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How to remodel your NYC home this spring?

With spring comes renewal. This goes for all life on earth, and so, it befits that we, humans, use this time of the year to do our own rebirths. We do spring cleanups, find new hobbies and go on trips, but also try to change up things in our home for the past winter. But, of course, sometimes you know that we want to change, but you just can’t put your finger to what exactly should be different. This is why to remodel your NYC home takes some consideration. We are here to help!

Spring cleanup – remodel your NYC home to fit you

With new springs comes a chance to make your home feel new again. And you will not be the only one – everyone in NYC will be remodeling. But, before that, there is something everyone everywhere does: spring cleanup.

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Spring is coming to the Big Apple. Meet it with a new sense of creativity and energy!

No matter the borough or neighboorhood, spring cleaning is a tradition that works for the whole world. Now, we can’t know if you just used a Chinatown moving company or you are a long and loyal tenant of Bronx – the truth is it is never too early for making things orderly and clean. Not to mention it is the first step in a venture to remodel your NYC home. 

Search for things that are not needed anymore. That stayed unused for a lot longer than you would like to admit, and now only collect dust. Consider relocating throwing out that furniture that seems to get in the way. Also, use remodeling itself to clean places which are hard to access in ordinary circumstances.

In short – before moving to remodel, make sure that you are only keeping things that you truly want there. Do away with all the items that you know you won’t use and just clog-up space. This naturally doesn’t mean to throw away collectibles or valuable possessions just because you don’t use them regularly. Here we are talking about strictly things that are meant to be practical.

Make a plan and start

So, with the cleaning phase done, what to do know in an effort to remodel your NYC home? Well, it is truly up to you and to the layout of your condo, but let us give some pointers:

  • Make a plan as to what rooms you want to remodel, and what rooms are most frequently used (you want to finish those as quickly as possible)
  • Make a budget and stick to it- nothing will ruin your remodeling as finding out the cost outmatched your fiscal capabilities.
  • Considered calling your friends to help or give advice – even if you don’t like their ideas, you can use them as a starting point for your own vision. And furthermore, you should never say no to helping hands. Just remember to buy them a drink or a dinner after you remodel your NYC home.
  • Consider also everything that goes into moving service NYC. If you just moved into that apartment Brooklin, remodeling won’t be your only worry. There is also unpacking and the rest – be aware of your capabilities.
Planning for spring remodling
All good things start with a plan. You might not stay on that plan (though try to keep it in the budget, at least), but it is the self process of planning that will help you when improvisation comes.

With a plan in hand, friends or family to help and a good spirit, time to begin.


Kitchen (and the dining room) should feel welcoming. After all, when you get up early for a cup of coffee to get you through the day, there is a certain delight in having that coffee at a cozy (or fancy – whatever suits you) kitchen that will get you in the mood. Not to mention that more elegant kitchen sets (dark tiles, for example) can make a truly romantic dinner at the comfort of your home.

remodel your NYC home in manhattan
There are a lot of apartments in NYC. How will yours be different, and feel truly yours, unique?

But, keep in mind practicality. Having picture frames and various miscellaneous items around the kitchen truly makes it feel like home, but this particular room is also a place for knives and home-electronics. You want it all to be in the best order and practical. When you are about to remodel your NYC home, safety first!


Have you Staten island movers just moved you to that place in suburban NYC? Finally enjoying the peace and quiet? Well, if you can see it know, think about it – how does that room look like (oh, and this goes for all the boroughs, we are just making examples over here). What is the color of the walls? Closet and beds? Curtains? Are you going for feel-home bright colors or maybe a romantic red-black combination? Maybe you have trouble sleeping and would rather have it as plain as possible? All options are valid options as long as you like them.


Ah, and last but not least, the bathroom should be remodeled most often as it truly makes you feel welcome. The bathroom is where you take care of yourself, so think heating, shower/bath, colors of tiles, etc. Anything to make it feel clean, fresh and like home should do. Just keep in mind that you should do these first and as fast as possible because, well, rather obvious reasons.

In conclusion

Finally – it is your home. We can give pointers but at the and of the day, to remodel your NYC home you have to listen to yourself. What do you want to see in your home? Is it more light, new cabinets, more furniture, new bathroom or a more romantic bedroom? We can give ideas but you have to be able to visualize them in your apartment to know if they are the right pick for you.

With spring coming, we hope that you will, like threes at central park, be able to lighten up the mood around yourself and make your winter den into a proper home for this new NY spring.