A person trying to stay organized during a move

How to stay organized during a move

Moving can be a trying time in our lives. Not only are we leaving our old home and starting our life anew, but it is also a hectic process which is usually stressful. Fortunately, you can overcome these moving challenges if you stay organized during a move. That’s why we’ve made this guide to help you keep a level head and keep organized.

Plan and prepare early

You won’t have a successful relocation unless you plan it well. To achieve this, you’ll need to start preparing for your move early enough to give yourself the time you need. The sooner you start planning, the easier your relocation will be later on. However, a good plan isn’t the only thing required to have good organizational skills on a moving day. Even with the help of reliable movers in NYC, you might have issues staying organized during your relocation. And when you don’t stay organized during a move, you’re much more likely to forget something or cause unnecessary delays.

Write it down!

If you really want to remember things on your moving day, you’ll have to write them down! It is not uncommon for people to have a notebook with them on their moving day. The notebook serves two purposes: first, it will help you keep an eye on your moving plan, your moving quote and your moving tasks. Secondly, writing things down on moving day will help you remember them better. This will allow you to stay organized during a move and, in turn, have a successful and safe relocation.

A person writing in a notebook in order to keep organized during a move.
You’ll remember things more easily when you put them on paper.

Label your packages

You should label your boxes every time you’re relocating your home. This is useful on so many levels it would be a shame not to do it! Knowing what’s in your boxes can save you a ton of time when you’re unpacking and sorting through your things. Every minute you spend labeling your packages when packing them could save you 10 once you’ve arrived at your new home.

A box labeled "fragile".
Label your boxes to organize your move better.

In addition to this, it can give your movers an idea of what they’re carrying. This way, they can pay closer attention to boxes labeled “fragile” and avoid breaking your sensitive items. Also, when your boxes are properly marked, your movers can unload them in the room they’re supposed to be. So, you won’t find a giant box with your fridge inside it, in your living room. This will also make unpacking a piece of cake.

Know your parking

Know when and where there’s available parking on locations you might need for your move.

  • starting location – your old home. It is crucial to have a parking spot for the moving truck as close to your home as possible. This will make the whole process of loading the moving truck easier and faster!
  • destination – unless you want to carry your belonging for two blocks when unpacking the moving truck, you’ll need to ensure your movers have a parking space at your new home.
  • other locations you might stop by – if your moving trip has more than two stops, you’ll need to find parking for your moving truck. Stay organized during a move by keeping one step ahead of the moving truck with your parking planning.

If you need parking but you’re not sure how to find it, it might be a good idea to research your new neighborhood and the route your movers will take to get there. So, if you’re planning on moving in the Harlem area, you’ll know where your West Harlem movers can find a space to park their moving truck.

Rent a storage unit

If you’ve got too many things or you need to leave your old home before you’ve packed all your things in the moving truck, you might consider renting storage is you want to stay organized during a move. You can use this space to keep your belongings safe until you get a chance to pick them up. You should know the storage and warehouse laws in New York, though. Keeping organized is one thing, but breaking the law to do it is completely different!

Rows of storage units
Storage can help you organize your relocation.

Bring enough packing supplies

If you want to stay organized during a move, you’ll need to pack your items neatly and efficiently. For this, you’ll need a lot of packing supplies. So, get your boxes, wraps and duct tape, and get packing! You can never have enough packing materials unless you’ve hired the top moving services NYC. In that case, you needn’t worry about packing supplies at all! Your professional movers will take care of everything. But, even if the pros are taking care of your entire packing, you should still bring some packing tape. This is a very useful moving tool and you might need it during your moving day.

tape you can use to stay organized during a move.
Never underestimate the importance of packing tape.

Remain calm and keep organized during a move

The final thing you’ll need to do to remain in control of your relocation is to keep your cool. Nervous, angry and stressed people tend to make rash, badly calculated and outright silly decisions. This is something you’ll definitely want to avoid when moving. So, don’t let issues drag you down during your moving day. Consider them more challenges to your organizational skills than outright problems. And remember, you’re starting a new and exciting life in a new place – no reason why you should be nervous at all!

Hopefully, our guide will help you have a more coordinated relocation. Just remember to give yourself enough time to plan and prepare, and it will be easy to keep organized during a move.