Pack and load moving truck

How to pack and load a moving truck

When it comes to moving DIY, it’s a definite option when you’re relocating a small household locally. And, though we don’t suggest it, Dynamic Movers NYC are always here to lend you a hand. Hence, when it comes to packing and loading a moving truck, we’re going to give you our expertise. As both local and long distance movers NY we’ve had quite a bit of experience, after all. And, if at the end of the article you decide that it would be more expensive and more hassle to do complete the relocation DIY, feel free to give us a call. But, in the meantime, here is how to pack and load a moving truck.

Before you start looking for a good company to rent a moving truck from, begin with a bit of downsizing

If you want to pack and load a moving van without much hassle, the first step is knowing what you’ll be relocating. Hence, before every move, we suggest a quick session of decluttering. It’s time to go through everything you own and decide what is it that you actually need or use. So, this is our first step to preparing for your relocation.

A wardrobe - it's time to declutter before you pack and load a moving truck.
Downsizing is the first step of packing and loading a moving truck.

Here are some tips on decluttering your home before a relocation:

  • Use minimalism ways to your advantage when downsizing. If you aren’t too familiar with the lifestyle, look up minimalism decluttering methods. Between the Kondo way and the four boxes method, you should be able to narrow down the choices for necessary items.
  • Be decisive in order to pack and load a moving truck without much hassle. You may need some affordable NYC storage units to keep some of your boxes safe. Then, with these items you haven’t made a decision about yet you can wait before choosing to give them away or place them back into your home.
  • The memories will stay even when the items are gone. Most homeowners struggle with belongings which they acquired during trips or got as presents. Though, remember that you won’t lose the memories tied to the objects even if you decide that you don’t need them. Of course, if the items are of sentimental value, don’t get rid of them just yet.

Next, you should know which packaging supplies to use when you pack and load a moving truck

The biggest dilemma of DIY packers is usually whether to use cardboard moving boxes or plastic bins. While the cardboard parcels will be easy to fold and put away, they will also be difficult to get when looking for good quality. And, if you consider getting plastic bins for the relocation you will notice that they are both expensive but can be repurposed. Hence, what is the best option when it comes to packing and loading a moving truck yourself?

When the times comes to pack and load a moving truck you will need to decide which packaging to use.
Plastic bins are good if you’re going green, but cardboard moving boxes tend to be the better option when you need to pack and load a moving truck.

We always suggest cardboard moving boxes of high-quality as the perfect packaging supply. First, they stack better. Which means that they won’t fall over or get loose while you’re driving. Another proof the cardboard parcels is that they have semi-soft sides. They will cushion the items stored inside and prevent them from being damaged. In the end, if you’re only looking at the pricing, to pack and load a moving truck with cardboard boxes will be much cheaper.

Now, let’s talk a bit about how to pack and load a moving truck in NYC

If you avoid the hassle which comes after the two steps which we’ve already gone through, it’s time to call your movers instead of looking for a truck. Though, you may decide to forgo our NYC moving services after all. Then, it’s time to find the best rental company for moving trucks in New York. When you have one in mind, get ready to pack and load a moving van.

First, you will need to pack and load a moving truck with heavy items

When you think about it, it’s quite logical to put the heaviest items on the bottom, right? They won’t cause a weight shift if they are the base of the boxes. Hence, start with various heavy appliances, furniture, and other items. Make sure disassemble everything which can be dismantled before being packed. Also, protect any surfaces which can be damaged with sufficient padding. We suggest wrapping anything wooden in either bubble wrap or linens. When stacking boxes and furniture make sure not to leave any holes. They will cause other parcels to get loose during transport.

Then, it’s time to move onto the medium-sized and lighter boxes and load them onto the moving van

When you have all your furniture and heavy boxes loaded onto the moving truck you should start packing the lighter ones in. You will have a number of parcels of this sort. They will likely be filled with items like smaller appliances, clothing and various other belongings. Remember to stack them carefully, so that they won’t fall over during transport. Do a small test drive around the corner and see if anything gets loose. If so, secure those boxes with rope or tape. Then, you can continue to pack and load a moving truck properly until the end.

The last items which will need to be loaded onto the moving truck are fragile and odd sized items

A steering wheel - remember to check for any loose items after you pack and load a moving truck.
When you’re certain that you’ve secured each box in your moving truck properly you’re ready to drive away!

With these belongings, you will need to be rather careful. If they are loose, these boxes will not only get damage but also damage the other belongings on the moving van. Hence, take care when securing them inside the van. Also, you should make sure to fill any leftover empty spaces. The best items for this are soft ones. Hence, any clothing which is in bags and other items like linens or mattresses. When this is done, you will have the chance to turn another circle around the block and check the safety. You will know if you have done a good job. To pack and load a moving truck properly you should always double-check the safety of all the items. If you want extra security, consider buying additional moving insurance online. Now, you should be ready to get on the road.