A rustic reading room with a vintage plaid armchair will best use the advantage of the spare room in your home

Ideas for a spare room in your home

Having too much room is never a real problem. And of course, there are plenty of cool ways to use the advantage of the spare room in your home. In case you don’t know how to make the most of every room, you may need professional help, like an interior designer. However, in the meantime affordable movers NYC can help you move your life and free your house of clutter. Whether you have a spare room in your home large enough to turn into a guest bedroom or just a small space fit for a poet’s nook, we have some great solutions for you. We know our suggestions will make you think outside the box and reinvent the purpose of the extra room! 

On our list, you’ll find cute bedrooms, redesigned study zones and reading areas.

There are even spaces that should make us feel like we’re far away from home. Reimagine so many spare rooms in your home ideas, adapting to the tastes and needs of every family member. You can transform blank walls into a library or a study. Maybe you want an extra bedroom, a guest room or a playroom. Or you need an office at home. Envision a recreation room, a private living room… The list is long, according to experienced upper east side moving company. It is smart to enlist the help of interior designers, but if you are skilled with tools, you may pull off a DIY project. An empty room may just need furnishing or painting, but building furniture takes more experience. Read on to learn more about some of the home remodeling ideas for the spare room in your home to become the space of your dreams.

A desk, computer, glasses, notebook cup
Whether you sometimes work from home or you just need a quiet place to pay bills and do some other paperwork, a home office can be such a useful upgrade to your home by ensuring you have everything you need for succession planning at your fingertips.

Change that spare room in your home into an office

Some people seem to be almost always caught up by office work and they bring it home all the time. For those of you workaholics out there, a home-office is probably long overdue in your house. Furnishing it properly with adequate cabinetry, useful work-station, and a back-friendly chair shouldn’t be a problem for an experienced office worker.

An oasis in some long, strenuous (home) office hours, a small, creative space can be conveniently remodeled to fit your needs.

Hang motivational pictures or quotes on the walls to inspire you while being so hard-working. To create an office out of your spare room, add a computer desk, trash can, and a file cabinet to space. Consider a beautiful bookshelf if you have the budget, and don’t forget the most comfortable desk chair. With these staples in place, you can add the details that will make the room “pop”, like pens, a vase, and other stationery items. The useful things and the ones aesthetically pleasing will make it easy to get all your work done in an effective manner.

Guest Bedroom instead of that spare room in your home may be the most obvious solution

This is no doubt one of the most usual ways to use a spare room in your home. If you are a very social person and often have overnight guests, it can be a great bonding experience to have a guest room ready to go. You’ll just need a comfortable king size bed with white sheets and cozy blankets. Then add a nightstand, and if you stretch your budget a little bit, even a desk or small table with a mismatched chair for design effect.

Always have the room clean and tidy to make your guests feel comfortable.

Your guest room will be their escape where they will feel at home away from home. Use soothing colors and calming textures to remodel the spare room in your home resemble just a little bit like a hotel room. But not too much, otherwise you’ll get that unwanted sterile effect. Add personal touches, like your grandma’s knitted blanket to remind the guest they are part of the family while staying with you.

A guest bedroom with wooden panels may be the perfect option for the spare room in your home
You want that welcoming, hospitable, relaxing vibe a hotel provides their guests but with a personal note.

Got too many books?

The correct answer is you can never have too many books. If your family loves to read, you probably own a lot of books. We know how that gets. Books everywhere, unorganized shelves, searching for the preferred book for far too long. In that case, consider turning the spare room in your home into a library and reading room.

  • Cover the walls with bookshelves and add some super comfy lounge furniture to sit while reading.
  • Get some soft pillows as well, not forgetting cozy blankets that will make this room a warm, welcoming place.
  • The library should be a quiet room. So consider adding a door if there weren’t any between the spare room and whatever it is connected to.
  • If you have young readers in your home, think outside the box. For that matter, add some fun chairs, like beanbag crazy colored ones or an animal-shaped chair.
  • Most importantly, light your seating areas with bright lamps for a well-lit reading area. You know how important good lighting is. Now you are ready to curl up with a book in your dream library.

Everyone needs a home gym!

Even if you do not love the idea of hitting the gym, you know you need it. Especially if you do not have the time to take a reroute out of your busy day every time you want to go workout. Then you, the spare room in your home and our idea are a match made in heaven! Don’t worry, you don’t need anything extensive. Just a few different free weights, a used treadmill or stationary bike, and a yoga mat. This will get you started without going through the budget. The decor could be anything you want, from zen with a small Buddha statue and some plants too hard gym with a mirror and a TV on the wall. Make sure to add a fan or an AC and get to work!

Home workout equipment
A home gym may be a great addition to the busy lives and daily habits of your family.

Last but not least, turn the spare room in your home into a dream! A real-life walk-in-closet.

This is every woman’s, but secretly also every clothes’ loving man’s dream, right? You’ll need some clothes racks and lots of shelves and drawers. A vanity table with a mirror is optional since you’ve maybe already designated a place for that in the bathroom or the bedroom. Or if you are a man reading this. Either way, a well used, well-organized space changes the energy of a home. It makes life easier and a walk-in-closet gives you a lot of pleasure too, aren’t we right?