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How to meet your new neighbors in NJ

Finally, you have arrived at your new NJ destination, and while unloading things with the help of Princeton movers, you are glancing around the neighborhood. It is difficult not to wonder what kind of an area you have moved into. It is really important to know people who live around or next to you. Not only for your security but for the sake of socializing as well. Living alone, it is always good to have someone to help you when in need. Handy neighbors can help with electricity problems or plumbing issues. There is no need to always call specialists. Sometimes the only thing you need is some good mood from your friendly neighbor. It will be a challenge to meet your new neighbors in NJ but we don’t doubt that your social skills will help you with that.

Introducing yourself as a good way of meeting new neighbors in NJ

How you will make an introduction will probably vary on the fact whether you have just moved into a building or a house. It is quite known that people who live in buildings are slightly more introverted. This is why a different approach will work with building neighbors, and it may require a bit more effort. While still having your NYC movers and packers in and out of your new place, take time to make contact with at least first door neighbors. To meet your new neighbors in NJ means more than one benefit. Here are several ways of introducing yourself:

  • old school knocking on someone’s door
  • baking muffins or cookies and giving them out door to door
  • joining your building’s Facebook page (if applicable)
  • hosting a housewarming cocktail party
  • organizing a neighborhood yard sale
  • walking a dog
  • carpooling or children playdates

The old school approach of meeting your new neighbors in NJ

First of all, when you arrive at your new home, the chances are that you will have some works done in or around the house. You already have some modern renovation ideas for your new home, that you plan to bring to life. It is only polite to inform your first door neighbors about the works that will be carried out. Advise them that there might be some noise coming from your house or apartment and apologize for the inconvenience in advance. Don’t be shy, knock on your new NJ neighbors’ door, and introduce yourself. Even if there are no works in your new place, it is fine to just knock and say hello, as a gesture of politeness and good will. If you are prone to cooking and baking, you can bring some delicious cookies with you when you go to meet your new NJ neighbors.

Muffins to help meet your new neighbors in NJ
Baking muffins and distributing them to your neighbors is spot on

Social networking as a method of meeting new neighbors in New Jersey

A lot of buildings or neighborhoods nowadays have Facebook pages where you can join and follow the latest happenings in the area. If you are too shy or maybe too busy, this is also one of the ways to join the community and meet your NJ neighbors. You can leave a note or send a personalized message saying you are new in the block and would like to get to know the people you share your space with. Social networking is expected to be more popular among younger people, but don’t be afraid to use it, even if you are not a millennial.

Throwing a housewarming party can go a long way

When you feel you have settled down in your new apartment, you can start thinking about a potential party you can throw. Even if you have already briefly met some of the neighbors, having them over for a party is the next level. Who would not want to come to a gathering involving free booze and snacks? Also, people tend to relax a bit more at parties, and by mingling you can find out a lot about the folks from your new NJ community.

Group of people drinking
Throwing a house or a yard party will go a long way in terms of meeting your neighbors a bit better

Good old yard sale

Even with all the decluttering before the move, you probably still have a lot of things you do not use and could give away or sell. You can always organize a garage or yard sale, but why not involve some other people as well. It is hard to make yourself go through all the stored items and make piles of what you need to get rid of. But it is way easier when you have someone to help you out. Send newsletters to your neighbors asking if they want to participate. We guarantee a lot of neighbors will be thrilled with the idea, thankful that someone made them get rid of unnecessary stuff. This is also a good opportunity for your children to socialize with other kids from the block.

Connecting with new neighbors through kids or pets

One of the ways to meet people who live near you is if you have similar interests or obligations. Having a dog you need to walk several times a day is a perfect way to meet someone new. The same goes if you have kids of the same age as other families in your building or block. Playdates are a win-win option as not only kids get to hang around with one another. If you and some of your new NJ neighbors work in the same part of the city, you can carpool. It will be good for your wallet but it will also be a lot of fun.

Boy and a girl playing on the grass
Playdates are a good way to meet your new neighbors

The importance of meeting new neighbors in NJ

Being far away from your friends and family, neighbors will be the closest thing you can get to having intimacy. So the most important factor in meeting new neighbors is the social one. You never know who you can meet and how important these people can be in your life. If, for example, you are missing some tools, you can always borrow it from your neighbor. When going on a holiday, it’s good for someone to take care of your pets, plants, or just keep an eye on the house or an apartment. In case of any emergency, you need someone you can lean on at that moment. Who better, than your dear neighbors.