Moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs

Moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs has been a regular occurrence in the past few years. A record number of people choose to relocate outside of downtown. Is this “move” inevitable for Manhattan residents? After living in NYC for a while, do you really need to get out of it to get more space and fresh air?

Many Manhattan residents make this decision to get more room for their growing families. Usually, they do it before their kids are the age of 3 and kindergarten ready. The plan is to settle down in one “forever” school instead of having to move later on, thus pulling them away from their friends.

A lot of times parents find themselves settled in an NYC neighborhood, which they picked only because it has a great public kindergarten, just to find out that there isn’t a spot left for their kid. NYC has amazing zoned schools and due to the new lottery system, sibling priorities and preferential admissions more and more parents are finding themselves without a spot in their neighborhood school. It comes as no surprise that many choose to relocate to NYC suburbs.

Moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs
Many choose to relocate to NYC suburbs in search for more space among other things.

Moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs-good to know!

Many people have prejudices regarding life in the suburbs or vice versa, city living. This is an age-old battle of the titans! Which is better, suburbs or the city-living? Probably no one can answer that question for you, and you’ll just have to experience it yourself to get closer to the truth. These are some of the things that are good to know before you pick the suburbs:

  • Living in the suburbs is not less expensive.
  • Be ready for the wildlife and creepy-crawlies.
  • You won’t escape the tourists and visitors alike.
  • Are you ready to be a part of the “community”?
Moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs
Are you ready to experience the wildlife? It’s not the same “wildlife” you encountered in NYC, that’s for sure…

Where to start?

Once you have found a reputable Manhattan moving company you should consider exploring some of the following options before choosing an NYC neighborhood. First of all, you need to make an inventory of your family life. Ask yourself why are you leaving and what kind of lifestyle you want to perceive in the suburbia. This will all help in finding a perfect neighborhood for your family. Think about how far are you willing to commute, where does your extended family reside? Do you want to be close to them? How to pick a perfect house for your family is almost an art form and something you should enjoy all the way.

Another useful thing to know is that today’s NYC brokers expanded their services to help you find your dream suburban home. They now offer seminars and guided tours of neighborhoods so you can get a better picture of what is out there. Moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs has never been easier with these tours! Every well-known broker agency organizes some sort of discussion group or group event to offer you more insight.

Companies such as “NeighborhoodScout” go above and beyond in finding you a perfect spot in the suburbs. For a membership fee, they will customize the search to fit your every need, evaluating various locations, even so-called micro-neighborhoods. Apparently, there are 13,631 of them within a 50-mile radius of Midtown. After their decision to move from downtown NYC, many families will find themselves making a whole new set of compromises concerning their new lifestyle. They will now have more space but less time to enjoy it due to a long commute. They used to think that relocating would save them money, but in some cases, suburbs are more expensive than city life. Whatever the case is, moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs is a big and difficult decision to make.

What to expect when you get there

  • The new quieter ambiance. A lot of people don’t even realize how much city noise they experience throughout the day! It almost becomes invisible, a sort of humming white noise in the background. This all changes in the suburbs because the quiet is deafening! Even though it will feel weird in the beginning, try to enjoy it. Soon you’ll be engulfed in city noise after your long morning commute.
  • Becoming a handyman. Living in your Manhattan co-op has left you very much incapable when it comes to fixing anything by yourself. Why not when it’s so easy to call someone from maintenance to get it fixed! This will also change in the suburbs. If you are not ready to do DIY projects over the weekend, think again about that relocation.
  • An all-new set of expenses. As we mentioned before, many people are moving to suburbs to get more for their money. Moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs has been such a popular move among NYC families, that prices went through the roof of certain neighborhoods. The high demand has driven bidding wars for any house under $ 1.5 million. Also, don’t forget you’ll be paying a lot for that extra gas and maintenance.
  • So much more space! It’s always funny to see how a “city family” is trying to adjust to their new living conditions. Usually, they moved to the suburbs to get out of their cramped apartment in the first place and now they don’t know how to spread out. Enjoy it! So much more personal space! So much storage! It was all worth it!
Moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs
Enjoy the extra space you have!

Long distance moving companies in NYC offer a great start to your moving adventure. Moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs can be stressful and oftentimes overwhelming, but don’t despair. There are a lot of things you can control during the process and those will make all the difference in the long run.