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Mistakes to avoid when decorating your NYC home

Everyone needs a place to blow off some steam after a hard day of work. Some prefer to go to the gym or to grab a beer with friends, while others prefer to stay home with a cup of tea and a nice book. For that reason, your surroundings should be designed to best suit your needs and routines. Therefore, organizing your home is of utmost importance for your everyday life. With a little imagination and a few useful tips, you can create layouts that are on par with those from prestigious interior design magazines. In this article, we will point out some of the mistakes to avoid when decorating your NYC home. What are some of the major fashion No-No’s and what you should avoid because of practical reasons? But before you even think about home renovation, you must find someone who will help you relocate. Finding a reliable NYC moving company is not an easy task, and we advise that you conduct in-depth web research or to ask your friends who recently moved for a recommendation.

How to pick furniture for your apartment?

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when decorating your NYC home is to pick the wrong furniture. Before you start searching for the tables and cupboards make a detailed layout of your apartment. Use a blueprint and determine the position and purpose of each room. A Poor layout is the biggest problem; you don’t want chairs and coffee tables blocking the flow of your room.

  • Don’t forget to measure the space before buying furniture. The most common error that people make is that they forget to take measurements. So, before you buy that sofa you really like, take down the measurements of your room, front door, hallway, and elevator doors. Also, depending on the size of your apartment try to pick furniture that is not too big or too small.
  • Unmatched colors, patterns, and styles. There is nothing worse than making your home look like a circus or furniture thrift shop. Pick one style and color per room and stick to it. Also, try to choose colors that are compatible with your wall paint.
  • Choosing your furniture based on the price tag. Expensive pieces don’t necessarily mean that the produces used only the best materials. For that reason, do some background research and if it’s possible, go and see the pieces before buying. When it comes to materials used, go for glass, solid wood, linen, leather and avoid things like glue and nails.

    Picture of a sofa
    Picking the right colors and patterns is an art in its own sense

Wrong lighting is one of the mistakes to avoid when decorating your NYC home

If you wish to create a specific atmosphere for your home you have to pay a great deal of attention to lighting. Moreover, lighting can seriously affect our mood and energy levels. Adequate lighting is especially important for smaller spaces. And if you plan on living in Manhattan you should know that space is a luxurious commodity. Another important thing to remember is that calling a Manhattan moving service is a prerequisite for a successful relocation. But, back to lighting. Don’t block natural light at any cost. Use neutral-colored sheers to let the sunlight in your apartment. If you live in a darker apartment, the absence of natural light can be replaced with mirrors and artificial illumination but you need to know some basic rules:

  • Don’t forget the dimmer switches. Installing these switches allow you to control the light intensity which is important because different occasions require different lighting.
  • Wall paint color is important. Light and neutral colors are perfect because they make your space look more open and airy.
  • Positioning is crucial. The bottom of chandeliers should be 66 inches from the floor, while lampshades should be ideally placed at shoulder height.

    One of mistakes to avoid when decorating your NYC home is to block the sources of natural light
    Natural light is a very important factor when it comes to our mood and mental health

Over decorating is one of the mistakes to avoid when decorating your NYC home

In other words, simplicity and minimalism is the key. Yes, we know that sometimes you will have a hard time parting with stuff that has sentimental value for you, but don’t let that prevail. Living in well-organized and clean surroundings has many advantages:

  • It will be easier for you to keep your home clean when you don’t have a ton of trinkets scattered around.
  • Too much stuff can lead to nervousness and anxiety, while half-empty spaces increase productivity levels. This is because symmetry and order make us feel calm.
  • You won’t have a hard time packing and preparing your home for relocation if you decide to move again, even if you decide to move long-distance.
  • Too much stuff attracts dust and allergens, and by getting rid of things you don’t actually need, you will also greatly improve your health.

    Picture of minimalist furniture
    One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when decorating your NYC home is to add too many decorations

Prepare and keep track of your budget

We know that you probably want to get everything done as soon as possible so that you can fully enjoy your new place. But hey, you are not in a hurry. Realistically, you need a place to sleep, a bathroom and somewhere to eat. In other words, you need to set-up your apartment the way you can function normally. Everything else can wait. So instead of rushing things and buying a couch you don’t really like, take some time and take a tour of nearby stores, or browse internet catalogs. If you are patient you might find some discounts. After all, home decoration is a process that takes time in order to be done the right way.

These were some ground rules and a few mistakes to avoid when decorating your NYC home. Follow the advice we have presented to you, but also, let your imagination run wild. You know best what makes you happy and comfortable.