Post-move checklist – have you done it all?

Welcome to New York City! You made it! You took the plunge, now you are here, but this is not the time to relax. Relocation doesn’t end at your final destination, there are still tones of work to be done. You can ask any long distance moving companies in NYC, they know the drill. You can scrap your moving checklist, now is the time for the post-move checklist! Similarly to a moving checklist, this one is lengthy as well and it is basically what you make of it. Every move is a different experience and a different kind of transition. You came to one of the most amazing cities in the world, hence yours is pretty badass. Let’s look at our proposal for a post-move checklist.

Post-move checklist starts on the move-in day

Let’s assume you moved to Brooklyn and your Brooklyn movers are unloading the last few boxes left on the truck. The excitement is settling down and you are left with an apartment filled with sealed boxes and misplaced furniture. No need to panic! Look at it like this, once you complete your post-move checklist you will finally get to enjoy your new home, so let’s start! The most important and the most tedious of items on this list are the utilities. You almost want to be a kid again so a grownup can do it for you.

Post-move checklist forward your mail
With the change of address comes a lot of updating work.

Check to see if your utilities are turned on. This means:

  • Water
  • Power
  • Gas
  • Cable
  • Internet

If the utilities are still on from the previous tenant, make sure to put them in your name. This calls for some phone action with the power company, gas provider, or water company. The next annoying step, which you need to take immediately, is to check your belongings for damage. It is very important to protect your furniture when moving, hence avoiding the worst outcome in any transition. Count your boxes, make sure everything is there. This is where the inventory list comes in handy. Checking for damage is especially important if the relocation was conducted by a moving company. Most moving companies are insured and can cover the damage right away.

Post-move checklist
Check your apartment for damage that was there before you moved in.

Before you start unpacking your things, check your new apartment for damages that were there before you moved in. You want to report these to the apartment management team before it’s too late and you are on the hook.

Priority unpacking

If you didn’t get the service from your moving company, unpacking needs to be done in a smart way. You should have a system and a strategy. This is where all that labeling moving boxes will come in handy. All the effort you put into packing meticulously and strategically will pay off now. Therefore, the move-in day should be all about prioritizing and staying focused.

First things first unpack your “essentials box”, that is, if you had one in the first place. We hope you did because it really comes in handy on the move-in day. Some people pack an essentials box for every important room in the house. Next thing on your list should be finding the box with towels and linens. Hence, being able to make the bed and take a shower. Two very important things on the first day in your new home.

Firstly unpack your essentials box.

The first week in a new place

The main focus in the first week is unpacking and cleaning up. Before you even start anything, check the cleanliness of your apartment and if needed, clean the floors one more time before you set the furniture in. This will probably be the last time you will get an opportunity to do so. File all your moving paperwork, including your bill of lading and any receipts.

It’s time to begin unpacking, some people prioritize by rooms, others have no particular system. We suggest that the room you need the most should be unpacked first. For some people, that is the kitchen for others, the bathroom. Unpacking can get overwhelming hence, a smart thing to do is to plan out how much you should do each day. Therefore, you will avoid getting stressed out and overly tired. As you go, try to remove as much trash as possible to stay on top of clutter in your new home.

Outside of your new home

Pay attention to mail and if it’s being forwarded correctly. Visit the local DMV to update your license and registration. Consider registering to vote with your new address. Update your bank with your new address. Next step is to figure out how to get to work. Let’s assume, due to the fact you are living in NYC now, that you will use public transport now. There are a lot of pros and cons to owning a car in NYC, maybe you should look into it more before deciding to keep your car. Whatever the case is you need to figure out the best commute to work and test it a couple of times against the morning traffic. Last but not the least, look for a new primary care doctor. Don’t forget a vet for your pet!

Post-moving checklist
You can finally relax and enjoy your new home.

In the following month, complete the unpacking process. We recommend you don’t leave anything for later because you will never find the time to do it. Stay focused and motivated to complete your post-move checklist inside of the first month. Therefore, you won’t find yourself next year, trying to move around unopened boxes. Another rewording aspects of completing the unpacking process, and thus the relocation, is the fact that you will finally get to relax! The only thing left to do on your post-move checklist is-organize an apartment-warming party!