stage your apartment for sale

How to stage your apartment for sale this spring

 Selling an apartment in NYC isn’t as easy as it may look. Sure, there might be a lot of potential buyers. However, they all suffer from the same thing. They are often not aesthetically pleasing and let’s be honest, that’s what’ll catch someone’s attention. They might lack the space, but that shouldn’t stop you from making it work. We’ve come up with a few creative ideas on how you can stage your apartment for sale in the upcoming months! Older buildings in NYC have their charm, but the apartments often need little extra attention before putting them on the market.

plant next to a wooden sideboard
There are details that can make an NYC apartment more likely to sell

Stage your apartment for sale easily

The first tip for making your apartment pleasing for the potential buyer is making sure there is no clutter inside it. If you’re moving out soon, you could easily get a lot of free moving boxes NYC and pack your belongings before you invite people to see the apartment. Even though you might not have everything packed and ready, at least you can put it away. This will give the buyer a better view of the apartment, and it will seem so much more spacious. 

Great lighting is key to staging your apartment for sale

Of course, having lots of natural light is great in an apartment. However, not all of them are facing the right side, and if you have north-facing windows, you may never get great sunlight. Even though this seems like a big problem, it doesn’t have to be. Using “natural light” bulbs and tall lamps can illuminate the room a bit better. The more light it gets, the more spacious it seems!

living room in an apartment
In case you don’t have much natural light, use specific light bulbs and lamps to make it look brighter.

Make it look livable

We already mentioned that you shouldn’t have too much clutter in your apartment. In any case, most of your items will probably be taken away by Englewood movers either way. However, there should still be items that make this apartment feel like home. A few framed paintings, flowers, plants and cushions can definitely make a big difference when you stage your apartment for sale in NYC. Help your prospective buyers envision what their life would look like in this apartment. 

Other tips for making your home perfect for sale in NYC

If you wish to buy new furniture or decor when staging an apartment for sale, don’t think of it as “wasting money”. It is actually investing since it can attract buyers and make them more likely to make an offer. Of course, there is no need to spend thousands on upgrades, but a few bits here and there won’t hurt. One more tip: do a few rounds around the store, to find the perfect pieces for your apartment – don’t buy the first items you come across!

colorful cushions on a grey sofa
Little details like cushions and plants can make all of the difference when staging your apartment.