Look at the reviews when choosing the moving company, but don't trust everything you read

How to recognize fake online moving reviews

Packing your bags and setting off for a new destination is a huge life decision. It’s not easy to organize relocation for just a couple of blocks away, let alone another city or a state. Another problem you might stumble upon is choosing the right moving partner for your needs. How to pick a quality mover? The simplest way is to ask one of your close friends who recently relocated, or to educate yourself online. Reading the online reviews on the company’s website is a good way to determine the quality of their services. But the question is: How to find legitimate feedback in a sea of different reviews? To find out, stay with us as we have prepared a short guide that will help you recognize fake online moving reviews.

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Comments that are overly positive or negative are usually phony

Reviews that describe the specific moving company as the best in the world often indicate that the account is a fake one. There is no such thing as a moving company that provides flawless services. Even the best of us have room for enhancing our skills. So comments that have nothing but words of praise and are full of appreciation will help you recognize fake online moving reviews. While your goal should be to save money, don’t fall for the lowest price.

  • The best moving company in the world
  • They saved my life
  • They offer the cheapest relocation services in the country
  • The employees are so nice that they are almost your best friends

Listed above are just some of the typical fake reviews. Stay away from these. On the other hand, overly negative reviews are also a sign that you might be dealing with a fabricated publication. One of the common causes of an overly negative review is competition trying to undermine their rivals. If the reviews don’t offer you any reasonable advice and are just full of anger and hard feelings just should keep scrolling.

Picture of thumbs up and down
Overly positive or overly negative comments are usually an indicator that will help you recognize fake online moving reviews

Recognize fake moving reviews when they are too general

You should also give your best to sidestep reviews that are too general and don’t offer any specific information. This is a common trait for generic feedback created by fake accounts. Loads of approval for employee’s work ethic or quality of their equipment can be misleading because the actual move never materialized. If that’s the case it would be hard to write a situation-specific review, wouldn’t it? If you are living in the New York check out Manhattan moving service to get some info about the moving quotes in your area.

Publication dates are a major clue when it comes to fake reviews

Pay attention to the publication dates of the comments as they offer a massive insight into the authenticity of the written content. In the case where there was a negative review followed by a number of positive comments, there is a high chance that they are fake. Furthermore, if the comments are overly positive or too generic it’s almost certain that the company is boosting its ratings. Similar writing style and a short period of time between the publications prove that there is something wrong going on.

Picture of laptop with fake news on screen
Look at the dates when the comments were posted. That is major clue

Generic profiles are a major red flag

If the review is posted under the name like John Smith or David Jones you should think twice before taking it for granted. Similarly, profiles that don’t have photos are quite suspicious. These evaluations will usually be similarly structured which means that they are written by the same person, someone who is paid to do that job. If everything you ever wanted and expected from the moving service is included in the comment it is recommended to think twice if they are the high-quality movers that you need.

Recognize fake online moving reviews by being cautious
Look for those profiles that don’t seem authentic as there is a high chance that their reviews are fake

Bizarre language is not a good sign when it comes to reviews

Reviews about everyday activities like relocation are something that is written by ordinary people who wish to help others to choose wisely. In accordance with that, you can’t expect them to write comments like they have a degree in literature or to use complicated terms and expressions used in the moving industry. It just doesn’t seem authentic. Just imagine yourself in the same situation. Would you write a text like that one? Real life experiences including small details about the moving day are something that is probably honest. Also, keep in mind that you should trust the reviews that are in the middle of the rating spectrum. People who are trying to be objective won’t easily give 5 stars or just one.

Extra advice that will help you recognize fake online reviews

While by now you should be familiar with some of the most basic ways to tell if the review is honest this article won’t make you a master of spotting fakes. The truth is that companies sometimes pay a lot of money for convincing fake testimonials. In the end, it comes down to your ability to see through the hoaxes and to trust your instincts. So the best way to make sure you won’t be cheated is to hire some of the local movers. This way you can drop by their headquarters and see in person if they have all the markings of a reputable moving company.

These were some techniques to help you recognize fake online moving reviews. Lastly, whichever company you choose to proceed with, don’t forget to leave the feedback. Act responsibly and help others to make quality choices. We wish you a stress-free relocation and enjoy life on your new address