Decorate your home and celebrate Halloween with your family

Ideas for Halloween decoration of your NYC home

With October 31st on the horizon, it is the right time to start planning your Halloween activities. Halloween is one of the most loved holidays in America and NYC is probably the best city to experience traditional celebrations. Iconic trick-or-treating, imaginative costumes and scary stories. If you are planning to move to New York it is advisable to hire reliable and experienced moving partners. All reputable NYC movers and packers have websites where you can check moving quotes and other terms.

Halloween is one of the most commercial holidays and it generates over 9 billion dollars annually in the United States alone. As you probably know, New York has many annual events and festivals dedicated to the scariest holiday. But if you wish to stay home and celebrate with your family and friends you should turn your apartment into a place of most horrible nightmares. Today, we will present you a few ideas for Halloween decoration of your NYC home. Stay tuned.

Halloween decoration of your NYC home exterior

If you have a family home, you can decorate your lawn to add to that atmosphere of horror. Before you do that, make sure your yard is free of any items that don’t match the Halloween atmosphere. If you wish to free your home of items that are surplus to requirements, Clinton moving company has a wide array of moving services. Go online to learn more about their services and prices. When your yard is clear, you can proceed with decorations.

  • Decorate the ground. If you wish to show any visitor that you mean business for Halloween, use your imagination and decorate your front yard. For example, you can leave the leaves on the ground and place a scarecrow near the fence. In order to create that graveyard-like atmosphere stick tombstones in the ground in an uneven fashion.
  • Use the trees to maximize the effect. By the 31st of October, most of the leaves will fall off. Use that to your advantage and put some spider web on the branches to make them look even grimmer.
  • Decorate your facade. Firstly, make some effort and paint your windows in a way that they look cracked. Bonus points if you place a skeleton or some other grisly figure to lurk from the window.

    Candles and pumpkins - Include your yard in the Halloween decoration of your NYC home
    To make you lawn look spooky use tombstones, pumpkins and spiderwebs

Turn your porch in an eerie place that will give people goosebumps

Prepare your guests for what waits inside with a creepy porch. Use one afternoon and organize a pumpkin carving day with your family. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your kids and wake up their creative side at the same time. Halloween is practically unimaginable without Jack-o’-lanterns, so carve out a few a place them on your porch. You can even use glitter or paint to make them as frightening as possible. Next, you can put some fine spiderweb on the entrance so that your guests get tangled into it. Arrange a few figures of black cats and hang a ghost on the ceiling. Another cool trick is to place a rocking chair on the porch and cover it with a spider web. The options are pretty much endless, and if you use your imagination you can create amazing Halloween atmosphere.

Halloween decoration of your NYC home interior

The best part of relocating to a new apartment is probably the home decoration phase. You get to choose everything according to your taste and wishes. Speaking of Halloween, remember that the best way to decorate your home is to give it a dusty, old and worn-out appearance. Start with your furniture. Use white covers for your chairs, sofas, and beds. Ideally, covers should have holes for increased authenticity. If you have a staircase place Jack-o’-lanterns and skulls on the steps, while you can decorate the walls with spiders or other gross bugs. Draw some Halloween-themed artwork and hang it on your living room walls. Use red lipstick and write spooky messages on mirrors. You can use old clothes to turn them into rags and hang them on the ceiling. This is a super-easy way to give your home that abandoned and haunted look.

Picture of Halloween pumpkins
Include your kids in the Halloween decoration of your NYC home. They can carve the pumpkins

Adjusting the lighting is the key

Lighting has an amazing ability to transform any living space. One of the ways to make a small place look bigger is to adjust the lighting in the room. By the same token, you can turn your home into a place that resembles a horror film set by using lights. The eerie ambiance is achieved by dimming the lights and setting-up the lamps in the corners. For added feeling of dread add some paper bats inside the lampshades. Just be careful and don’t place them too close to the light bulb. You don’t want to set the house on fire. Carve hideous faces on pumpkins and place some candles inside. Even the smallest details count, so if you have spooky books make sure they are on a visible place for the occasion. Authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Agatha Christie or William Golding are a perfect match.

Picture of a dark room
Dimmed lights create that grim atmosphere you are after

Pay attention to snacks and refreshments

The food that you have provided for the event should also be spooky-themed in order to match everything else in your home. Make some putrid punch and fill it with gummy eyeballs, worms, and other cool-looking candy. Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in simple and scary shapes like bats. If you have enough time you can bake some Halloween cookies in the shape of zombies, pumpkins, bats, Frankenstein, coffins, and tombstones.

To conclude, follow our advice and you will see that Halloween decoration of your NYC home is easy and cheap. All the items we mentioned above can be obtained at your local store or you can make them on your own. Have fun!