how to pack your home security system

How to pack your home security system

Home safety is one of the biggest concerns of the American people. We live in dangerous times where every day you can read about terrible things happening to good people. Especially in big cities. Whether NYC is safe or not has been a complicated question for many years. While the answer is usually yes, you should take any risks when it comes to your safety. Therefore, you need to properly pack your home security system and move it with you to your new place. Don’t put your’s and your family’s safety in question. Make sure that you are protected.

Know how to pack your home security system
Learn how to pack your home security system, so that you will have a safe home wherever you move.

What you need to know about relocating security systems

Before you start to pack your home security system, there are a few things you should be aware of. Relocating security systems can be a bit more complicated than standard relocation. While physically you only need to pack the devices that the security company gave you, there are other things that you need to take care of. Remember, your security system is useless if it is not provided and serviced by a reliable security company.


Different companies provide different equipment. You need to know how to deal with it if you are going to prepare it for relocation. Furthermore, you need to know the companies policy about equipment. Some companies are completely ok with you disassembling, relocating and assembling the equipment on your own. Other prefer, or even demand that a company’s representative comes and does the work. Some will offer this service for free while others will charge you. And even the prices of the service can wildly differ. Therefore, you need to talk with your movers and find out as much as you can.


All the conditions for manipulating equipment should be outlined in your contract. Furthermore, you should have a clear idea of what happens when you relocate your home security system. Rember, different companies have different ways of doing business. Some will be completely fine with you relocating. Other might require you to pay a certain amount of money, be in for relocation or for new prices of service. Some may even ask you to sign a new contract which will prolong the minimum time in which you need to pay for their services. Just like signing a lease in NYC, you need to get all of the information if you are going to make a smart decision. Consider hiring legal counsel in order to be absolutely sure of any and all legal requirements.

Help from a lawyer
Always get legal counsel if you are unsure about a contract.

Steps to pack your home security system

Ok, now that you are familiar with conditions of relocating your security system, it is time to pack it. Just go at it step by step and try to do every step properly. There are affordable movers NYC that can help you out if you get stuck at any point. But even if you do pack your home security system by yourself, remember not to push yourself too much. Do not try to pack your home security system in record time. There is nothing worthwhile to gained by rushing. Only mistakes.


If you are going to dismantle the security system on your own, you need to figure out how it works. Find the manual that comes with the system. If you do not have it, either look for it online or ask the company to send you one. Once you have it, make sure to go in the reverse order of assembly. Since you are dealing with electronics, some parts of the system can be damaged if mishandled. Make sure to turn off the electricity (if necessary) and follow the steps exactly. If you find yourself lost or confused, stop. Check online or call your company. Make sure that you always know what you are doing. There is no room for mistakes here.

Getting proper boxes

The best boxes to use are the boxes in which the equipment came in. But, since that is often not possible, you need to find boxes in NYC. Make sure to first have everything that you need to pack in sight. This way you will know how many boxes you need and what size they should be. Make sure that the boxes are big and strong enough to pack your home security system and the padding that goes along with it. You should even look into making your boxes waterproof, as rain can easily damage the electronics in your security system. Talk with Greenwich village movers to find out more. They’ve had their fair share of moving in bad weather.

Padding and wrapping

You need to get proper padding and wrapping materials for your equipment if it is going to survive the move. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Heck, you home is probably filled with excellent padding and wrapping materials. You just need to make sure that there is no risk of damage during transportation. If anything happens to the equipment, you will have to pay for it. So, do not risk spending thousands of dollars when you can spend twenty padding and wrapping materials. There is no need to waste money, but you can also lose a lot if you are too stingy. You can even consider hiring professional packing services.

Labeling and taping

After you have packed your boxes you need to make sure that they are secure. By taping the boxes you are making sure that there is no chance of them accidentally opening up during transportation. Any stupid mistake like that can end up costing you a lot of money. Furthermore, you need to label your boxes properly. Use markers that will be clearly visible on the box. Write in big, clear letters that are easily noticeable.

Only use clearly visible markers for labeling boxes.