Piano is large so show why is packing musical instruments so hard

Packing musical instruments for a long-distance move

Packing musical instruments is a challenging and sometimes very tough job. Not only that, musical instruments are sensitive, but they are usually valuable, too. It is tough to organize it accurately. That being said, hiring professional piano movers NYC would be a logical step to make. If you need to do it on your own, here you will learn a couple of tricks.

Moving your instruments in its original packaging would be the smartest idea

Packing musical instruments as a professional is hard but doable

For most people packing instruments is almost impossible. It is good to leave it to the musicians or professionals in this job. Some companies, like long-distance movers NYC, have a proper skill-set to do it properly and smoothly. However, it would help if you learned what this job looks like.

Use original package

It is much easier to pack instruments in the original package. They will protect it from all types of bumps and dents. Manufacturers have made their boxes to protect the device during the first transportation from the factory to the music store. If you do not have it, hire professional help.

Use professional packing material

It is not the time to try to save on packing supplies. You should prepare the best quality packing materials. It includes some of the professional elements that companies use only on special occasions. Learn how to organize moving in hot weather  and how to protect your items from the elements and bad weather conditions.

  • Bubble wrap is one of the most common materials that companies use – do not hesitate to prepare a roll of it when packing musical instruments;
  • Packing paper is great for wrapping and protection – make sure to use clean and not printed paper that will not leave marks;
  • As one of the best packing materials people point out packing peanuts – they can minimize the empty spaces and gaps in the boxes.

Disassembling is an excellent way to protect your instruments

There are instruments that you will not be able to pack in boxes easily. Most of them are large, but you might not be able to transport them in one piece. So, dismantle them, wrap them in pieces, and protect each of them. Using music instruments insurance is the right choice, too.

Some instruments will be better off if transported in pieces

Packing musical instruments include providing proper protection

You cannot expect that moving instruments will be safely transported if not protected properly. Packing in individual packages and boxes is very important for this job. You will also save them from scratches, and you will label them for custom clearance. In that way, you can be sure that movers will organize packing accurately.

Use blankets and pillows

You do not need to use professional and usually expensive packing materials. There are great ways to protect items inside of the boxes for less money. It is for sure that you have a lot of blankets and pillows when moving. Put them at the bottom and sides of the boxes.

Man with saxophone
You should let your instruments adjust for a while after the move

Your instruments will need some kind of acclimatization

Packing musical instruments with care is not enough. It’s very important to take good care of them even after moving. Ask professionals how to reassemble them correctly, or use the manual. Also, leave the instrument to acclimate to the new temperature. You should not use them for at least 24 hours.