A happy couple ready to move in together after a long-distance relationship

How to successfully move in together after a long-distance relationship

Love knows no distance. It may just so happen that you bump into your soul mate while one of you is on a trip abroad. Or one of you may need to move out of the country for a bit and then return. Whatever the cause of you ending up in a long-distance relationship, you have probably worked on shortening that distance. If successful, you will now need to plan how to move in together after a long-distance relationship. This will definitely be a big step-up in your relationship. That is why it’s so important that it’s done properly. So, to help you achieve your romantic goal, we have compiled this guide on how to move in together after a long-distance relationship. After you read it, you should be prepared to set up your dream life with the person you’ve longed for, for so long.

Coordinate your move in together after a long-distance relationship

Moving in together, in any case, requires a bit of coordination. After all, two people will be merging their lives, routines, and obligations into one life together. While this is true with any couple moving in, it goes double for people coming out of a long-distance relationship. First of all, you need to decide how to handle the person moving in from the long distance. Will they be moving right into your new home or will they stay somewhere else until the move is finished? Then there is the issue of where you are moving in. Is one partner moving in with the other or are they both moving into a new home? Will one partner be moving a pet and will they need the help of professionals like pet moving services NYC?

Two people planning over a map
To move in together after a long-distance relationship you will need to spend some time coordinating first.

All of these questions will impact how you will live together after a long-distance relationship. That is why it’s so important to start planning well in advance. Especially when you consider that one of the two will be leaving their old job and possibly friends behind. Not to mention the logistics of it all! So, just as professionals from NYC movers and packers might advise with any move, take time well in advance to plan it all out right. Six to eight weeks is the industry standard when it comes to planning ahead of the move. However, with how complicated long-distance moves can get, don’t be afraid to take even longer.

Manage the moving stress while moving in together after a long-distance relationship

As we mentioned before, moving in is a big step in any relationship. That’s why this stage of a relationship can be really stressful for a couple. After all, on top of the usual moving stress, you will need to do a lot of compromising. There will be schedules to coordinate and decisions to be made that you may not agree on. This all can cause sparks to fly. Especially if you’re trying to move in together after a long-distance relationship. At times, communication may be hard due to the distance. There will be times when you are not able to communicate at all. You may even doubt your decision.

Two people fighting
Don’t let stress and minor disagreements lead to big fights.

However, you are just reaching the end of the long-distance part of your long-distance relationship. You made it work so far, so what is having a little more patience in comparison to what you can get? Whatever disagreements you might have, try to take a rational approach. Try to talk everything out and find solutions you both agree on. The latter will help you out in any stalemate situation. Just keep on looking until you find a solution that is agreeable to both. That way, neither will feel like they are sacrificing for the sake of compromise.

Find reliable movers

One of the things that will have a major impact on reducing your stress while you’re moving in together after a long-distance relationship, will be having reliable movers on your side. In fact, you might find a moving company that will be able to handle both moving the long-distance partner and moving you both in. It might be difficult to find one that can do both, in which case you could consider hiring a moving broker. In any case, a good moving company can do wonders for your move. You will be relieved of worrying about your items, which will reduce your moving stress. Also, they might be able to offer you storage solutions to simplify the long-distance situation. All of these reasons justify spending a bit more time on research into what moving company to choose.

Share the costs

Another thing that applies not only when you move in together after a long-distance relationship, but to any kind of couple’s moves is sharing the costs of the move. This way you will avoid one partner feeling like they contributed much more to moving in together. If one partner is making much more than the other it is okay to split the costs in accordance with one’s means. After all, you wouldn’t want your partner moving in broke and feeling like they’ve lost that bit of independence.

Celebrate moving in together

Finally, another thing you should do after you close the distance and move in together is celebrate. You might want to spend the first day in your new home enjoying yourselves. And why wouldn’t you? After all, you’ve just overcome the great barrier of distance. The least you can do is spend a day enjoying that achievement. It will also have a very positive effect on your relationship. So, celebrate with an activity you both love. You have certainly earned that.

A couple on a date
Finally enjoy the time together!

How to move in together after a long-distance relationship

After reading our article you should be well prepared to move in together after a long-distance relationship. It might be a bumpy ride at some point, but you have just made it through a long-distance relationship and made it short-distance. There is no obstacle you two can’t handle now. You got this!