A drop falling to water. How to pack liquids for transport

How to pack liquids for transport

In one recent study about liquids, two fluid physicists investigated the science behind spilling. Why is so hard carrying and transporting liquids without spilling it? Interestingly, liquid “sloshing” is a highly involved science which involves the interplay of torques, forces, and accelerations. How to avoid spilling as per scientists? Transport them slowly, accelerate gradually, and keep an eye on the bottles. Imagine your liquids sloshing while your moving truck is going through Manhattan traffic jam. Fortunately, we have some a bit more practical tips on how to pack liquids for transport.

How to  properly pack liquids for transport

If you are moving locally, you can simply place them in a box and transport carefully. Even then, make sure that the bottles are properly closed. But if you are moving across the country or abroad, it’s very important to seal and secure your liquids well. Hence, they don’t spill and ruin your other belongings. Professional long distance movers NYC offer special service for packing and transporting liquids. If you are packing them yourself, here are some pieces of advice.

How to pack liquids for transport. Three bottles of perfume.
Make sure you close your liquids properly, so they could not leak.
  • Use a plastic bin for transporting chemicals. Do not pack them in the cardboard box. Because if they spill, it will cause a bigger mess. They will probably leak through the box and spill onto other items around the box.
  • Protecting bins with garbage bags or towels is a great idea. If the containers somehow spill or leak, the towels or bags will be a barrier to prevent the mess.
  • Most noteworthy, tighten the lids on each container and apply a piece of tape over the top to seal it. As an extra measure, you could maybe remove the top from each item and cover the opening with plastic wrap. Then place the top back on the bottle, and apply the piece of tape over the top. This way you can be sure that nothing can leak.
  • When you pack liquids for transport, place the container in a re-sealable zipper storage bag. You can put several bottles in each bag. But make sure you situate them in the bag so that the bottles can remain upright. It’s best not to have any space in between. Also, you should seal the bag shut.
  • Place the sealed containers upright in the bin, keeping them as close together as possible. Fill out the space between containers with newspaper, towels or bubble wrap.
  • Close the lid on the bin, and then seal it with packing tape.
  • Don’t forget to label the bin as “liquids” along with another more detailed identifying information such as “cleaning supplies” or “drinks.

Don’t mix chemicals with drinks

It is very important to separate edible liquids such as drinks or liquid ingredients for cooking from chemical ones. Try to think of this once you start to pack liquids for transport. Pack them not just in a separate container, but to a separate bin as well.

 How to pack liquids for transport. Bottles of wine.
There is no reason to give up your wine collection, just pack it carefully.

Green moving

Since you already need to get some bins for your moving, it would be very nice to use recycled ones. You can use these eco-friendly bins from recycled plastic later, for storing your belongings. If you don’t need something like this, you should consider renting them. This is one of the popular green moving solutions, offered by moving services NYC. This way you will not only protect your environment but save money as well.

Prohibited liquids alert

Make sure you make a solid research on this kind of fluids. It is very hard to assume which of them can be dangerous. Therefore, better visit the official web page of TSA and get a list from there. This is one more reason to hire professional packers. They have done research for you. Prohibited liquids include explosives, flammable gases, corrosive materials, poisons, and toxic substances. Aerosol cans, bleach, ammonia, nail polish and remover, varnishes, lighter fluid, chemistry sets, cleaning solvents, darkroom chemicals, fire extinguishers are all forbidden. Kerosene, pesticides, poisons, pool chemicals, propane tanks, rubbing alcohol, Sterno fuel and weed killer you should not transport as well.

Several bottles of cosmetic products.
Pack your cosmetic products separated from drinks.

It is easier to dispose them of

Movers will not accept to take them in their truck, hence, you’ll need to either take them in your car or dispose of them. If you’re moving locally, you can transport these items in your car. But if you’re moving far away, it’s best to dispose of these liquids beforehand in a safe manner.

Dispose of safely, think about our planet

First of all, before you pack liquids for transport, you should sort them outSeparate the liquids that should be disposed of before the move, don’t wait to do that at your new home. There is no point in transporting liquids that will be thrown away. Here is a little checklist to help you decide what should you get rid off.

  • Check the expiration dates on the bottles and separate the products that are expired.
  • Liquids with no label or with illegible one. You don’t want to risk your health assuming what is in the bottle.
  • The liquids you don’t use.
  • Liquids with physical appearance or smell changed. This is something that you should certainly not tolerate. It can be very dangerous using such liquids.

Medication disposal

Most importantly, don’t throw away or flush medications. Flushed medication can release harmful chemicals to the environment. Make sure to take your unused medicine to a local household hazardous waste facility. Our environment will be grateful.

Different colored and shaped pills.
Make sure you dispose of your medications safely.

Good packing=no leaking

When it comes to liquids, it’s better being safe than sorry. Now you are armed with all these packing tricks, liquids have nothing on you. Let’s repeat the most important steps: close them well, seal with tape, add an extra wrap, put in a container and then in a zipper bag. Place upright and label properly. This is how you should pack liquids for transport. Once you have packed them properly, you can relax. Enjoy your new beginning.