How to plan your NYC move on time

Packing up your entire life is exhausting and overwhelming. If you are moving to the “city that doesn’t sleep”, attracted by the busy lifestyle, moving can be a hassle. You will have to plan your NYC move on time. That way navigating through the Big Apple should go smoothly and stress-free. On the other hand, New York can be an amazing and exciting experience.   why hire pros? It’s the easiest but also a more expensive way to move. It will probably not cost less than $400, including tipping your movers. Also, you have to schedule a house call to get moving quotes NYC for your space. That way you will know how much the move is going to cost you. Most companies will ask you to submit a detailed inventory of your belongings as well.

Puppy in a box ready to plan your NYC move on time
Scavenge for boxes by asking the closest grocery store/liquor store/furniture store if they have any shipping boxes they don’t need.

How to make a plan if you want to plan your NYC move on time?

When moving to New York City, the most important thing is to put part of the process on paper. Start by putting together your own to-do list. It will be an essential part of your life until the moving process is complete. The list will help you with reminders of all the things you need to prepare and organize.

In order to plan your NYC move on time, start early and plan every detail. If possible, start making the to-do list at least six months prior to the moving day. The first items on your list will be the documents that will allow for your move to happen.

  1. Gather your documents. Take care of the bureaucracy first. 
  2. Take care of all your travelling documents before you move. Make sure your passport is up to date, as well as your visa etc. This is crucial if you are moving overseas.
  3. You may need permits or other paperwork arranged in order to move your life to New York without much stress.

The most important step when you want to plan your NYC move on time is the budget

The crucial item on your to-do list is, of course, your budget. Budget calculations guarantee less stress during your moving process. When you have a clear idea of how much money you need and want to spend moving, you are less likely to break the budget and regret it later. When making a detailed budget you will definitely know if contacting a moving company is viable. You should set a bulk figure for moving costs early.

You should also think about the costs of living in New York City at that point. Especially if you will be still looking for a job for the first few months in NYC. It is wise to put some money on the side for rainy days. That way you will be less stressed when something gets more expensive than anticipated. You should always room for hidden costs in your budget because every project has unpredictable factors.

Bridge between two NYC red buildings
If you don’t have much time to plan your move it can cost you much more than expected in the end.

Start looking for a job early as well

If you don’t have a job before moving to New York, should start looking for one before moving. If you plan your NYC move on time, you should start thinking about employment three or four months before relocation. Send out your CV to New York employers and put the new address on it, if you already know it at that point. Also, be sure to search for a job in the New York City neighbourhood you’ll be moving to.

But if you find a good job farther away, plan your commute

When you plan your NYC move on the time you have to count in the commute logistics. Investigate the NYC subway plan. People in the Big Apple avoid driving so they use the subway. Think about your daily and weekly transit needs to make sure your day is organised. Do this before finding an apartment. There could also be buses that stop near your new place, but the most convenient transport is definitely the subway. Check how far from your apartment is the nearest subway station.

How to plan your NYC move on time: Hunt for an apartment well early

Note that the search for the perfect (or at least very good) apartment in New York takes time. Research all the neighbourhoods and pick the one you can see yourself living in. You should set some money aside if you plan well. This is for leasing the apartment. Prepare all the documents on time, since you have to be prepared to send out at any time. Good New York City apartments that are on a budget get scooped up from the market quickly. New York City is very expensive. The lease for an apartment requires you to pay a broker’s fee that is around 15% of the annual rent cost.

Another option when you plan your NYC move on time but with a tight budget is to consider having roommates. This cost-effective way to live will mean you can make new friends. Post an ad on social networks and websites to find roommates in the selected neighbourhood.

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If you have too many things from your previous home you should consider renting a storage unit while you move. It will save costs.

Organizing your move

You should plan every step of a move in detail. One of the first steps towards a perfectly executed move is to contact more than one moving company. This means you will get several bulk estimates of your moving costs. After this, you can compare the proposition, to your moving budget and choose accordingly. If you’ve chosen and NYC moving company, you should book them weeks in advance. After letting the company know you’ve chosen them, request a detailed estimate that will not have any hidden costs. Check the moving company’s credentials and licence.

Ask the moving company to set the delivery date

That way you can organize properly and wait for your things in New your New York apartment when they arrive. Investigate everything about the insurance policy of your moving company and your options. If you have some expensive things you should get extra insurance that covers losses or damages that your movers don’t cover.