How to pick the best Manhattan rental broker

Let us start with some numbers. NYC has 27000 working rental brokers in a market with 3 percent vacancy rate! We don’t have to point out how exceedingly cutthroat this market is. Do you think you can manage to find an apartment on your own, or do you want to keep reading and learn how to find the best Manhattan rental broker? Everyone and their grandma know how overwhelming looking for a place in NYC can be. From deciding which side of Manhattan to live in to find a pet-friendly home, it can become very stressful. That’s why it’s better to have an expert on your side. A best Manhattan rental broker will do all the pesky work for you, you just need to utter what you need and state your budget.

Best Manhattan rental broker
NYC has 27000 working brokers.

Where to start?

Moving to Manhattan must be more challenging than moving to any other place. There are so many difficulties to overcome in this insanely fast-paced real estate market with forever rising prices. If you ask us, first thing is to find reliable Manhattan moving company. It’s important to hire a local company as they know best how to handle challenges that are unique to this part of NYC. This shouldn’t be your only search requirement. A reliable moving company will leave you feeling relieved from moving day stress. A good moving company should offer every service from packing the first box to unpacking the last and everything in between.

best Manhattan rental broker
Start looking for a rental at least 4 weeks before moving day.

So when should you start looking for the best Manhattan rental broker? Most NYC apartments don’t hit the market until 4-5 weeks before move-in day! To be more precise, it’s four to five weeks before the first of the month. This means you should contact your rental broker a month before the next inventory gets on the market. Apartments go fast in NYC! Applying for an apartment in the Big Apple requires loads of documentation. Therefore leave yourself enough time to have your papers and finances in order prior to your apartment search. Keep in mind that most best Manhattan rental brokers would not want to work with you if your move-in date is months away. It is hard for them to predict apartment availability in NYC that far out.

How to start your search for a rental broker?

  • Ask around. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers for tips and recommendations. With a little bit of luck, they’ll help you find your best Manhattan rental broker, but only if you trust their judgment.
  • Research online. There are plenty of websites online that offer services of finding a broker. It is good to look and get a better grip on things. Always research your broker and look at other people’s reviews.
  • Do some apartment searching yourself. Look for apartments that appeal to you, find the neighborhood that best suits you. Hence narrowing down your search to agents that already work in areas you are interested in.

Do you really need best Manhattan rental broker?

Most people would say YES! You need a professional to help you navigate the craziness that is NYC real estate market, especially if you’re looking to find your first Manhattan apartment. People relocating to NYC are often looking for a broker who will help them understand the neighborhoods better, organize apartment tours and help them negotiate the best deal. More experienced locals take a DIY approach to an Apartment hunt, the success of which always falls down to the size of the budget. Even if you survive the ordeal without an agent, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to go through one once you find your perfect apartment.

best Manhattan rental broker
Yes, you need a professional to help you navigate the inventory.

Always do your research!

One of the crucial components of finding the best Manhattan rental broker is to do your research well. Before you even consider which NYC moving services to require, start looking for an agent. Most people still do it through friends or family, but there is nothing wrong with looking online. Especially because you can check their star quality on Yelp or some other ranking website. Do your research on the company they are working with and read all the reviews, good and bad. Always look for 5 stars, which means they will take great care of you as they want to keep that perfect score online.

Ask lots of questions

Don’t pay or sign anything before your every question has been answered in the most satisfactory way. Ask about brokers fee and credit check fee. Most of all, ask yourself, are they showing you properties you can afford in neighborhoods that you want to live in? Are they showing you no-fee listings? Do you feel like there are any red flags?  If you sense that something is wrong, if your broker is putting pressure on you to rent a place you’re not sure about, or you suspect they are trying to get paid from both ends, you need to look for a new broker. The best Manhattan rental broker should have your best interest at heart and if this isn’t the case it is time to move on fast!

best Manhattan rental broker
Ask lots of questions.

Finding the best Manhattan rental broker among 27 000 in NYC will be hard but well worth the pain. Make sure to prepare yourself, stay flexible and be ready to learn. Decide on which side of Manhattan you want to live in and then narrow your search down to a certain type of apartment and agent that works in that neighborhood. If you play your cards right you have all the chances to succeed!