Girl thinking about moving vs renovating

Moving vs renovating: Which is better

You are thinking about moving, but your family wants to stay, or vice versa. Are you feeling a little bit unhappy in a house? Maybe it is time to leave, but…wait a minute, maybe it is time to renovate. Anyway, you and your family need a change. Moving vs renovating, which is better, and what to choose?  You don’t know how to pick a perfect house for your family or how to renovate old one. This is a big decision, so think well. We will show you several factors that might help you with a decision.

How to decide what to do

You have no idea what to do. It is a too much thinking for you. Take a piece of paper and write what do you want to have in your home. Make it easier. For example:

  • Bigger kitchen – You love to cook, and you need a bigger space for that.
  • A garage – For tools and car. This will help you to see what is better. It is like a fight between moving vs renovating
  • Another bathroom or bedroom – A larger family requires more rooms.

A fight between moving vs renovating. What to consider

Pros of leaving

world map
You can move and explore a world around you and try something new

Create a list of the pros for leaving. Key considerations are:

  1. You will get more space – Extra room or a bigger living room.
  2. You will not have to deal with tradespeople, builders, and architects too – You don’t have time for that.
  3. The shape of your house has never pleased you
  4. You can explore other places – New country or town. Your dream is to live near water or in the center of the city.
  5. You will meet new people and make new friendships – The same faces everyday drive you crazy.

If you want to calculate the costs, find local moving companies in NYC and start your new life in a new home. You have to protect your move and protect yourself from scams.

Pros of staying

Reading book
You are emotionally attached to the house. You or your kids grew up there, so you cannot leave it

Create a list of reasons for why you want to stay and renovate.

  1. Fewer fees are likely to be involved in staying – For lawyers, real estate agent etc. You have to evaluate rental real estate.
  2. You have established a life in a local community – You don’t want to change a neighborhood, then renovating is for you.
  3. Sentimental attachment to your home – You grew up in that house, or your kids. So many memories are there and new house doesn’t have that for sure.
  4. Improvements you have already made – Heating and cooling system, new electrical installations etc.
  5. Existing access to urban infrastructure – Your home is already in a perfect location and moving organization and planning seems too difficult for you.

Consider both lists to see what is the best solution

You may have a lovely home but no space to extend. For example, a newborn baby, or you need a home office. You can move in the same neighborhood if you love your current location. Movers NYC can help you if you choose to move and start a new life. But, on the other hand, if you move it also could mean a long drive to your religious institution or favorite family restaurant. They both have virtues and shortcomings. So, think well and talk with your family and friends before you decide. You do not have to choose alone, between moving vs renovating.

man with hand on temple looking at laptop and thinking about moving vs renovating
Ask your family and friends what they think about moving and renovating. Maybe they have some tips

Imagine your future life

Do you see yourself in the same home? Is it a house for raising kids? Your dream is to live in another place, maybe now it’s time for a move. On the other hand, you want to renovate your current house. Open concept living room and kitchen or maybe one more bedroom. You want to use the maximum, and see how it will look. Close your eyes and imagine the future you.

The budget for renovation and moving

Probably, this is the most important thing. Calculate how much your budget is. We have some average values of moving and renovating. If you buy a smaller house, then at the end you will be in the plus.

Moving costs

Consider these costs: sale costs for your current home( if you want to sell it), shipping your household goods, buying furniture, costs to fix up your existing home before the sale,  insurance cost differences, and property taxes. If your new home is bigger then you will have higher utility costs. The average cost of an intrastate household move is $2,400 and the average cost of an interstate move is $4,400 (a distance of 1,230 miles). Both estimates are based on an average weight of about 7,500 pounds.

Renovating costs

The national average cost of a kitchen remodel is about $21000 (a full gut can reach more than $50,000). A bathroom upgrade costs about $8,000 and tops out at $22000.Unless you plan to oversee the renovation yourself, a contractor usually charges 10% to 15% of the project’s total budget.

When you think about moving vs renovating, they both have pros and cons, of course.  But, you should choose the best for you. Be realistic and think twice. What do you want in your home and can it be achieved in your current house or you have to move? If you are unhappy with the existing house and with the neighborhood, then you should move. Trust and listen to your instinct. That is the first thing to do. Make new memories in a new home or if you can improve your current home, then do that. Watch the video, it may help you with the decision.