How to protect your furniture when moving

Any respectable movers NYC knows how to properly protect furniture during a move. That is the staple of our business and a crucial point of any relocation. Just imagine how dirty a move can get, especially in the winter time. It’s of essential importance to keep your furniture clean for your new home. So whether you are planning to do everything your self or you are planning to hire professionals, you need to properly protect your furniture when moving. Luckily, with some planning ahead and proper supplies, you can easily do it without risking any damage to your valuables. And even though you can save on items such as free moving boxes in NYC, you should never try to save on protecting your big item furniture.

Protect your furniture when moving – gather these supplies

Most people will assume that all you need is some moving blankets, tape and cardboard boxes. While this is all true, and you will find it very useful during relocation, it is a bit armature. Think about investing in a couple more lesser known moving supplies to be certain your furniture will be damage-free at its new location. To get the best moving experience naturally, hire us and get the best moving services in NYC. If you are looking for something more DIY, we will help with advice nonetheless. Here’s our list of necessities:

  • Blister pack
  • Covers for sofas and mattresses
  • Stretchy plastic wrap
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Large cardboard sheets

These are surely going to protect your large furnishing during relocation, after some prepping and research of course. So head out to your local hardware store or order online through Amazon. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to do this before the actual moving date.

protect furniture when moving
The blister pack is the most important item on your list.

How to prep your furniture for moving day

Your future relocation is an excellent opportunity for getting rid of that old couch your wife hates. Let’s be honest, you had it for years and it’s time to say goodbye. Moving, in general, is your last chance to downsize and save money in the process, everyone knows weight equals money in the moving business. To protect your furniture when moving means you need to prep it before even thinking about packing it. It’s essential to prep your furniture the right way so you would avoid any scratches during transit. Take the time to thoroughly clean and dust the furniture you decided to keep. Consider this your last chance at cleaning before you start setting everything up in your new home. Also, take the drawers out of your dressers and use them for packing small items. This gives you more storage space while lightening the actual furniture for relocation.

Decide which pieces of furniture to disassemble

This is another important step you can take in prepping your furniture for the move. Taking certain large items apart will make the moving and packing process much easier. You need to plan ahead and choose items which are too big to get through a doorway or down narrow stairs. Think beds, tables, desks, wall cabinets. You should also consider disassembling fragile items or very valuable items. Make sure you use the opportunity to clean each piece.

The downside of it is the fact that everything you took apart will need to be assembled again, so make sure you know what you’re doing. Make things easier for yourself by taking pictures during the process. Also, make sure to save all nuts and bolts in a Ziploc bag and use a piece of tape to stick it to the actual item so you don’t lose it during transit. Another smart advice is to take everything apart a day before, thus saving a lot of time on moving day. One more tip if you have a lot of IKEA furniture and you lost the manuals (of course you did), check their website. Each item has an online version of a manual, plus you can order some extra screws and tools if you need spares.

protect your furniture when moving
If you lost your users manual, check on the internet for an online version.

How to wrap furniture the right way

To protect your furniture when moving means to use the packing supplies correctly. Blister pack and plastic sheeting are the two staples of furniture packing. Use blister pack for delicate wood pieces. For upholstered items use plastic wrap or specially designed plastic covers. Any old blankets or packing blankets are great as additional protection. For extra cushioning use the cardboard sheets in between wooden panels. Visualize your large furniture stacked in a truck and try to predict where the damages will occur. This way you’ll prevent most of them, for sure. To protect glass table tops or mirrors use a ton of blister pack. Make sure they are tightly wrapped and pay special attention to corners. In the end, sandwich them between two sheets of cardboard, for some extra much-needed protection.

protect your furniture when moving
Put cardboard sheets between wood panels or glass.

A skill set that will make you pack like a pro won’t occur overnight. This is something you need to master with years of experience or you can borrow that experience from us by listening to our expert advice. How to protect your furniture when moving is a very important question and you’ll win if you learn the answer. Moving doesn’t have to be so stressful. You can avoid a lot of it with planning ahead, organizing and packing properly. Try to apprehend every situation and use common sense in the process. If you still feel like you won’t be able to handle this on your own, call us today for a free quote and consultation. We are more than happy to help you out.