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A perfect relocation- How to conduct it?

If you are planning to move you have come to the right place. Moving is a complex process and you will need a lot of planning and as many useful information as you can get. You should start planning everything as soon as possible. Of course, finding the best movers NYC can offer is the most important step. Good movers are there to make your move and your life easier. From packing to transporting all of your possessions, moving is a lot of work.We wouldn’t recommend you to do it yourself. You will just get overwhelmed with all of the tasks you’ll have to do. So hire NYC moving services to help you get your moving done to perfection. We are going to give you some tips for a perfect relocation. You will find out what steps to take for a successful moving process.

a perfect relocation
Make a list of steps to take for a perfect relocation

Steps to take for a perfect relocation

The first step is to make a plan of your perfect relocation. You should make a checklist of what you need to do. It is always good to have a plan you can follow because you will avoid unexpected problems. You should plan where exactly you want to move. Don’t forget to inform your family and friends.

Create a schedule and timeline

You should start planning your move in time. It is a good idea to make a timeline and schedule with the steps you should take.

  • 8 weeks before the move  – make an eight-week task list that you will tick off as you proceed with completing the tasks
  • 4 weeks before the move – clean out your closets and make sure your mail is forwarded, contract your movers.It’s time for moving organization and planning
  • 2 weeks before the move – invite your friends and start packing away
  • 2 days before the move – defrost your fridge and check if you have all of your documents ready.Dissasemble the beds and shelves and close your bank accounts
  • the day of the move – get up really early. Get your kids to your parents’ house or get a babysitter. Make sure everything is ready and packed for your movers. Be sure all of the boxes are properly labeled.
moving checklist
Make a moving checklist

Set up a moving budget

This is something you have to do. This is a very important step in your perfect relocation. It will help you see if you have enough money for the move.You will also manage to save money, not waste it. You should include

  • Moving company fee, additional insurance, extra services, professional packing if necessary
  • Transporation and gas prices, lodging, meals, childcare on moving day
  • Packing and storage fees

Decide on what to pack and what to get rid of

Moving is a perfect time to declutter your belongings and your life. Check everything that you own and decide what you want to keep and what you are planning to pack for your move. Ask yourself if you will ever need or use something and don’t get possessive. Keep in mind that now you need a minimalist mindset.This is important as it will save you time and money. If you have too many things you will pay more for moving, loading and storing all of those items.

  • Equip yourself with boxes and containers. You can find free boxes in your local store or supermarket, buy some or even rent some.
  • Pack and donate or give away all of the things you don’t need. You could also organize a yard sale and earn some money for your possessions.Moreover, you could use the extra money to hire professionals packers to pack all of the things that you actually do need. 
yard sale
Organize a yard sale to get rid of unnecessary things

Try to save money on your move

Moving is pretty expensive. After you make a moving budget you will get a clear idea of how expensive it actually is.You are probably wondering how you could save some money during a perfect relocation

  • Save money on moving company fees by hiring them off-season. That means avoid June and July and the first and last in a month. Never book movers last minute.You will not be able to get a good price. Everything needs to be ready for the move.Remember that they work by the hour. So if you waste their time, you are wasting your money
  • Try to save money on renting the truck and think if you really need insurance
  • Don’t overspend on buying packing supplies
  • Don’t forget to collect and record moving receipts so that you have control over your budget

How to keep your move stress free

Give yourself enough time. Start preparing everything in time for your perfect relocation.It would be the best to start planning and preparing everything some 8 weeks before the move. Also be sure to make a plan and write down your steps and tasks. This is going to make your move less stressful.You will feel more in control.In the hectic moving process having control over as many things as possible is very important.

Clear out the clutter and ask for help

Clear out the clutter by getting rid of all of the things you no longer need. Pack as many things as you can and start from the most difficult room with the most stuff. You will make the process less stressful and less tiring if you ask some friends and family for help.You could organize a packing party.Turn on some good music and prepare some drinks and snacks. Who says that packing cannot be fun and interesting.

Treat yourself and be flexible

Don’t just spend every waking hour packing and decluttering preparing for a perfect relocation. Take your family to a nice restaurant or an ice cream shop in the evening to relax a little and charge your batteries. Don’t be obsessed with deadlines and your timeline schedule. Try to be more flexible and just do less on certain days when you are not feeling up to it. Be sure to have a backup plan.Like other moving companies to call if something goes wrong with the one you hired. Understand that it is normal to feel a little bit uprooted after you move.Give yourself some time to get accustomed to your new home.

Give yourself time for relaxing moments