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Packing tips for busy moms

It is complicated to move. You have to pack your whole household, find good long distance movers NYC, and transport all your belongings to the new address. Not to mention additional paperwork, change of the address, saying goodbyes, and so much more. However, this is even more difficult if you have children. Working, organizing a move, and taking care of your children can be too much. For this reason, here are some useful packing tips for busy moms 

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Packing can be difficult for busy moms.

Find a good moving company 

Moving is easier if you have help, and there is no better help than from professionals. That is why you should find a reliable moving company. Thankfully, you can find everything on the Internet. All you need is to google Manhattan movers to see what will come up. Based on comments and ratings, you can see which moving company is a reliable one. Schedule an in-house estimate so you know how much money you will have to give. Maybe you can even add packing services to your bill. This will certainly help you if you decide you cannot manage to pack on your own. In addition to this, make sure you book moving services at least eight weeks in advance. This will give you enough time to properly prepare your home for moving. 

Packing tips for busy moms – plan ahead 

As it was already mentioned, you should hire a moving company for at least two months in advance. This is a good reason to start the preparation around the same time as well. Packing is a huge task to manage. For this reason, make a plan or a schedule. See where you can fit packing into your busy day. It would be for the best if you start packing slowly. Start with the items you do not use every day. This might include off-season clothes, china, house decorations, and so on. The best packing tips for busy parents include packing slowly and giving yourself enough time. In addition to this, this is a good way to relocate your family stress-free as well. 


Every mom knows how to multitask. For this reason, you can use your multitasking skills when you are packing. When your children are napping, you can slowly start packing one room. While the kids are playing outside, you can pack your garage or gardening tools. The same applies to every room. For example, have your children entertained by some animated film while you pack books and other items on the shelves. This is a good way to pack your belongings while keeping an eye on your children. This is one of the best pieces of packing advice for moms. 

Packing tips for busy moms – consider their needs 

When you start packing, save your children’s toys and other favorite items last. Sometimes, children do not respond well to big changes, and moving is definitely one of those. In order to avoid unnecessary tantrums, leave their favorite toys for last. In addition to this, you can even give your children a special box for their toys. This way, they can have it with them during travel. Their favorite toys can help your children with the transition and to stay relatively calm. For this reason, let them have their toys. 

a girl playing with toys
Pack your children’s toys last.

Let your children help you 

One of the best packing tips for busy mothers is to have your children help with the packing. This is good for several reasons. 

  • You can spend more time together.
  • This is also a good way to keep an eye on them. 
  • If they feel included, they might not oppose too much to the relocation. 
  • They can be responsible for their toys. 
  • If they are older, they can label the boxes. 

Say yes to the help 

When you are a busy mom, it is difficult to pack on your own. For this reason, do not hesitate to ask for help. This also includes saying yes to someone who offers to help you. Ask your friends and family to come over for one weekend to help you tackle the most difficult rooms. These usually include the kitchen and the bathroom due to many cabinets. Especially the kitchen since you have food and kitchen utensils there. In addition to this, movers can be helpful as well. They do not have to pack everything, but a small portion would be extremely helpful as well. Movers can pack large and heavy items, such as furniture, household appliances, and so on.  

Packing tips for busy moms – keep your kids occupied 

Children cannot help you with everything related to packing. Nor can you always be around them. For this reason, you should think of a way to keep them busy. Call your parents and ask them to take the children to the park. If they are busy as well, then hire a nanny. This way, you will know for sure that your children are safe. In addition to this, this will give you the perfect opportunity to pack without worrying about your children getting hurt. Sometimes, when you have a lot of boxes around the house, your children may run around, trip and hurt themselves. In order to avoid this drama, keep them occupied. 

tow boys playing while their mom reads about packing tips for busy moms
Have someone to take your children to the park.

Make an essential box 

It would be extremely wise to pack an essentials box or bag. Here you can put all the necessary items you should have next to you the whole time. These items may include your kids’ toys, medications, toiletries, a change of clothes, and charges for your electronic devices. This way, if you need something, you do not have to wonder which box it’s in. Everything else can wait to reach the new address and then you can start unpacking. 

Packing tips for busy moms 

As you can see, these are the most important packing tips for busy moms. Just start on time, and make a good schedule. Then, you will have no problems while packing for your move.