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Parking rules in NYC for your moving day

Parking and street cleaning regulations in NYC can make a simple task like parking a lot more complicated. Additionally, narrow doorways and the specific rules about using elevators can also cause problems. Therefore, if you aren’t up to date with the parking rules in NYC, make sure you continue reading. In short, the most important rule to abide by is following commercial vehicle regulations. Also, make sure you stick to planned routes if you want to avoid complications. Nevertheless, here are some of the most important rules to remember.

Top parking rules in NYC

Namely, one of the main parking rules in NYC is that commercial vehicles have some privileges. For example, with the exception of Midtown Manhattan, you can double park almost anywhere. This is possible even in the “No Standing” and the “No Parking” zones. Therefore, if you get a ticket for parking in either of these, don’t worry. Luckily, you can appeal the ticket so you can get out of paying it.

overview of NYC - parking rules in NYC
Finding a parking spot can be a nightmare in NYC

Moreover, apart from Midtown Manhattan, some of the places where commercial vehicles can’t park include:

  1. In front of a fire hydrant,
  2. In bus lanes and bike lanes,
  3. In construction zones.

If you park in any of these spots and get a ticket, there isn’t much you can do. Since they are specifically forbidden areas for parking, you will have to pay for your ticket.

However, there is one way of trying to avoid paying for the ticket. Simply, ask someone to stand next to the moving truck or to drive it around the block a few times. In this way, they will be able to explain the situation if someone tries to give you a ticket. Also, they can easily avoid causing problems in the traffic if they drive the truck around for a little bit. However, this obviously isn’t a fun or easy thing to do. Therefore, you’ll have to plan your moving day really well and in advance if you want to reduce the stress. If you plan properly, you’ll ensure enough space for parking. Along with this, you’ll be able to easily load and unload your things on and off the truck.

Do It Yourself Parking Tip

In case you are planning a do it yourself relocation, make sure you take all the precautionary steps. Namely, a DIY move is usually an economical approach to moving. However, this is only the case if you manage not to get a ticket or towed. Although this is a lot easier with getting a moving service NYC, it’s not impossible to do on your own. Therefore, if you want to avoid either of these unpleasant situations, the key is to plan everything in advance. Firstly, you should plan your route from your pick up location all the way to your final destination. Also, you should do research about the local parking regulations in the block you’re moving to. Make sure you pay attention specifically to places which might be illegal for parking or unloading.

traffic in NYC with parking
Research parking rules for your new block

Furthermore, a really good tip is to avoid double parking but to choose the closest ‘’No Standing’’ zone for parking. Also, figure out how many people you’ll need to relocate your belongings to your new home as safely as possible. Keep in mind that you can still get a ticket. However, you can always take the rental agreement to the hearing. In most cases, the ticket gets dismissed. On the other hand, just make sure you never park in front of fire hydrants. If you get a ticket for this, you definitely won’t be able to get it dismissed.

Additionally, a great way of avoiding a ticket and a ruckus is to have someone stay next to the truck. In this way, they can ask people to leave some room behind your truck. This will be perfect since you’ll need space for loading your moving truck. Also, they can ask for understanding and save you from getting a ticket.

Other parking rules in NYC

Midtown Manhattan – special rules and regulations

There are two rules which apply in Manhattan from 14th to 60th Streets, as well as from First to Eighth Avenue. They are specifically in effect between 7 am and 7 pm every day of the week, apart from Sundays. However, since there are many different rules for a specific block, you should still check to be sure. Also, make sure you help your movers when moving day comes. This will make even the process of parking a lot easier for everyone.

In any case, the first parking rule in NYC, Midtown Manhattan, is concerning the standing time limit. Namely, pickups, deliveries, and service calls are allowed for no longer than three hours. This rule includes all delivery vehicles and moving trucks even when you don’t use them for deliveries or moving. Therefore, make sure you find a space you can park at after the three hours are up. If you don’t want to worry too much about this, consider hiring Upper East Side movers. Since they are professionals, they already know all the best spots for parking in NYC.

car with parking ticket
Professional movers can help you avoid getting a ticket

The other parking rule you should watch out for if the method of your parking. Specifically, if you’re stopping or parking your moving truck, you have to do it as close to the curb as possible. Moreover, you must make sure you don’t occupy more than ten feet of the road space from the closest curb. Also, no vehicles, trucks or commercial ones, can back into an angle to the curb. Keep in mind, this rule stands from 7 am to 7 pm on all days of the week, apart from Sundays.

Lower Manhattan Blue Zone

The Lower Manhattan Blue Zone includes:

  1. North sides of Frankfort and Dover Streets
  2. East side of South Street
  3. West side of State Street
  4. The centerlines of Broadway and Park Row.

Namely, some specific parking rules in NYC apply for this region. For example, from Monday to Friday and from 7 am to 7 pm, no one can park in the ‘’Blue Zone’’.