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Living in smaller spaces-Tips and tricks

When you are moving to a smaller apartment it can be a bit of a problem. Because your idea will be to decorate the best way you can in order to live there. The problem begins when you realize that you don’t have the necessary skills to do that. So, living in smaller spaces can be on the other hand a little frustrating. But don’t let that stop you! We will present you tips and tricks to create your new home and reach your goal.

Tips for living in smaller spaces

First, we have to talk about the process of moving. If you are a working person and you have a family, it won’t be easy for you to handle all of that on your own. It’s very important is to know where you are moving to. Let’s take that you are already settled in Manhattan, New York. But you are planning to move to Clinton. The best thing to do is to hire our professional Clinton moving company that will organize the whole process for you. We will make your start good so you can prepare yourself for living in smaller places.

Calculate your costs for moving

Depending on the moving company, your costs can be unknown and variable. There are many moving companies on the market, many frauds as well. But there are a lot of differences between them. Send your request to our local movers NYC and we will send you your free moving quotes. It’s like this, information that you need for filling the form are the addresses of locations (from-to), does the building have an elevator, etc. This is all because we want to give the best offer there is and include all your needs.

Our movers will help you during your move by:

  • Wrapping and packing your moving boxes
  • Reassembling your furniture
  • Loading moving boxes in the truck
  • Transportation
  • Unloading moving boxes out of the truck
  • Delivering them to your address
  • Assembling your furniture
moving truck
A good moving company will help you.

Everything will feel much easier after that. Even if you live in a smaller space, our movers will unpack your moving boxes, assemble your furniture and put them where you want them to be. So go ahead, contact us!

The tricks for living in smaller spaces

According to new circumstances, you will need to acclimatize to living in smaller spaces. But, that won’t be that hard if you follow our instructions and tricks to do so.

Painting can make smaller spaces bigger

When you live in smaller spaces, the most effective way to make your rooms bigger is to paint the apartment in white or light beige. We mean that you have to paint in these colors the walls and the ceiling. The floors need to be also in these shades. If you need floor coverings like rugs or carpets you will need to get ones that are in these colors if you want your apartment to look bigger.

Take advantage of the walls

In order to convert living in smaller spaces to living in cozy lightened spaces, you can that advantage of the walls and doors. What is this about? Well, the smart thing to do is to remove all your dressers, chests and shoe cabinets, empty them and start hanging things on the walls and doors. For example, you can hang your shoes on the doors of your wardrobe. You can use narrow shelves for that cause or simple hangers.

Use the space beneath your bed

If your bed has an empty space beneath, use that space for disposing of suitcases or boxes with winter season wardrobe. But, if your bed doesn’t have free empty space beneath – make space! You can make space by lifting your bed and mattress with metal frames. Of course, measure the width and length of your boxes and suitcases and make the frames according to those measures. Living in smaller spaces requires ingenuity!

A bed and computer. Living in smaller spaces can feel cozy.
Use the space under the bed for disposing

Make the kitchen spacier – a tip for living in smaller spaces

A small kitchen can be very demanding to decorate. Every inch has to be exploited. The best thing to do in such circumstances is to ‘make the kitchen by its measures’. But, you will need a good carpenter for that purpose. Buy a small dining table that can easily be transformed into a table for two or three persons. That kind of draw-table has parts that can be easily integrated into the table to making it bigger in a few seconds. You can buy chairs that can also be demountable, so when you finish eating you can demount them again and put them behind or even inside your draw-table. Well, you will need a little imagination if you want the idea of living in smaller spaces to inspire you!

Play with the walls

One of the good tricks for making your small apartment look bigger is playing with divider walls. The walls that divide space don’t have to be made of concrete or any other kind of construction material. Divide your space with wide tempered glass that will physically divide your spaces and make two rooms out of one. For example, the living room divides into the living room and a bedroom. Visually it won’t affect the size of your apartment but it will give a feeling of privacy. You can use barriers like long curtains that will hide your shelves with wardrobe or shoes and in the same way be decorative. Make your personal space useful.

A special piece of advice – arrange visits one at the time so you can relax and enjoy yourself with your friends and not worry about whether they feel comfortable during their visit.

Friends sitting in a living room
Make living in small spaces friendly and intimate.

Enrich your spaces with mirrors

A very intelligent trick for decorating smaller spaces in your apartment is to find adequate mirrors. Mirrors are known for visual magnifying spaces. They come in different shapes and sizes. From fractions of the mirror, you can make a certain shape on the wall like a seagull or a sea boat. Be sure that it can look fantastic! Try it! Make living in smaller spaces your personal fairy tale.