How to protect floors while moving

One of the things we rarely spend time thinking about is whether and how to protect floors while moving. And it is not surprising that we fail to think about this given how many other elements we need to think about. Moving is stressful, and continuously adding newer elements to it makes it even worse. Far worse.

This is why people tend to overlook various side activities that are no less relevant for the move. If it happens that you have no experience in moving at all you might want to consult with West Harlem movers regarding moving heavy items.

If you wish to protect floors while moving you are going to have to take the extra mile. However, should you? Well, the choice is entirely up to you. Our advice is that you should. The extra mile you have to take is not that long, but the outcome is greatly worth it. Still, just like all the other elements of your move – this one is also based on your preference.

Why should you protect floors while moving

Well, the reasons are plenty but the fundamental principle is the fact that you wish to avoid damaging the floors. This is why you want to take some extra precautions to ensure that you are not damaging the floors in any way.

Moving out

For instance, if you are moving out of a house or apartment that you have rented you want to take extra care. If you damage the floors by scratching, chipping or denting them, you might be forced to part with your deposit in order for those damages to be repaired. This could be an incremental strike on your budget. And an unwanted one for that.

Preventing any damage happening in the first place and the whole moving cost will come out cheaper in the end.
The money you lose on floor repair goes out of your pocket to fix. So doing what you can to prevent any damage will save your money.

On another note, if you are moving out of your own home – damaging it might result in the price of the entire home going down (if you wish to sell). This means that you would be losing money either by being forced to pay for the repairs yourself – or by having to reduce the price of the home. Either way, you are at a loss due to something that could have been easily prevented.

Moving in

You know, this whole protect-the-floor-business applies to you when you are buying a house too. It’s also a thing to keep an eye on when you are looking for the next place to move to. Of course, that’s not the only thing or the most important thing that goes into the price of the house, but it can add up. Look at this whole list of things to keep an eye on when buying a house.  You can Google to see a list of examples where people took chunks of the price of the house because damages added up.

Regardless of the scenario and how it affects you, you will want to familiarize yourself with ways to protect floors while moving. The added value of doing it is incremental. Otherwise, if you really do not wish to bother yourself with that make sure that you and your budget are prepared for a loss due to those floors needing some repairs.

How to protect floors while moving

Now that we have touched base with the reasons as to why you would want to protect floors while moving we are here to explain how you could do it. The steps are not that difficult, you just have to think about it frequently. Inconvenient? Yes. Worth it? Double yes.

Some of the tips we will offer here are common sense. However, we do not take anything for granted and we’d rather mention even the obvious ones then have you not take them into consideration. The end result? All your floors should be harm-free after you have moved out.

Pick up all lighter items

The biggest damage to your floors comes from the fact that you drag items over it. In some cases, this could end up being unavoidable (without the right tools). However, with some items, it is highly avoidable. This means that there is an abundance of items that you could lift off the ground and carry it to the truck. The number one advice that we have is that you should do this with all the items that you can lift.

Protect floors while moving heavy by lifting them in the air. Carrying heavy items is hard so it's best to have a clear path.
Get all the other things out of the way first, before you start moving really heavy things.

Anything that you have enough strength to pick up comfortably – do it. Carry those items in your arms all the way out of the apartment (or house). This is step one and the most fundamental step there is. No harm can come to your floors if there is nothing in direct contact with them.

There is also a scenario where you aren’t able to carry heavy things. Then it’s a good idea to think about hiring a moving company to help you. For things like chandeliers, or pool tables or even pianos you can hire piano movers NYC, to help you.

Pack everything safely

Are there different packing techniques you can use when moving? Definitely! This means that there are some extra steps you can take when packing in order to make sure that you are both moving everything out and protecting your floors. So, what are these steps, are they difficult and expensive? They are not difficult nor expensive. The only resource you would be spending to accomplish this is a little bit of extra time. Nothing more, nothing less.

Makes sure that the breakable things that go inside of the boxes are protected.
Pack the little things in boxes to move them easier. And don’t forget to wrap them to protect them inside the box.

The steps are:

  • Make sure all the edges and feet of furniture that you are moving are wrapped in something soft (usually bubble wrap). This protective measure will make sure that all the rough and pointy sides of furniture that come in touch with the floors are soft and cannot pose any harm.
  • Once you make a choice of cardboard boxes, do make sure that they are of high quality. This is to make sure that the boxes do not break or shatter once they are populated with heavier items. Shattering of a box could make sure that things that fall outbreak the floors beneath.
  • Double or triple tape the bottom of all boxes just to be double, or triple sure.

Understanding the worth

The most important factor is understanding why this is worth it. It is worth it because you wish to save money, above all. Moving is expensive, especially if you are hiring moving assistance. This is why you want to, whenever possible, find ways to not create any additional costs.

One such way to achieve this is to protect floors while moving. With a little bit of extra effort you make sure that no harm comes to your floors, and thus no harm comes to your wallet.

Good luck!