Three people talking outside an apartment building. Meeting new neighbors is a great way to make new friends in your new town quickly.

Meeting new neighbors with ease

Any relocation brings with it many changes. There is the change in your home, a change in scenery and of course a change in your neighbors. Each one of these changes will require different action from you. To change the home you will first have to pack it up and then unpack after the move. The change in scenery and neighborhood will result in you having to explore a bit to find all the stores, cafes and restaurants you will be using in your new surroundings. When it comes to the change of neighbors you will want to get off on the right foot with them. With the move being stressful enough you will want all of these to be as easy as possible. So, we decided to write this article, to help you with meeting new neighbors, with ease!

Getting off on the right foot

To start your neighborly relations off on the right foot, you will want to leave a good first impression. And let us tell you, that first impression is built from the moment you or your moving company pulls up in the driveway. With every move comes a certain amount of chaos. There will be noise and people moving about from the first moment your movers arrive. In this situation, it is important to have your move handled by moving professionals like long distance movers NYC. Not only will they be able to handle your move well and ensure your items arrive safely, but will also help you with establishing good neighborly relations.

A man sleeping
Try not to wake up your neighborhood while moving in.

How? Well, simple. Imagine having bad movers that trample all over your neighbor’s property and give them a rude awakening with all the moving noise in the early morning. All of these negatives will be prescribed to you by your new neighbors. On the other hand, if you find professional movers that will conduct your move well, your neighbors might even be impressed by how smoothly it went. In fact, the moving professionals from the upper east side moving company could tell you how many times neighbors would be surprised by how quiet a move was done if happening in the morning. All the flowerbeds undisturbed and the neighbors left to their peaceful sleep will be a social point in your favor in the eyes of the neighbors.

A good way for meeting your neighbors is simple – just introduce yourself

Yes, it really is that simple. In fact, this may be the go-to method. After all, few people are social enough to come and make the first contact. This doesn’t mean that they would hold it against you if you did. In fact, they might very well appreciate it. After all, it is not such a strange thing for the new neighbors to come and say hi. There is no need for social anxiety here. Simply come and knock on your neighbor’s door! For added effect try one of these things:

Bake something nice

Who doesn’t like a nice greeting followed up by a treat? Only the grumpiest of people! So, with that in mind, you could always prepare some nice baked goodies either before or after the move. Offering a bunch of delicious cookies is always a safe bet. If you want to add a “punch” to this offering invest some time in packing them nicely. Get a nice basket or maybe go to the local crafts store and get some bows and ribbons and pack a sweet little bag for each of your neighbors. Time not on your side? No worries, rarely anyone would refuse the cookies even straight from a tray! If you are extremely out of time you could even buy some cookies or something else sweet. No one is going to judge you when you come bearing gifts.

Cookies on a plate
A good trick for meeting new neighbors easily is to bring with you some nice cookies

Learn about the neighborhood

Another great way to show that you intend to belong in the neighborhood is to do a bit of research prior to visiting your neighbors. Showing that you know a thing or two about it will make you feel like less of a stranger in your neighbor’s eyes. However, do leave something for them to give you advice on. For example, even if you’ve done research on it, you can ask your neighbors what are the best ways to commute around there. People love feeling like their opinions matter and having them give you advice this important will surely make them like you more.

Throw a moving-in party

As ice-breakers go, this one would blow an iceberg out of the water! After all, there are few better ways to spend the first day in your new home than throwing an awesome party. So, you throw a house warming party and invite your neighbors, what happens next? Well, first of all, the ones that show up will be the more sociable kind. This doesn’t mean the other neighbors are bad or hate you. However, the ones that show up will be the ones you will make a connection more easily. The budget for these doesn’t have to be all that grand. Get some drinks and snacks, maybe make a few canapés, something light to go with the drinks. For invitations, you can go knocking on the doors, but it might be more practical to print out simple invitations.

Two people toasting
A housewarming party can be a great way to meet your neighbors

Meeting new neighbors with ease

There you have it! After reading through our article you should be well prepared for meeting your neighbors easily. Think of it as a fun activity and don’t stress too much. Soon you will have contacts that you can rely on for help, information or just a chat, within your new community!