How To Pack Glasses When Moving Safely And Conveniently

Different items in your home need unique handling when you move, whether you’re going across town, out of state, or even just one city over. There is nothing more upsetting than unpacking a box to discover broken glasses.

Finding the proper way to pack glasses can sometimes be difficult, but we’re here to assist with our helpful packing list and the finest advice and techniques to keep your glassware secure! It’s to make sure they reach your new home undamaged with the help of local movers nyc.

Choose What You Will Pack After Going Through Items

Selecting the glasses and mugs you want to bring is necessary before you start packing glasses for relocation. We must use more of them to ensure we can handle a large collection of glasses and mugs. Decluttering your cupboards and determining what you truly love and need is worthwhile because there’s no sense in spending to transfer stuff to your new house. Once this is completed, you can sell or give the surplus. Reducing the time to pack and wrap items in half would be best.

Wash and dry everything that is left. This way, your glasses will be prepared for use when you get to your new location. Afterward, arrange your things according to size, category, and shape for packing. Put heavy objects together, such as coffee mugs, and place fragile things in a different group, such as wine glasses. You are now prepared to start packing.

Gather Materials Needed

Suppose you need help packing glasses when moving glasses for relocating. In that case, you’ll need to start with the proper supplies and ensure that everything is packed correctly and with enough padding to prevent objects from shifting and breaking during the move. You’ll want to ensure you have more than enough packing materials.

How to Pack Glasses When Moving

The supplies you’ll require are as follows:

  • Boxes – Boxes with distinct compartments for each wine glass. When moving, this will assist in keeping your glasses in place.
  • Bubble wraps – Glasses are delicate; thus, bubble wrap can form a protective barrier.
  • Soft Papers – Using soft paper for packing can help to cushion any knocks or bumps that may occur during your transfer and shipment.
  • Newspaper – This can be used as a barrier between glasses and within the glass to add a layer of safety.
  • Packing tape – Your boxes must be protected to carry them properly.
  • Black Marker Pen – Use this to identify your box so you’ll know where it should go once you’ve moved.

Fix Boxes and Strengthen Them

Whether the boxes you use are new or used, it is crucial to strengthen the bottoms of the boxes with packing tape. Since secondhand boxes could not be as robust as brand-new boxes, this is particularly crucial. You can reduce the likelihood that the boxes will break by strengthening them and strengthening the new boxes, too, for surety!

Pad the Boxes

Give each glassware packaging box a protective covering of crumpled paper to give additional padding. Your glasses are less likely to be damaged during transportation because of the cushioning’s ability to absorb shocks and vibrations as it thickens. Crumpled newspaper is the cheapest choice, but Styrofoam peanuts, foam sheets, bubble wrap, and soft cloths will also work well to create an insulation layer on the bottom of the box.

How to Pack Glasses When Moving

So, how should glassware be packaged? Although the essential safety rules and packing techniques stay the same, it depends on the kind of glass objects you’re packing.


Your cups, mugs, and glasses are susceptible to breaking. Paper won’t be sturdy or long-lasting enough to hold the glassware in place, but it can still be used if you don’t have a different option.

Note: Wrapping glasses too tightly will only increase their susceptibility to breakage. Therefore, avoid wrapping too tightly!

The best approach to wrapping glass is to adhere to a process carefully. And one of the best things to utilize while packing glasses is bubble wrap. You must understand how to wrap glasses for moving to protect your glasses.

  • Fill the glass’s or cup’s hollow area with packing paper.
  • On a level surface, spread a bubble wrap sheet.
  • Wrap the material carefully around the entire glass, including the handle. Keep in mind to handle the delicate glass with great care.


Place the wrapped glasses, cups, and mugs upright inside the box, starting at the bottom with the heaviest items and working your way up to the top with the lightest. Place a piece of scrunched packing paper in the box between each glass. As glasses must fit tightly in a box, ensure no gaps or empty spaces exist. Fill in any gaps with the scrunched paper if there are any. You must leave space at the very top of the box for the crumpled paper to avoid damage when boxes are stacked on top.

Packing Tapes

Purchase quality packing tape. Please don’t skimp on adhesives because they help to secure the box’s top and bottom pieces. Reputable brands will keep the box from opening while being carried by movers.


If the boxes are labeled properly, movers or family members will know their fragility. The words “Fragile,” “This Side Up,” and “Handle with Care” can be marked with a marker pen or purchased as stickers. Some labels list the rooms where the boxes should be placed.

Hire Professionals

As you can see, packaging glasses and other fragile goods are difficult and require careful attention. But even so, you can accomplish it independently if you have the time and patience. However, relocating is a rigorous operation, so you’ll need to be concerned about how to pack wine glasses appropriately. Please enlist the assistance of a reputable international moving company to assist you with your packing if you feel that it will all be too much for you.


It would be best if you learned how to pack your glasses. Since they are so delicate, you want to avoid finding a box of broken glass when you move into your new house. Therefore, you can be sure that your glasses will stay intact during the relocation if you adhere to our advice and take the time to wrap and pack them properly. All you have to do now is unpack them and put them away in your new home!