Unfinished home - moving into an unfinished NJ home

Moving into an unfinished NJ home – how to cope

Building a house is a significant and strenuous effort. Both mentally and financially exhausting. Everyone wants to move into the fully equipped house. The thing is – sometimes this option is just not feasible. On the other hand, it is an excellent way to save some money to push the project forward. And even though living on the building site can get you down and depressed, in reality – it doesn’t have to. That’s why we at Dynamic Movers NYC decided to create this guide – to help you cope with the difficulties of moving into an unfinished NJ home.

Start with the essentials

Some necessities are just that – necessities. And they are not optional. We all need three things to keep us alive and, pretty much, sane: Food, sleep, and hygiene.

Focus on the bathroom first

A working bathroom is an absolute must. That’s why you should ask your builders to finish it first. Ideally, you want to do this a few weeks before you hire our Somerville movers. It doesn’t have to be perfect or fully finished. It doesn’t have to look nice. The only important thing is for it to be clean and functional. Certainly, there’s nothing like a warm shower to wash away the stress of a long day.

White bathtub and a tree seen through the window
No doubt it will look amazing once completed. For now – it’s important that it works!

Next – the kitchen

You probably won’t be cooking extravagant gourmet meals until the kitchen is fully completed. However, you should be able to at least cook a hot meal for yourself. If a working stove is not yet installed in your new home, you can always use a portable cooker or induction board. They don’t take a lot of space so you can place them pretty much anywhere. Set up a small table for food preparation, and find a plastic box for your cutlery, so it will be within reach and you’re good to go!

And a place to rest

Designate a spot of the house as the bedroom. Ideally, it should be a separate room but, if that isn’t possible, any place you can fit an air mattress will suffice. Just be sure to clean it thoroughly before you set the mattress.

On to non-essentials

Once you’ve set up everything so you can function every day, you can focus on less essential, but important things. If you do most of your work at home, set up the work area next. Find a happy place for things you use every day, like clothes, chargers, or favorite books. Make sure all of it is within reach, but not cluttered. You don’t need to trip over boxes.

Remember – being able to function normally is the key. If you can’t live without music, unpack your stereo or your musical instrument first. If you love painting, set up the easel, grab the brushes, and start painting.

Man and woman playing foosball
Invite your friends over! There’s always enough space for board games and fun!

And lastly – go outside. Explore the neighborhood, meet new people, discover new places. Visit your friends and family, or invite them over! There’s always enough room for some board games and pizza, a dance-off, or just a lighthearted conversation after moving into an unfinished NJ home.