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Moving discounts you should look into

Moving from a place we called home to a new location is all around a difficult thing to manage. You face many challenges. On one hand, there is stress about uprooting your life and all the things that come with that. On the other, moving and shipping is a burden on your finances as well. Even if you are not moving on a budget, you still might want to conserve as much money as possible. Of course, moving discounts are one of the best ways to deal with the high costs of moving. We will provide you with all the best information to keep in mind while choosing your moving company and their discounts.

If you are a student, veteran, serving or a senior you will find many opportunities for a well-deserved discount, making your move more feasible and less disrupting event.

Taking into account all the money that goes into a new apartment (especially the one in the Big Apple) turns out to be a lot of money. For example security deposits, application fees, broker fees etc as well as establishing the price in moving quotes NYC. Nobody can blame you trying to find a way to do it all cheaper. In other words – everything in process of getting into a new home costs, but let us try to make what we can – in this case moving – cost effective as possible.

Student moving discounts

Moving is hard. And moving for the first time is even harder.

When you become a student, it is often far away, or at least distant enough that you are required to travel some distance every time you would attend important lectures. It is, for this reason, most students in the US are forced to, many for the first time, pack up their stuff and “leave the nest”, so to speak.

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Is this you right now, checking for a cost-effective way to move? Look no further!

Not to mention how expensive being a student is! There are books, tuition, dorms/apartment costs, day to day things, traveling back home for holidays and so on and so forth – you get our point. We know that getting into college is expensive, but this is why some moving companies oblige.

Now, we can not make a choice of a reliable moving company for you, but we can point out what usual discounts companies offer to students so you can better make that choice for yourself:

Possibilities and requirements for students

  • First, of, you can find up to 20% moving discount on your local moves. This is invaluable to that living near, but yet a little too far away from their college.
  • Of course, for many new to academic studies, this will be a one-way move. For those, you can reliably find up to 15%
  • With smart use of coupons, up to 10% moving discount can be achieved from the final moving labor and transportation service expenses. This will sometimes apply to only first-time users, but you should search in this direction anyhow.
  • Free boxes – some companies will also offer free boxes transportation (to some determined amount)

Of course, being young full to the brim with enthusiasm doesn’t make you a student. Also, some students might just not look like ones. For this purpose, there are requirements for getting all of these discounts. These usually include student identification proof. For this,  both at home and abroad you can use ISIC cards (or any other card you get issued with). These will be some serious money saver, not only when it comes to moving discounts, but also all other kinds of activity. And of course, it is an immediate proof you are truly a (fulltime) student.

Not a student? Well… you might just want to try. Many community colleges offer nighttime lectures. This is also true in New York City. If you have a little bit more money, you can always use Noho movers to move North of Houston River and start your new student days in the Big Apple (and also use those sweet first-time customer-student discounts)

Serving and veterans moving discounts

Those who serve (and have served) in armed forces truly represent the very best in society. If you count yourself among them, we want to help you by showing you all the help you get when you move to a new home as a thank you from all of us whose life and freedom you protect.

Soldier saluting in front of USA flag
We thank you for your service.

Life is not easy for those in a military career, and we know that sometimes you and your family have to move regardless of preference. However, like in many other things, your service will not pass unbothered and you will be provided by many benefits.

Like before, we know that you are trying to objectively establish the most reliable, trusted moving company for you, and for that reason, we encourage you to look for these particular traits when searching for your movers of choice.

Possibilities and requirements for students

As for possible moving discounts, we would like to point out these perks to search for:

  • Active duty, retirees, veterans and military spouses can all be sure that complicated process of shipping will cost them a lot less… 50% less to be precise. Make sure that you know what you are asking for and what you can get.
  • Various moving and storage offers. Moving containers will usually get 10-15% off, while you can expect to get one month of free storage for long distance moves in some cases.

As for requirements, it depends. As discounts are still the choice of the provider, they vary, but usually cover:

  • Active duty military and Reserve
  • Retirees and Veterans
  • Military dependents (family)

Senior moving discounts

Your generation was the one to make this great country what it is, and that should not be forgotten. There are some amazing discounts just with you in mind to help you and your possessions move more easily.

Two elderly people with backpacks
Going for a move? Let’s find out how much you can save.

Possibilities and requirements for seniors

As for what to look for, most places could offer you:

  • 5% off the total cost of your moving local moving
  • 5-10% rental car/truck prices
  • Many packages will offer you tailor-made deals. Study these and find the best one for your situation.

As for eligibility, most will ask for more than 50 years of age.

Our advice

Make sure to do your research carefully. Every dime counts, even when its a 70$ of your 5000$ purchase. We hope our pointers can help you in your search. Good luck!