New York Skyline

How to spend summer in NYC

When you are planning to move to New York City, you are probably aware of its beauty, lights, and opportunities that it gives. New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world. No city in the world has what New York City has, that’s for sure. We will present to you several ways how to spend the summer in NYC.

Choose the address of your new home in NYC

There is a big dilemma in front of you while you are choosing a new address in New York City. Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island are all boroughs of New York City. They are all very different boroughs, but still, they make New York City whole. If you are thinking about moving to Manhattan, you should know that it is the central district of New York City.

New York City has a financial district. The financial district is famous because all Exchanges are located there. In that district, you will find Brooklyn Bridge. Seeing all that is an ideal way to spend summer in NYC.

A taxi in front of a building in the Financial District.
Check out the Financial District of NYC.

Set a deadline for your move in order to spend summer in NYC

You have picked the address. But there is still work to be done. The time has come to set the deadline for your move, so you can plan other activities. Therefore, the best thing to do is to choose a date that sets at the very end of spring, perhaps the beginning of May. That way, you will be done with moving by June and you can spend summer in NYC and enjoy it.

It’s time to choose a good moving company

As your eyes are set on Manhattan, you will need to start a search for Financial District movers. Hesitate no more, we are here for you! As a reliable moving company, we can offer you services that will take your moving process from moving-headache to moving-relief. Send us a request for getting free quotes. In that order, every important information is more than welcome while filling out and submitting the form. On the base of that information, we will calculate your estimated costs. Instructions for filling out the form can easily be found on our website. We can do it, no matter if the deadline is close or not. So, you are one step away from solving the moving situation and it just takes one step forward to your summer in NYC

Decide on what do you need to move

We came to the part when you will have questions like ”What am I going to do with my belongings?”, ”How am I going to find a moving truck, packing boxes or movers that will help to transport them?” Well, the answers to all of these questions an more, we can provide. Professional movers NYC will organize:

  • Supply of the moving boxes
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Sufficient manpower
  • Insurance for your transportation
  • Getting the moving boxes to your home or office
  • Reassembling and assembling your furniture
  • Moving trucks
  • Gas
Cardboard boxes
Rely on our moving company.

You can rely on us for everything. Soon, you will be drinking your coffee by the window that has a view of Central Park or the riverbank and thinking about how moving with us was such a good experience. Beautiful, don’t you think? It’s going to be a good way of spending the summer in NYC.

Tips to spend summer in NYC

New York is not the most interesting city and most populated without any reason. New York City has Central Park which takes place in the middle of the traffic rush and skyscrapers made of concrete and glass. It is full of opposites. Central Park offers at least 20 healthy ways to entertain yourself and your family and friends and spend summer in NYC.

Visit Central Park or the Zoo

Riding a bike and rollerblading are the most common activities during the summer days. You should expect that summer in New York City can be very hot, but the high trees in Central Park do not allow the heat to come through. Picnics, or even dinner on the grass, with your friends can be very interesting and relaxing. Not to mention romance. There, in the evenings you can enjoy classical or other music concerts. Just lie on the grass and watch your favorite movies on the big screen with 200 people beside you. That is a phenomenal experience. Swimming in Central Park can be amusing and also it can be a way to cool down in the summer days.

Spend some time with your family and friends at the ZOO. Watch the lion sleep in the sun and hear his roar. The wonderful thing is that the children enjoy this adventure.

Where to go when spending the summer in NYC

You can spend one day at a museum. Visit the New York Museum of Natural History or the Museum of Modern Art. There’s a lot of information you can gather while exploring American history and art.

Don’t miss to go to a Yankees ball game. Especially to eat hot dogs and cheer. That will be a unique experience as baseball is very popular in New York.

Eating ice cream is something that you can not miss. So, go out and buy one or two. There are many ice cream shops where you can buy tasty ice cream.

There are tourist tours that you can attend, like the Brooklyn Bridge tour that will take you on a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Boat driving is also popular in New York. So, that way you can see its’ beauty from the sea. Do not miss to see the famous Statue of Liberty.

If you spend summer in NYC, you'll get this view of Brooklyn Bridge.
Take a tour on Brooklyn Bridge – a terrific thing to do in the summer in NYC.

New York, New York

Most people’s dream is to spend summer in NYC, and perhaps the next 20 summers in New York City, to look at the great New York’s Christmas tree and be there at New Year’s Eve. So, contact us and we will be your partner on that quest. We want to help you succeed!