Mentally prepare yourself for moving - life hacks

Mentally prepare yourself for moving – life hacks

People often rank moving as one of the most stressful things a person can experience. And, it is not hard to see why. You have to plan and execute a lot of things, without any mistakes, in a limited amount of time. So, there is certainly going to a lot of pressure. But, luckily, people have been moving for a long time. Therefore, we have figured out ways in which you can mentally prepare yourself for moving and, to a certain degree, reduce the stress and the pressure that will come.

Getting familiar with the situation

The most important thing you need to do when you mentally prepare yourself for moving is getting familiar with the situation. When you start to plan and organize your move, you will soon find just how many things there are. Furthermore, you will find out just how many things can go wrong. In order to have more control and to be able to calm yourself when something goes wrong, you need to see the big picture. You need to know every aspect of your specific move in order to not stress yourself out on little things and in order to keep everything in control. That includes cleaning up after the move.

Think in order to mentally prepare yourself for moving
You need to think carefully and thoroughly if you are going to mentally prepare yourself for moving.


One of the biggest causes of stress during and after the move is the factor of the unknown. If you are moving to a different city you will probably feel alone and stressed. Especially if you haven’t spent any time there before. In order to have a better feeling and knowledge of where you are going and what can you expect, you need to do some research. Buy finding out as much as you can about the city you are moving to you will feel more comfortable moving there. Try spending as much time as you can visiting that city before you relocate. That will help you feel like you are moving to a well-known place instead of moving to a completely unknown location. A bit of knowledge can go a long way in reducing your anxiety.

Research the city
You need to research your new city in order to prepare for it.

Work with the right movers

If you want to do yourself a really big favor, you will invest some time in finding the right movers. Come moving day you movers will either be your best friends or your worst enemies. A big part of the relocation relies solely on their competence and straightforwardness. Therefore, you really should make sure that you find the right one. If you find good Upper Manhattan movers you will not only have a proper move, but you will not have to worry about it. This alone will be worth every minute you spend searching, checking, and evaluating movers. Be very careful when you pick them as they will make or break you.

Make a list

Another thing that you will experience when thinking about your move is that there are simply too many things to keep in your head. If you try to do so, you are bound to forget and make mistakes. Rember, a smart person writes while the fool remembers. When starting to plan your move, make sure that you put everything down on a piece of paper. This will not only help you mentally prepare yourself for moving but will give you key insight into what goes into relocation. That way you will have a clearer idea on what has to be done and how much time it will require to do it. If you will have to hire special services like piano movers or pet moving services, you will have to do so in advance in order to work everything out. Write everything down and give yourself enough time for mistakes.

Dealing with nostalgia

One of the biggest causes of stress after moving is nostalgia. You will start to long for the good old days and the comfort of home. You will mentally push aside all the reasons why you moved out and you will truly feel out of place. Well in order to minimize this feeling and mentally prepare yourself for moving there are things that you can do beforehand.

Plan a trip home

If you have done your research about your future life you will probably have a rough idea about your schedule. And a good idea would be to plan a trip home as soon as possible. Trust us, no matter how fun it may be to move to a different place, the nostalgia will hit you. And it is going to hit you hard. Do yourself a favor and plan your trip in advance. That way you will have something to look forward too. And, no matter how stressful or difficult your new life may be, you can always tell yourself: “Hey, it’s ok. I’m going home soon.”

Keep in touch with your friends

There are some things that might be hard for you to share with your family. Some parts of your new life that they simply wouldn’t understand. If that is the case, worry not. You just need to go the extra mile in keeping in touch with your friends. Before you move make sure that they know that you plan to keep in touch. Schedule a weekly or a monthly Skype call so you can stay up to date. See if they are willing to visit you in your new town. Do what you can to get a better assurance that you will not be alone once you move. It will tremendously help you to mentally prepare yourself for moving.

Keep in touch with friends and family
Keeping in touch with your friends and family is the best way to avoid feeling lonely.

Make your new home more “homey”

Bring your old stuff with you. If you want to feel good at your new home, you best bring some of your old items with you. Some treasures from the past will come in handy when you feel a bit down. There is nothing better to bring us back to our roots than the pieces of history that were with us in that time.