Chatham Borough

Chatham is a splendid borough brimming with nature and history alike. Your decision to move here is undoubtedly wise, but you should think about whom to hire for the job. When searching for such businesses, you will see that we, Dynamic Movers NYC, will always be on the top of your list. Using plenty of years of experience, we combine unmatched skills, top-of-the-line tools, and a customer-centric mentality to provide a flawless move for you. That’s one of our qualities that separates us from many moving companies Chatham calls home. Contact us, and you will see that you’re also on the top of our list.

Chatham post office
Chatham’s old-time architecture blends perfectly with the nature around it

What our Chatham movers bring to the table

Ever since opening for business, we have been hard at work to establish an enviable reputation. We have provided an impeccable Manhattan moving service, as well for the surrounding boroughs of NYC. Seeing that we have a customer satisfaction rate of well over 90%, we must be doing something right. What sets us apart from the rest in the industry?

We understand your needs

One of our greatest points of pride is the effort we invest in catering to every customer’s needs and wishes. Our Chatham movers do whatever they can to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience, leaving you to tend to other matters. Whether you’re moving on a budget or organizing a long-distance relocation, we will be there to consult you every step of the way.

We have the skills and equipment worthy of every job

But we have far more than just the will to please. We come equipped with cutting-edge moving tools and vehicles that guarantee complete protection and efficient transportation of your items. We also have extensive experience under our belt, so we know exactly how to handle your things, be they fragile, bulky, or anything in between. Our expertise sets us apart from the majority of Chatham moving companies is home to.

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The best service Chatham movers can provide

Over the years, we have dealt with a variety of customers and circumstances. That means that you can hire us regardless of your relocation needs. We boast the greatest piano movers NYC calls on. We can also handle delicate artwork. And let’s not forget that we have moved homes and offices of all shapes and sizes.

Not only do we have a diverse set of skills to fit any kind of move, be it residential or commercial, but we can also take care of your relocation in its entirety. We specialize in both long-distance and local moving services, and we know exactly how to organize both. Here are the types of services that we can render during your move, in addition to the move itself.

  • Advice on prospective neighborhoods: as one of the more prolific, long-standing moving companies Chatham calls home, we know this borough like the back of our hand, meaning that you can consult with us.
  • Precise moving estimate: with our accurate quote estimate, you will be able to gauge your moving budget without worrying about excessive spending.
  • Packing: our seasoned movers in Chatham will be more than happy to take care of the packing process for you, taking great care to damage nothing.
  • Unpacking: once your belongings reach your new home, that isn’t the end of our journey with you – we will go the extra mile and unpack them, setting everything up for you.

Discover Chatham

Though housing no more than 9,000 people, Chatham borough is an incredibly rich place in terms of history and culture. Seeing that you are likely planning on relocating there, it would be wise for you to learn more about the borough of which you will soon become a part. We are more than happy to tell you everything that you would want to know about moving to Chatham.

The history of Chatham

The stretch of land that is now Chatham was charted by the famous Italian navigator John Cabot at the end of the fifteenth century. It soon became a hotbed for trade because it provided an easily navigable passage to the West. This also made the territory hotly contested, and both the Dutch and the British were locked in a perpetual struggle to gain control over it.

Crane house
Crane house is a beloved landmark of Chatham

Chatham, as we recognize it today, formed in 1773, when it got its name. Over the next centuries, it prospered but also had its share of peril as it played an important role in the Revolutionary War. Over time, though, it turned into the peaceful staple of New Jersey that it is today.

Chatham particulars

Nature thrives in Chatham, and the locals make the most of that fact. Reservations, gardens, farms, and opportunities for trekking abound here. There are also more “municipal” activities and commodities to enjoy, including the mall,  markets, and museums to celebrate the borough’s fascinating past.

Library of the Chathams
The Library of the Chathams is a treasure trove of the borough’s fascinating history.

Festivals are a regular occurrence at Chatham, as well. The Fishawack festival is a particular highlight, drawing in as many as 20,000 people with food, clothes, toys, rides, and much more. The New Jersey Winter Wine Festival is also a much-loved occasion which might interest you.

Dynamic Movers NYC: one of the finest moving companies Chatham can offer

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