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Moving in hot weather: stay safe with these tips

Summer is probably one of the busiest seasons for relocation. The reason being is that at this time you’ll find the most affordable movers NYC has to offer. Also, if you are buying a new home, summer is the best season for moving as the prices are much lower. So moving in hot weather has its good sides, financially speaking. But we must not forget about the risks and bad sides of a move during the summer heat. The aspect that we will cover in this article is not related to your finances, but to keeping your health. There are many tips on how to avoid physical injuries during the move and how to stay psychologically intact. What people often forget is keeping your body in a condition where heat cannot harm you. In order to do so, you must follow certain rules that we will cover in this article.

Watch out for the forecast if moving in hot weather

Once you know the exact date of your move, start checking the weather forecast for that day. What should interest you most is the temperature predicted for your moving day. Nowadays there are many apps and possibilities to even check the temperature by the hour. You will find this very useful and you should plan the move according to this. Moving in hot weather is not impossible but you need to take precautions. It is said that 3 P.M. is the hottest hour of the day. Try organizing a move early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The morning option is preferable of course. If you are moving long-distance and have many hours of driving ahead, choose to start late in the evening, to avoid the biggest heat.

Do not forget to hydrate often

Even though most of the moving will be done by some of the moving companies Upper West Side of your choice, you’ll be busy as well. Going in and out and up and down the stairs is very exhausting. No doubt you will sweat much and lose a lot of bodily fluid. In order not to get to a point where you are dehydrated or close to a heat stroke, keep hydrating yourself. Also, make sure your kids and your pets drink enough fluids as well. The best choice is having cooled water or sports drink with no sugar. Avoid anything that has a dehydrating effect, such as coffee or alcohol. You can eat melon or cucumbers for a snack, as they are full of water. Moving in hot weather can lead to some serious problems if you don’t stick to this constant hydrating rule.

Man splashing the water on himself when moving in hot weather
Do not forget to hydrate yourself, often and plenty

Take as many breaks as needed when moving during heat

When moving during summer, take into consideration that everything will be done much slower. So if necessary, plan more days for packing and moving than you would usually do. Due to the risk of exhaustion, make sure to take enough breaks during the day. If you are dismantling a kitchen and start to feel out of breath and a bit dizzy, it is definitely time to take a break. If you are outside all the time, find a place in the shade to rest. When in the house, close the door and turn on the air conditioning until you cool down. But be careful here, don’t make too big of a difference between the inside and outside temperature. Sudden change and an increase in body temperature can lead to a heat stroke.

Protect your eyes and your skin

Eyes are very sensitive and great exposure to sunbeams can cause damage. Make sure to wear sunglasses, but those that will protect you from UVA and UVB rays. Any sort of hat is more than welcome. Even with the hair on our heads, we need extra protection. The direct exposure of your head to the sun will make you feel weak and nauseous. When it comes to your skin, layers of sunscreen with over 30 SPF is what you need. And do not forget to apply it often, it will not protect you if you only apply it once and then forget about it.

Sunglasses on a balcony
Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses

Dress light when moving in hot weather

What kind of clothes you wear really make a difference. It is best if you avoid any dark colors, like black, dark blue and such. What we suggest are light colors and also light fabric. No tight jeans but some baggy cotton or linen shorts or trousers. Both your clothes and your shoes should be made from breathable materials. Clothes made out of synthetic materials will only make you heat up more and therefore sweat more. Also, anything that is not from organic material is very uncomfortable, so avoid these. It would be good to pack some change of clothes, so after you get to your new home and take a shower, you’ll have some clean things to wear.

Separately plan packing things that cannot stand the heat

Of all the things you plan on moving, there are some that do not really behave well in the heat. This especially goes for long-distance moves. And since moving companies do not have an AC running in the back of the van, you’ll have to find another solution for some of your belongings. Sorting this will definitely make your long-distance move enjoyable. Things that can get damaged from the heat and humidity that often comes with it are the following:

  • food
  • plants
  • electronic equipment
  • vinyl
  • artwork
  • batteries
Vinyl records
If you are a vinyl record collector make sure to protect your treasure from the heat

Watch out for symptoms caused by moving in hot weather

Do not take our advice lightly, and listen to your body and what it is telling you. Learn how to recognize the first signs of exhaustion and dehydration. If you start to feel a headache followed by dizziness, you might be experiencing heat exhaustion. Fatigue and huge thirst are also some of the symptoms. As soon as you start feeling them, take a break, go into the shade or cooled room and start drinking a lot of water. If after a while this does not help, call 911. More serious symptoms that must be treated by medical staff are rapid heartbeat, loss of consciousness, high body temperature, or drop in blood pressure. Do everything in your power to avoid experiencing any of these.