably will happen, and most of the time it is out of our control. The damage will be done. But, if you are insured, you can make sure that damage, if unpreventable, is not irreversible. It can be repaired and overcame.

Voting registration

So, you just used Queens movers to relocate to the State of New York? Well, you still need to do some paperwork if you wish to vote when the time comes.

I voted
Make sure you can fulfill your civic duty when the time comes.

We of course talk about voting registration. Now, we know sometimes it can be a complicated affair, but it is paramount that you are being registered. If you forget this, there are great chances you won’t be able to vote in a local election, and choice leader that will govern your community, neighborhood, borough or city.

So if you plan on being able to put that sticker on your car or a shirt, register for voting as soon as possible.

Postal service

Now, most of us do not receive much mail in our mailbox these days, but never the less, you should really change your postal address when you move. After all, if you made a distant move from Detroit just to enjoy the suburban environment of Staten Island with Staten Island movers, you need your mail to come to your new house. That includes taxes as well as less important, though enjoyable, Christmas cards from family.

One more reason to do this is that it is important to your banking account, of course. And on that note, opening a new account in a local bank might not be needed, but updating some info, such as address is.

Various records

There are various records we have with us that are really important. We mainly focused on two particular types – Medical and Educational. Why? Well, let’s see.

Post-move paperwork that has to be done definitely includes your medical records. You might move but your medical condition will stay with you.

Medical records
You can move wherever you want, but your medical records should move with you.

Your new doctor needs to know your medical history, allergies, vaccination records, etc. This is important however you look at it, but is especially essential if you are traveling to a place with a different climate.

Educational paperwork would present your educational history. If you moved for the jobs market, you definitely need to have a look at these before applying to jobs.

While it may be tempting to leave those at the basement of our parent’s house, for safe keeping, you should know they are not some kind of pointless relics. They are proof of your knowledge and success in the academic field of your choice, and you never know when you will need it.

To finalize

So, in conclusion, you should aim to do these cumbersome and boorish but really important jobs as soon as possible. It is these boring papers that make sure your life can run smoothly, and the sooner you are done with them the sooner can you get used to your new, post move life. So, grab those reading glasses, pen, paper, and some coffee and good luck!