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Moving day checklist to prepare

Moving can get quite hectic, especially the moving day. You can be under a lot of stress, thus losing track of all the thing you need to take care of. For this reason, you should stay organized. However, it is not as easy as it seems to maintain the organization, especially on the moving day. With NoHo movers coming in and out, taking your items, you need something to help you to stay focused. That is why you should make a moving day checklist. Here are all the benefits of having a moving day checklist. It may seem like an additional chore you would rather skip, but it will help you immensely once the relocation day comes around. 

Hire a moving company 

Before you start planning your moving day checklist, you need to hire a good moving company. It is hard and stressful to move on your own. For this reason, you should find movers as soon as possible. Here are the things you need to consider when hiring one of the local movers NYC. 

  • You can search for your moving company on the Internet 
  • Customers’ reviews and ratings should give you an accurate picture of the moving company 
  • Usually, movers are extremely busy during the summer, so if you plan a summer relocation, be prepared to hire movers at least two months in advance 
  • Request an in-house estimate since this will help you to prepare your moving budget 
  • Ask if you can get any discount  
  • See if you can hire them for packing and unpacking as well 
  • Ask about any additional moving costs 
two women looking at their phones
Find a moving company on the Internet

Moving day checklist – start to prepare on time 

Like everything in life, if you want something to succeed, then you need to start on time. It would be wise to make a checklist before your moving day. You can write down all the things you need to do before the actual move. This includes finding a good moving company, packing schedule, getting all the packing materials and making your moving budget. When you have this one prepared, then you can make your moving day checklist. This one should include the following points. 

  • Reminder to wake up early on a moving day 
  • Last-minute packing 
  • Help your movers 
  • Check the house for one last time in order to make sure you do not forget anything 
  • Make sure you have everything for your travel 
  • New home 

Start your moving day early 

You know how they say, an early bird gets the worms. For this reason, you should wake up early on a moving day in order to get everything done. The moving day usually feels like it does not end, since you have so many chores to do. That is why you should get a full night rest and wake up early with your energy restored. Set up your alarm in order not to forget about it. In addition to this, it is important to have a good breakfast – having just coffee does not count as breakfast. Dress appropriately for the occasion. This means no flip flops, high heels, sandals or any other type of footwear that may cause you to slip while lifting your items. The same applies for your clothes as well. Avoid too tight and short clothes since you need to be comfortable on your moving day. 

moving day checklist should include setting your alarm clock
Wake up early on your moving day

Moving day checklist – last minute packing 

Your moving day checklist should include last-minute packing as well. Before movers arrive, take a look around your house. See if you have packed everything correctly and that all the boxes are sealed. In addition to this, check your essential bag. Make sure all your documents are there, as well as medications, change of clothes, and toiletries. It is extremely common to forget or lose some of your items during the location. For this reason, make sure everything is packed.   

Help the movers out 

People always wonder whether to help the movers out. This depends on your skill. If you feel confident and you know what to do, then you should help the movers. However, if you do not have the necessary skills, it is better to stay away. In this case, you can help out by securing your house in order not to have it damaged by carrying heavy furniture. This is what your movers will want you to know. In addition to this, you can help the movers out by giving important information about your items. For example, point out if any box contains fragile items or if the boxes are intended for a storage unit.  

Take one last look at the house 

Your goal should be to leave your house in a good and clean state. You should clean the house before the moving day. However, with many people going in and out wearing their shoes all the time, your floor is bound to get dirty. For this reason, when the movers are done with their job, you can use this opportunity to clean the floor. Not only will you leave the house clean, but you can also take the last look around the house to make sure everything is taken out. Take out the garbage if there is any and lock the house. Only then you can start your journey to your new home. 

white doors
Check your home one last time

Your new home 

Moving day checklist ends when you reach your new house. However, moving is not over yet. When you enter your home, show the movers around and tell them where to place your boxes. Now you need to unpack all your boxes. Good news is that you do not have to unpack everything on your first day. You should take it easy. However, what you should do is to clean the house. This way, you will have a clean place to spend the first day in your new home.

Moving day checklist 

As you can see, this is how you should make your moving day checklist. Make sure to have on ready for your moving day.