Moving Quotes

How much do I need for this relocation? What is a high quote? Which one is too good to be true? Is this moving company a scam? Dynamic Movers NYC are here to answer all of your questions about moving quotes and more! Here, we want to tell you how we calculate our affordable relocation estimates and present you with the best options for NYC moving services for your household. So, from reliable movers in New York City straight to you, this is our experience. Don’t forget to call us for an on-site estimate if you have any additional questions which we haven’t covered, of course.

How does one go about getting a moving quote from their NYC relocation company?

A balance of time and money will influence moving quotes in NYC.
Time or money? Which is the more important parameter in your relocation?

There are four main ways of getting accurate moving quotes in New York City. And, we have ones which we prefer to offer as a reliable relocation company. The first thing on the mind of all Dynamic Movers NYC staff is keeping our customers in the loop and completely satisfied. Hence, here is how we rank these four estimate methods by reliability.

One way to get an estimate on your NYC relocation is over the phone

This is the method which won’t have you leaving your home or welcoming a representative inside. Though, in order for it to be accurate, you will need to be extremely precise. In case you get an inaccurate quote over the phone the workers may raise it on moving a day or ask to delay the job so that a second estimate can be done. Hence, as reliable long-distance movers in NYC, we don’t recommend only this method. If you’re certain that you can be precise with your belongings and living arrangements, though, give it a shot. We advise that you use it only as a guide to your budget planning, though.

Next, there is the option of using a video software in order to get moving quotes

Once more, this is a relatively accurate method of estimating the costs of relocation. It requires you to declutter and ready your home for a video conference type of assessment. The representative won’t be on-site, but they will be able to see what you want to move. Also, they will be able to ask you plenty of additional questions before giving you a relocation estimate. This is a method where errors can be made, however. If you forget to show something during the video estimate it could lead to lower moving quotes. Hence, while they may be good in case you’re relocating long distance, we don’t recommend them all too often.

For those looking to get a quote on their own, there is always the moving quote calculator

A precise software integrated into our website will allow you to get relocation quotes on your NYC move without a hassle. Fill in the exact details of your move and you won’t need to talk to a single operator. Even if you’re simply thinking about relocating at this point, it’s a good way to estimate your budget. Hence, go online and check the different prices for different dates, along with various packing options. You will be able to plan your moving quotes on your own on our website. And, if you’re not certain about something, be sure to give us a call.

Stacks of coins to help you decide between moving quotes in NY.
What are some affordable moving quotes in NYC? What will they include?

Finally, our preferred method of estimating a relocation is with on-site moving quotes

While it may seem like a hassle, it is the perfect way to check out a moving company and get a price. If you give Dynamic Movers NYC a call you can see how this method of estimating works. The operator will schedule the best time for the on-site estimate with you. Then, a representative will come to your home and assess everything you want to relocate. This is the perfect time to ask any questions which you may have. Whether they are about the company or the relocation itself, we’re happy to accommodate. Finally, if you want the representative to give you the breakdown of the price or a walkthrough of the moving day, we encourage you to ask about them. As a side tip when looking at different moving companies in NYC fraudulent ones won’t offer on-site estimates. Even if they do, their representatives won’t be as responsive or have that many questions for you.

What affects moving quotes and how do I get an affordable one?

Depending on which kind of services you need, the price of your NYC relocation will vary. If you need both storage in NYC and packing services, it may be a bit more expensive. So, our question here is what are you looking for in this quote? Do you want really cheap moving quotes? Or are you looking for a hassle-free relocation for a good price? While you decide what it is that you exactly want, here is something you should know about moving quotes in NY.

A moving deal being finalized.
Like our affordable moving quote? Let’s make this relocation final!

These are some of the parameters which affect relocation estimates:

  • The number of belongings you’ll be moving. Whether with weight or volume, the free NY moving boxes are an important parameter to a moving quote. If you’re looking for a low offer, be sure to downsize properly.
  • The distance between your old and new home.
  • Access to your old and new home. This is a very important factor. If there are any stairs, narrow hallways or elevators, you could be charged extra. As a side tip, make sure that you have a spot ready for the moving van on the date of your relocation.
  • The date of the move can impact moving quotes in NYC. The middle of the week is usually the less expensive option. Also, relocating during winter months can give you a very affordable quote.
  • Services booked also affect the moving estimates. If you need full packing and unpacking services, the price will change accordingly. If you opt for partial packing of bulky items, there is, again, a rise in costs.
  • The storage unit you rent with reliable NYC local movers is included in the costs.
  • The number of vans needed for the moving day.
  • The number of workers needed for assistance is also included in your moving quotes.

In general – the first thing that you think of when someone says “professional relocation” is how costly it must be. However, this is not the case when you hire Dynamic Movers NYC. You will find that a lot of professional relocation companies NYC will look to charge you for any extra services and overlooked details in contracts. We understand the challenges of modern-day business and the state of the local economy. This is why we adjust our moving quotes NYC to the needs of our clients. All you need to do is contact us and get your free estimate.