How to move in bad weather conditions

In a perfect scenario, you’ll be able to move your home exactly when you want and when you’re ready. Unfortunately, we rarely come across these ideal situations. In most cases, we’ll have to move on short notice or when our movers have an available date. This is why anyone can end up relocating their home in less than perfect conditions. Luckily, we’ve made this article to prepare you in case you have to move in bad weather. Once you read it, you’ll be prepared to tackle most of the terrible weather conditions that come your way on your moving day!

What you’ll need to get ready

If you’re planning a relocation, you’ll need to prepare a lot of things. From wrapping materials and moving boxes to a way to transport your things. This is something you’ll need in any moving situation,  but it’s extremely important when you’re trying to move in rough weather. Since regular packing materials won’t cut it, you’ll either need to get sturdier (or waterproof) packaging or improve your current materials with a bit of DIY improvisation. Use duct tape and plastic wrap to waterproof your boxes, and make sure that you reinforce the bottom of each cardboard container. You don’t want it rotting away and falling through.

Heavy rain on NYC docks.
Torrential rain on moving day usually means you’ll need help.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a lot of time to improve all your moving equipment, you can hire NYC movers and packers with experience to help you relocate in terrible weather. The pros have durable moving boxes and waterproof wrapping, so you’ll be good to go!

Prepare your home

Hopefully, you’ve been following the NYC weather forecast and you know when the bad weather is going to strike. But, sometimes you can’t know or you don’t have enough time to check it. What to do in these situations? As soon as you see that the weather is turning foul on your moving day, stop what you’re doing and start prepping your home. You’ll need to take a lot of safety precautions to ensure nobody gets hurt and nothing gets broken.

  • cover the floors – they are usually the main concern when you want to move in bad weather. If it’s raining a lot or snowing profusely, you’ll need to protect the floors of both your new and old home.
  • heat – it’s useful to tun on the heat in your new home before the moving day. Your home will be nice and cozy after you come in from the bad weather.
  • water – make sure you have hot water so you can take a shower once you arrive at your new home.
A street in Brooklyn in the winter, covered in snow is one of the scenes you'll see when you move in bad weather.
Moving in the winter will require special preparations.


If you want to successfully move in bad weather, you’ll need to bring some items with you. These little luxuries will ensure you have a smooth relocation and you don’t lose your cool!

  • clothes –  dress in layer when moving in bad weather. This way you’ll preserve your mobility while staying warm and dry.
  • blankets – if you’re driving to your new home, you’ll want everyone in the car yo stay toasty warm
  • drinks – hot tea or coffee is a good way to keep warm on a cold day. You can also share it with your movers. They’ll greatly appreciate it.

All of this is especially important if you need the services of long distance movers from NYC. Imagine moving across the country in terrible weather conditions. It takes forever and it’s very uncomfortable. This is why we consider some luxuries essential for a long distance relocation.

Prepare for the unexpected

When you’re relocating your home in rough weather conditions, accidents are easier to happen. Fingers can go numb from the cold, you can slip and even driving to your new home can be dangerous. This is why you’ll want to prepare for any accidents that might happen. Pack a first aid kit, some extra clothes, and a roadside assistance kit. The last one is crucial if you’re getting to your new home in your car. A lot of things can happen on your way there, especially if there’s snow of rain.

When not to try and move in bad weather

When planning your move, you’ll need to know when to work extra hard, and when to just reset and try again. Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t care about our relocation plans and shows no mercy on our moving day. These are the situations you’ll need to recognize and act accordingly. In some cases, it’s sensible to reschedule your moving day, as no matter which reliable movers in Manhattan you hire, there are some weather conditions you just can move in!

Tornadoes mean you can't move your home in bad weather!
In some types of weather, it’s just impossible to move your home.

When in over your head

Even though some weather is too terrible to move in, there are a lot of weather conditions which make your move more difficult instead of impossible. However, this still means a lot of problems for your average Joe trying to move his home. In these cases, you’ll want to hire a reliable Clinton moving company to assist you. Hiring movers when moving in bad weather will increase the chances of success and decrease the probability of moving injuries. What this basically means is that if you’re trying to move during heavy snow or rain, professional movers will make your move easier. Experienced moving teams know how to handle bad weather with excellent time management. In addition to this, they have safety precautions which will guarantee no one gets hurt and nothing damaged.

Keep safe!

In the end, no matter how much you prepare, there’s still a risk of something going awry. This is why hiring professionals to help you is the best way to safely move in bad weather. If you hire a reliable moving company, you can dedicate your time to different things, like looking for things to do in NYC in the winter, while your movers relocate your household quickly and stress-free!