A family getting ready for a move

Include your kids in the unpacking process

Parents moving with kids will, in most cases need help. Even if you are very well organized, moving with kids is simply hectic and tough. So, chances are that when you arrive at your new home, you will need help unpacking. But what if we told you there is a help to be found quite close. What if you include your kids in the unpacking process? Unusual as it may seem, this idea has a lot of its own benefits, and these will be the topic of this article.

How moving affects kids and why you should include your kids in the unpacking process

Before we dive any deeper, we should first investigate what kind of impact a move has on your children. Psychologists have affirmed that moving is tough for kids. While you as an adult might have moved before, your children are moving their entire environment for the first time. They are not only giving up on what was familiar, but they are also letting go of their social connections. The only ones they ever knew at that. Looking at it from that perspective, it becomes obvious why children take moving harder than adults.

A sad child
Moving can be stressful for children so you should get hem involved and include your kids in the unpacking process, to make them feel in control again

However, there is one thing that really helps make moving with children easier on them. That thing is – helping them understand the move. This means both talking them through the reasons behind the move ad why the move is being done, as well as making them feel like they are in control in this situation. The best way to achieve this is to involve the kids in the decision making and in the very act of the move itself. With that in mind, you can include your kids in the unpacking process and many other stages of the move. This will make them feel a lot more in control and just through that less distressed about the move.

How to motivate your kids to help with the unpacking

Alright so now that we’ve seen how beneficial can including your kids in the unpacking process before them, let’s explore how to do it. This may prove to be a bit of a challenge. Just like yourself, your child will be tired from the move. This will mean that they will be reluctant to help with the unpacking process, especially if it needs doing on the same day as your move. However, there are still ways to motivate your child to partake in the moving activities. However, these will vary depending on the age of your child. After all, using free moving boxes NYC to build a fort after unpacking will solicit excitement from a younger child and disdain from a teenager.

Children under 7 years old

Children under 7 years old will generally not be able to take part in a lot of unpacking or other move-related processes. However, if you wish to relocate your family without stress while with a very young child, you can always use this very old trick. Just turn the whole thing into a game. If you invest just a little bit of creativity, your child will be delighted to take part. Another thing you can do is set a very relaxed timeframe for unpacking and announce that if you manage to unpack by then there will be a treat – pizza for example!

A slice of pizza. Pizza is one way you can motivate an include your kids in the unpacking process
Pizza – the great motivator!

Children from 7 to 12 years old

Children in this category will be able to help with the moving preparations and unpacking more. However, they will be harder motivated as well, especially the late-preteens. While the pizza trick may still send your younger child scurrying to help unpack, the older ones will prove to be a tougher nut to crack. However, there is something you can offer them that will motivate them to get included in the unpacking process. That thing is the liberty to decorate their room. After all, your kids might have creative ideas for decorating your new home that may not fit your own style. This, however, doesn’t mean that they can’t use them in their own little space. Just check that there are no safety hazards. Things like shelves leaning partially on the door for example. Anything else is up to the room owner.

Children ages 13 and up

When it comes to this group the pizza trick may easily result in a “whatever” from your disgruntled teenager. After all, you probably have been added to their “hit list” after removing them from their social environment. However, just like with the previous group there is a trick that will help you include your kids in the unpacking process here. Something that moving professionals like NoHo movers might tell you about. That is the trend to allow your teen complete liberty in decorating their room. Whereas the previous group would be free to arrange their furniture and things, you can allow your teen to decide on everything about their room. Especially if you will be furbishing it after the move.

A teens room
Allowing a teen to decide on their room will motivate them greatly to help with the unpacking.

Things to consider before you include your kids in the unpacking process

Finally, there are some things you should consider before you include your kids in the packing process. First and foremost is their safety. Don’t include your kids in the unpacking process if they will be handling items too dangerous for their age. Very young children should be kept away from any sharp items or choking hazards, while teens and preteens from sharp items and tools that they might play with and get hurt. Secondly, when you decide to include your kids in the unpacking process, set realistic expectations of them. Don’t expect them to have the stamina or strength that you will have. After all, for you, this may be a fresh start, while for them it will be the end of their old life as they knew it.

Include your kids in the unpacking process like a pro

Having read through our article, you should be well prepared to include your kids in the unpacking process like a pro. Just have reasonable expectations from them and try to be as understanding as possible. If you manage to make it fun as well, your children will even adore being let to help!