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Know the traits of reliable long-distance movers

When the move is ahead of you, you need to plan carefully. For a local move, or move to a neighboring state you need around two months. For a long-distance move, you need at least three months of preparation. The more time you plan for this, the better. A long-distance move is not something each NYC moving company can brag about. Some specialize in local or corporate moves, others in long-distance. In your quest for the best company you can get, it is important to know the traits of reliable long-distance movers. Knowing this will make the elimination process much easier.

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Start your plans at least three months ahead

What are the traits of reliable long-distance movers?

This is not a million-dollar question, actually. Recognizing signs of reliable long-distance movers is what this is all about. If you have moved in the past, you should already be familiar with what you are looking for in a company. Truth be told, when moving long-distance some traits become much more important than with the local move. Since it will be way more expensive, each step you make is important. No room for mistakes here, unless you are fine with getting to your new location with some stuff missing or damaged. We are sure you do not want that. Edgewater movers are only one example of a reliable company you should definitely look into when doing your research. In the following passages, we will speak about what we feel are the most important traits of reliable movers.

License and insurance

When it comes to these two things, there is no middle ground. Either a moving company has it or it doesn’t. Under the license, we mean registration and licensing within the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Visit FMCSA’s official website, and check if the company you are looking into has a license to work. This should be the first and most important trait of reliable long-distance movers. Really no point getting in touch further with any moving company if it is not registered. The other big thing is the insurance policy. We believe that almost all companies have them, but the conditions are quite different. Read the fine print in the contract, and make sure that you will be compensated in case anything happens to your belongings during transportation.

Company insurance policy as one of the traits of reliable long-distance movers
Make sure to ask about insurance policy as you surely want your things protected

Many years of experience with moves as one of the traits of reliable long-distance movers

You can check on the company’s official website for how long they have been in the business. Each moving company will brag about years of experience and number of satisfied customers if they really had them. And the number of comments and positive feedback from the customers will serve as proof of this. Not all companies specialize in long-distance moves. Your task is to find those that do, as you really cannot take any chances when it comes to this type of relocation. Too many things are at stake, so you need someone reliable and experienced. Someone who will know what long-distance move brings with itself, and what type of preparation is required. You need someone who will make this long-distance move enjoyable for you.

Good reviews

In this day and age when you can find everything online, being able to read reviews is everything. It is all good having recommendations from friends or family, but it can’t hurt to hear feedback from other people. Actually the more comments the merrier. Do not fall for fake reviews, whether they are good or bad. You will spot them easily, as you will hardly believe them. But all in all, after reading dozens and dozens of people’s comments, you’ll have a better picture of what kind of company you are dealing with. You might even find among those reviews some negotiating tactics for getting the best deal with movers.

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Look for online reviews and experiences of the company’s previous customers

On-site estimation

This is also one of the really relevant traits of reliable movers. Everybody can offer to provide a quote via phone or email, but that is not the real deal. When moving long-distance and having an endless number of things you are bringing with you, you need a precise estimate. And to be fair, that can be done only by an in-house survey. This service should not be chargeable. Based on the behavior of the workers who come to inspect your home, you will be able to see if a company they work for is the one you want to hire. The surveyors should be able to make a complete inventory of what you own, and also do all sorts of measurements. In case you want movers dismantling a kitchen and other rooms, taking measures of the doors and hallways is crucial.

Having additional services at your disposal is a good trait of a reliable long-distance movers

Some services come as a default with your contract. Others are charged extra, or you can negotiate some of them. An important trait of a reputable and experienced company is having a diversity and variety. You might not choose or need some of the additional services but it is good to have them as an option. Packing materials and packing is something you can do on your own. But if you own some fragile items, you should leave the packing of those to professionals. Disassembling and assembling furniture is also something you might want to be done, as it will make your life much easier. Storage solutions are also something you should ask about if you know you will not be able to fit all your things in your new location. If a company you plan to hire has all the above as an option, look no further.

How to be sure you have found the right long-distance moving company?

If you have started your plans months before the moving date and you know what you need and what you want, it should not be that hard to make a choice. Pay attention to small details. Since you will be in communication with several moving companies, start writing down your experience with them. You can even make the pros and cons list for each. Those who showed respect for your needs, showed up at the agreed time, were open for all your questions and queries are the ones to keep. You might pay an extra dollar for the best service, but money can’t buy you happiness and cure stress. Find someone you can trust, and who your gut is telling you is the best for you